It’s what the New York Post does. They go font-large, politically-correct-slim and let the headline rip. But many today feel they have pushed that game too far with their coverage of the murder in Long Island of Hasidic real estate developer Menachem Stark:


On the website Vos Iz Neias, there is an angry open letter:

You have justified murder in the eyes of your readership.

If your landlord is slow on calling the exterminator, or a leaky ceiling after a snow storm, it is okay to want him dead and act upon it. It is justifiable. Warranted. Completely understandable.

Here is a man who was brutally murdered, and yet with no evidence whatsoever but innuendo alone you have declared Mr. Stark and thousands of other landlords like him, as perfectly justifiable candidates – for their lives to be snuffed out.

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