Photos taken on Wednesday of Justin Bieber in Venice Beach were big news across the Web, because they exposed his latest tattoo. It’s another image of Jesus Christ, this time on the back of his left calf.

However, according to Mollie Ziegler of, the Daily Mail got it wrong when they reported that the image was inspired by a 1610 Rubens fresco. She jokes that this topic may not be the most pressing issue to cover, but that she is doing so because her item earlier in the week about Christians in Nigeria got almost no hits:

I think the inspiration [for the Bieber tattoo] is the image I picture above (which I guess is a computer generated image of much more recent vintage, also done in the Ecce Homo style). This isn’t a science, but… I think it looks closer to the Ecce Homo I embedded at the top of the post. It even looks closer to Guido Rene’s Ecce Homo than Rubens, doesn’t it?

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