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FBLA Trolls WeHo – Finds Journos


We went to Patrick Range McDonald‘s birthday party in West Hollywood on Saturday. Here we are pictured with McDonald (in the middle) and Variety’s Ted Johnson.

Other notables at the party include Michael Weinstein, founder of AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Mike Gatto, attorney and politico at Mayer Brown, Miki Jackson and John Walsh, who host Neighborhood Point of View (the cable access show), Japhy Grant, editor of, Rick Jacobs, founder of Courage Campaign, Christine Pelisek, staff writer at LA Weekly, Daniel Heimpel and Max Taves, freelancers at the Weekly Jill Stewart, deputy news editor at LA Weekly David Hernandez, longtime gadfly and public access producer Sabrina Venskus, environmental attorney, B. Daniel Blatt, blogger at, Tom Whitman, nightlife promoter, Nick Velasquez, Rocky Delgadillo‘s spokesman, writer Luke Thompson and Jim Hoffmaster, character actor.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was, of course, invited but didn’t show. Which was both disappointing and expected…just like his stint as mayor.

LA Weekly Answers Mayor V

mayorv222.jpgAs we reported yesterday, after LA Weekly wrote a critical article about Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa in September, and then he defended himself with the LA Daily News last week.

Basically, the Weekly reported that Villaraigosa only does city business (according to his schedule) with 11% of his time. So Villaraigosa said that it wasn’t true because the Weekly only got his public calendar. Whole story is here.

Jill Stewart sent FBLA this email:

The question for us is, wtf is Antonio saying, exactly, in his slam on us?

Is Antonio saying that he has a second set of books that detail his real schedule and that prove he does actual city business? That would be news to us, and a big ethical breach by him if true, for withholding it from us. And that would be a really juicy new story.

More likely, and the only other possibility, is that the mayor lied when he said: “… they were upset because we only gave them my public calendar. They didn’t get to see what I was doing privately, with meetings here (at City Hall) or in other places.”

Nuh uh Tony. Never happened.

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Mayor V Answers His Critics in – Wait For It – The Daily News

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,antonio.jpgPatrick Range McDonald wrote a blistering expose about Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa in the LA Weekly back in September of this year. The article was scathing yet never once mentioned the Mayor’s love of the ladies…especially those that are members of the press.

Villaraigosa defended himself to the LA Daily News last Friday:

His active campaigning across the country for Clinton and, after her loss, Obama drew the most criticism this past year as he combined those events with his own fundraising. One newspaper, the L.A. Weekly, charted a period of his work then and concluded he only spent 11 percent of his time working on city business.

It’s a story that still rankles.

“It didn’t really go anywhere because it wasn’t true,” Villaraigosa said. “They were upset because we only gave them my public calendar. They didn’t get to see what I was doing privately, with meetings here (at City Hall) or in other places.

“Everyone who knows me, knows I work hard. That’s why both Sen. Clinton and Obama wanted me to campaign for them.

“And, I did most of that on weekends. I took a lot of red-eyes to make sure I was here.”

The answer to charges that the mayor is lazy? Red-eyes.

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California Gays Punched Again This Month

lgbt_logo.gifBy now you have heard that in the line-up of next month’s inauguration, evangelical light-on-facts preacher Rick Warren has been tapped to do Barack Obama‘s invocation.

So last month, gay couples had their rights taken away and now one of the champions for taking away those rights is going to give the prayer at the swearing in ceremony for our new president? Ouch.

Warren thinks that marriage has been the same for the past 5000 years. Marriage hasn’t even been the same for the past 50 years…so we have no idea what he’s talking about. And anyway, “That’s how they did it in the Dark Ages,” is hardly a selling point.

Wrong side of history indeed.

Is the KKK going to be invited too – since we’re being all-inclusive?

Seriously, Rick Warren can purposefully drive off a cliff.

Anyway, LA Weekly’s Patrick Range McDonald Don’t Call Him A Blogger, has written about when he asked the then Senator Obama about just this issue. McDonald writes:

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LA Public Access TV Could Be Less Accessible

Crew Meets Camera.JPGLA Weekly’s Patrick Range McDonald documents the saga of public access television in LA:

It goes far beyond that. The normally slow and dithering City Council on December 3 unanimously voted to consolidate their control over public access and squeeze the citizen-producers onto Channel 36, an already jammed station run by the nonprofit L.A. Cable Television Access Corp., which airs noncontroversial content created by groups like University of Southern California or the L.A. World Affairs Council. The city’s rowdy independent producers currently have access to hundreds of hours of free airtime, but must now beg the powers-that-be for a handful of hours on 36.

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The California Election Post-Mortem

prop_8.jpgFrom what we understand, Californians passed a measure that would give more rights to chickens and measure that would give LESS rights to homosexual couples.

According to the LAT, southern California was totally for the ban of same sex marriages.

Melissa Etheridge says we can forget her taxes on Daily Beast.

NYT reports that a gay marriage ban will be a gay business and gay money loss for the state:

David Paisley, a San Francisco-based marketing executive with a specialty in gay tourism, said California had four of the nation’s top 10 destinations for gay travelers: San Francisco, Palm Springs, Los Angeles and San Diego.

Mr. Paisley said that it was too early to speculate on the exact economic impact of Proposition 8, but that some public relations damage might have already been done.

Of course LA Weekly’s Patrick Range McDonald has been following everything that has happened with Proposition 8 since the beginning. Just don’t call him a blogger. Ahem.

Queer Town is Clearly In The Tank for No on Prop. 8


LA Weekly‘s Queer Town’s Patrick Range McDonald has been tirelessly following each development in the Proposition 8.

Prop. 8 proposes to change the California constitution so same sex couples can’t marry each other. Who cares who marries who? Mormons. If anyone would be cool with redefining marriage – you’d think it would be the people that had to give up a tenet of their faith that deals directly with marriage (polygamy) in order to get statehood. Maybe it’s a PR move after Warren Jeffs.

Anyway, McDonald has been all over new developments:

On Wednesday night, the Public Policy Institute of California, a highly respected, non-partisan polling group, released new numbers on Proposition 8, the November 4 ballot measure that would ban same sex marriage in California. According to its findings, 53 percent of likely voters would vote “no” on Prop. 8, while 44 percent would vote “yes.” “It’s getting closer,” says PPIC President Mark Baldassare, “but still a majority opposes (Proposition 8).”

Nate Silver over at FiveThirtyEight has his own take on the fate of Prop. 8. (Spoiler alert: it’s a toss up).

Brad Pitt Donates Money to Fight Prop. 8


LA Weekly blogger Patrick Range McDonald sends us this story about Proposition 8 that wants to amend California’s constitution to ban same-sex marriage. Apparently Brad Pitt just donated $100K to fight it.

LAW Queer Town reports:

“Because no one has the right to deny another their life even though they disagree with it, because everyone has the right to live the life they so desire if it doesn’t harm another, and because discrimination has no place in America, my vote will be for equality and against Proposition 8,” Pitt wrote in a prepared statement.

We agree. Civil rights are so gay.

The End of Villaraigosa’s Political Career

Patrick Range McDonald issues a death blow to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa in the LA Weekly today. The piece is called The All-About-Me-Mayor where he chronicles how truly ineffective the mayor has been to a city that desperately needs someone (besides the parking enforcement officers) to do their job.

The thing most striking about this piece is that McDonald never once mentions Villaraigosa’s affair with a reporter or the crumbing of his marriage. Never once. McDonald has him dead to rights – just on the merits.

L.A. Weekly broke down those 900 hours into five categories. One category is largely ceremonial or public-relations: press conferences; public ceremonies; media interviews and tapings; and dinners, luncheons and awards. A second category is his blacked-out hours. A third category is gap time involving unlisted activities, such as continually moving from one event to another. A fourth category is his 10 out-of-town trips in 10 weeks. A fifth category determined by the Weekly is his time spent directly on actual city business.

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GOPs Goof and LA’s Political Coverage


The GOP has an official website – paid for by the RNC – the URL is

Which makes us ask was taken?

We got our local peeps on the political trail:

-Marc Cooper‘s piece on Hurricane Sarah.

-Patrick Range McDonald‘s coverage of Prop. 8.

-LAT has covered the budget crisis. Apparently California legislatures are in a gridlock and it’s so ‘dog bites man’ we don’t actually care about it. But LAT has been on the case.