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EXCLUSIVE: Dick Clark ‘Lost’ Interview – Part 2

[Editor's Note: The following, never-before-published interview (Part 1 here) was conducted via telephone on December 23, 1993 by the late Jim Mitteager. The tape, part of a much larger collection bequeathed to Hollywood private eye Paul Barresi, was only recently discovered and graciously provided to FishbowlLA. Our thanks to Barresi for allowing us to share this great bit of nostalgia with our readers, on the anniversary of Clark's April 18, 2012 death.]

Mitteager: Has MTV impacted in a negative way on talent? There’s a lot of packaging that’s going on now that involves skills other than the ability to sing and write good songs. Is it impacting on new talent as opposed to the old days?

Clark: I wouldn’t blame it all on MTV. I’d blame it on the consolidation of the music business, between five or six nationally owned companies. You’ve got all of these big debts that they’ve got to pay. They’ve got them on a timetable, and that includes videos and personal appearances and promotions and all of that. So some new guy, it makes it very difficult to get launched. That’s the whole thing about what’s wrong with the business these days. It’s tough to break through.

Mitteager:  What would be your best advice to an aspiring artist out there that is in that pickle right now, that have no representation and has some talent?

Clark: I would try to get to one of the cities where people find talent, LA, New York, Nashville, Seattle… Get out there and showcase yourself.

Mitteager: I want to rack your brain about people that got there start on Bandstand, or with you in general and have now become award winners on the American Music Awards.

Clark: New Edition, they debuted on Bandstand.

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EXCLUSIVE: Dick Clark ‘Lost’ Interview – Part 1

[Editor's Note: The following, never-before-published interview was conducted via telephone on December 23, 1993 by the late Jim Mitteager. The tape, part of a much larger collection bequeathed to Hollywood private eye Paul Barresi, was only recently discovered and graciously provided to FishbowlLA. Our thanks to Barresi for allowing us to share this great bit of nostalgia with our readers, on the anniversary of Clark's April 18, 2012 death.]

Mitteager: Hello, Mr. Clark?

Clark: Yes, who am I speaking to?

Mitteager: Ahhh, Jim Mitteager.

Clark: All right, Jim. My name is Dick. Carry on from there.

Mitteager: Great, well I just got to say, it’s an honor to talk to you…

Clark: Are you from Philadelphia?

Mitteager: No, I’m from New York. In fact…

Clark: Now, wait a minute, where did you pick up that accent?

Mitteager: Ahhh, all over the country… Traveling and what not.

Clark: Well, you really sound like you’re Pennsylvanian.

Mitteager: Well, we have something in common. You lived in Utica for a while.

Clark: [Laughing] Oh yes, yes.

Mitteager: I moved to Cooperstown not too long ago and Utica is very close. And you’ve been inducted into a comparable Hall of Fame.

Clark: Yeah, I think so.

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EXCLUSIVE: Lost Arlene Dahl Interview Highlights One of Hollywood’s Unlikeliest Age-Gap Romances

If you Google the name of retired Hollywood actress Arlene Dahl, the primary search result is a wonderful 1985 article by People magazine reporter John Stark. Today, FishbowlLA is thrilled to be able to add to this strand by means of a “lost” interview done with Dahl ahead of her July 1984 marriage to Marc Rosen.

Separated in age by 18 years, the two tied the knot several decades after the coupling of Mae West and Chester Rybinski/Paul Novak, and years ahead of two other more famous older-woman-younger man Hollywood unions: Susan Sarandon-Tim Robbins and Demi Moore-Ashton Kutcher. Unlike those last two pairings, Dahl and Rosen are still together today, in spite of an age difference greater than that of Moore-Kutcher (15 1/2 years) or Sarandon-Robbins (12 years).

In the lost, pre sixth-wedding conversation, Dahl explains why she has been married so many times and candidly shares her concerns about the Rosen age difference. Her union was sealed long before the term “cougar” was coined by a Canadian dating site in 1999 and further popularized in a 2001 book by Valerie Gibson. But if the Internet had been around back then, you can be sure bloggers would have made liberal use of the term. From the lost interview:

“I was raised in the Midwest and I’ve done everything according to form. I’ve been a very old-fashioned girl. I don’t have romance until I get married. And I always [until now] marry an older man.”

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EXCLUSIVE: Banished Celebrity PI Forced to Stake Out His Own Dad’s Funeral

The list of reasons why long-time Hollywood celebrity private investigator Paul Barresi (pictured) was banned from attending his father’s funeral on September 29 in Lemoore, California is long and complex. But certainly one of the contributing factors is his decision to work on a book about his fractured family life, tentatively titled Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned.

What is much more unusual is how Barresi decided to deal with this traumatic situation. In the same manner that he has staked out locations for law-firm assigned clients ranging from Sylvester Stallone to Arnold Schwarzenegger to Eddie Murphy, Barresi camped out on that day near the church and later at the cemetery, watching from afar through the lenses of high-powered binoculars.

“This was the most painful experience of my life,” Barresi tells FishbowlLA via telephone. “One of my brothers was too sick to attend, but the other two–Matthew and Mark—finally spotted me about halfway through the burial service. They squinted and looked at me with such anger and disdain. I didn’t care that they spotted me. At that point, I came out of the bushes, about 100 yards away.”

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Lance Loud , First U.S. Reality Star, Died 7 Years Ago Today

lanceloud.jpgLance Loud, whose family became famous in the early 1970s as the first reality TV family before there was reality TV, appeared in a non-sexual role in gay film, the film’s director Paul Barresi confided to FBLA on the seventh anniversary of Loud’s death.

Loud played a gay masked hero, Mr. Blue, who used magical powers to help lovers fix their troubled relationships.

According to the Advocate, Lance never regretted coming out. He knew he was never forgiven by a society that wanted homosexuals at best to be closeted. Lance Loud preferred to be seen as an outsider, a rebel, someone always living. On society’s edge, Lance’s life was a comic tragedy that spoke volumes about pop culture, sexuality, fame and family life.

Barresi, who wrote, directed and produced “Mr. Blue,” wanted to note that Showtime’s new series about gay men coming out of the closet was territory Loud had covered on PBS years earlier.

According to Extra producer Rob Sheiffele, the Showtime show announced recently that billed itself as the first show to feature men coming out of the closet was also using Loud’s original premise.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network has ordered a pilot presentation from Bryan Freedman, a former journalist and executive producer of A&E’s Intervention. In each episode of “Way Out” a closeted person reveals his or her homosexuality during a group meeting and is then followed while telling others.

The show is one of several Showtime has ordered to beef up its reality programming.

EXCLUSIVE: P.I. Pellicano Sentenced to 15 Years and a Tiny Fine

antonypellicano.jpgAnthony Pellicano, P.I. to the stars who was convicted of 78 counts of wiretapping, wire fraud and racketeering in August, was sentenced today by District Judge Dale Fischer to 180 months (or roughly 15 years) and just $7,800, our courtroom source Paul Barresi confirmed.

Fischer said: “Mr. Pellcano’s conduct was reprehensible for many years eagerly and maliciously as evident in the demeanor of the recordings.”

Busch Lashes Out at Pellicano During Sentencing

Our insider at the Anthony Pellicano sentencing, private eye Paul Barresi, had this to report:

anita.jpgAnita Busch, the former LA Times journalist who locked horns with private eye Anthony Pellicano, had the last laugh as she slammed the investigator at his sentencing for wiretapping, wire fraud and racketeering today.

Pellicano’s sentencing by Judge Dale Fischer is expected later today.


Busch, who was on crutches during the testimony, said:

“You kept attacking lead FBI agents, the lead U.S. Attorney, the jury and others through the L.A. Times with your entrusted relationship with one of the reporters (Chuck Phillips). Mr. Pellicano, you show contept for the law and you destroyed my life’s work. You violated the privacy of a journalist and her sources. You’ve hurt my elderly parents, my brothers, my sisters and my friends.

I constantly live in fear of a car running me down. I was afraid to turn the igntion of my car because of a fear that the engine would blow up.

You’ve used fear and intimidation, smeared your targets in the press and destroyed their employment. You discredited me at the paper through your L.A. Times contact to make sure they did not believe me. Information was fed to the L.A. Times through your defense team.

I battled constant fear. I no longer had my career, my peace of mind, my music or my health. Death by a thousand cuts and those cuts were deep and hard.

I cannot say enough to thank the FBI for helping me more than anyone else. Those lousy razors you use on your face, the sandpaper toilet paper, nobody cares. You did it yourself. You cannot hold you mother’s hand when she gets sick. You threw it all away. You threw away your mother’s oldest son and you threw away the father to your children all for money.”

Busch, who had been accosted by a Pellicano henchman when a dead fish with a rose in its mouth was left on her car with a note that said ‘Stop,’ later left the courtroom and collapsed on a bench in the hallway.

Christensen Gets a Nothing Sentence: Lawyers Nobless Oblige

terrychristensen.jpgTerry Christensen, the high-flying Hollywood attorney who hired disgraced PI Anthony Pellicano to wiretap a billionaire’s wife, got a wrist-slap from federal authorities today.

Christenen hired the mercurial PI-to-the-Stars Pellicano to carry off this brazen plan to get evidence for billionaire and former MGM owner Kirk Kerkorian in his divorce.

Fact was he made a blatant error employing Pellicano, who was facing troubles of his own with weapons charges of all things.

Christensen was given 36-month sentence, plus a $250,000 fine to be paid within 30 days. Judge Dale Fischer is allowing him to stay out on bond pending his appeal, and authorities have confiscated his passport, Deadline Hollywood Daily reports.

But Fischer poured cold water on Christensen’s request for house detention instead of prison, which the U.S. Probation Office had recommended for a total 10-month sentence.

“The probation officers’ recommendation was ludicrous,” she said. “Home detention in an 8,000-square-foot house is not punishment.”

Speaking about Christensen’s own letter to the court expressing his
regret for his actions in the wiretapping case, Fisher declared, “His regret seems of recent vintage.”

Paul Barresi, a local PI who has worked with Pellicano in the past, observed the judge in court this morning and told FBLA: “The judge acknowledged Christensen’s defense team assertion that sentences handed down by the court in the past have been lenient. However, in this case, the judge noted that an example must be set.”

pellicano2.jpgPellicano, who was convicted in the wiretapping case as well, has had his sentencing moved to Dec. 15.

Jury Still Out on Butcher ‘Guru to The Stars’ Trial

queenlatifah.jpgThe jury is still out on the Feline Butcher — holistic health guru to such stars as Tom Cruise, Lisa Marie Presley and Queen Latifah — who is facing 17 counts of practicing medicine without a license and one count of grand theft.

The jury’s verdict could put Butcher’s holistic health clinic out of business, but it could also put her behind bars. It would weigh heavily on the Church of Scientology, which is a big supporter of Butcher’s anti-drug regimen for treatment. Butcher is an avowed high-ranking church member.lisamarie.jpg

The trial for the faux practitioner came to a close Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court with numerous Scientology disciples present in the courtroom and the jury has been deliberating ever since.

Butcher, who has treated with holistic techniques other stars like Berry Gordy and Smokey Robinson, was investigated specifically by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Halt Authority Task Force in the case of photographer Clive McLean, who died in 2005.

Mclean’s widow, Erica McLean, says that Butcher, being a Scientologist, encouraged her husband to abandon chemotherapy in favor of a regimen of “vitamins and magic drops.”

McLean, who was assisted by private investigator Paul Barresi, claims that the couple paid close to $120,000 on useless treatments. Barresi was a friend to Clive McLean as well, having been photographed by McLean for Hustler Magazine. Barresi turned over a cache of information about Butcher to the Halt Authority Task Force.

See more of the Butcher trial story below:

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EXCLUSIVE: Tom Cruise and Scientology Sued Again for $265 Million

Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology are the targets of an amended Florida lawsuit that seeks more than a quarter of a billion dollars, FBLA has learnedtom-cruise-2.jpg.

Ex-Scientologist Peter Letterese, using the RICO statute against the Church of Scientology, originally sought $250,000,000 in a suit filed in July. In the amended suit, filed Oct. 24, he added another $15 million to the total.

In court papers obtained by FBLA, Letterese leveled serious charges against Cruise and the Church. He claimed that Cruise and Scientology bribed and improperly influenced a federal judge, a Florida state judge and a federal bankruptcy trustee to tie up his original law suit in bankruptcy court.

Cruise could not be reached for comment and the Church of Scientology did not return phone calls. (Click here to see Tom Cruise discuss Scientology.)

“Letterese’s lawyers are really putting a lot on the line,
potentially their careers, accusing federal and state judges of taking pay offs,” said Los Angeles private eye Paul Barresi, who had done some work for Cruise in the past.

“Without compelling proof to support these scurrilous allegations, like video of the judges being handed envelopes stuffed with cash, I think Letterese stands a better chance of successfully bouncing down a flight of stairs on his head than he has of winning this law suit,” Barresi added.