In the wake of the August 16 Patch layoffs, a messy aspect has been the posting and quick deletion on network sites of various farewell messages. For example, this goodbye from Prospect Heights, NY local editor Amy Sara Clark was quickly taken down. Even though there’s nary a negative word in the article about AOL or Patch. But evidently, the policy is to wipe all such traces clean.

Another such occurrence took place Monday on the other coast, far from Clark’s former Brooklyn journalism perch. Susan McMartin has been a regular weekly columnist for Studio City Patch for the past several years, chronicling her ups and downs as a single mom and later, hiring as a staff writer on the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men.

Her August 26 post was the first most readers had heard that local editor Mike Szymanski is one of the AOL/Patch employees exiting Patch by no later than October 15. Comments started coming in, then the post was deleted.

We contacted McMartin and she was kind enough to provide us with a copy of her deleted column. It follows, after the jump, for posterity’s sake.

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