There’s a certain type of press release we like to think of here at FishbowlLA as being closer to a “press releech.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

The idea is to piggyback a local business or product onto a major celebrity who has yet to make a direct connection to the operation. Today, we give the office of Beverly Hills eye doctor Dr. Rajesh Khanna full points for the way they have fashioned such a dispatch around LA’s biggest new star. This is really about as legit as a “press releech” gets:

As Dwight Howard gears up for the NBA season, the Khanna Institute knows that enhanced vision could help him perform at his best possible ability. Dr. Khanna has seen first-hand the dramatic influence and positive outcomes of laser eye surgery. Athletes such as USA water polo player Ryan Bailey, an Olympic gold medalist, had his vision virtually transformed in the hands of Dr. Khanna. Through his experience and expertise, Dr. Khanna is positive that he can improve Dwight’s clarity of vision and quality of life.

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