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Jonathan Alter’s LA Book Party

On Friday the fanboy-worthy columnist/author Jonathan Alter had a party hosted by Arianna Huffington in Brentwood for his new book, “The Promise: President Obama, Year One.”

Spotted in the crowd of notable LA literates were Waiting for Guffman‘s Catherine O’Hara, Star Trek‘s Evan English, host of SoCal Connected Val Zavala and author Sandra Tsing Loh.

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Richard Rushfield Gets a Book Deal

rushAI.jpgRichard Rushfield, writer, former Gawker editor, former LAT blogger just sold his third book officially today. Its to be published by Hyperion. This tome will cover American Idol and should be out in time for the debut of the 10th season of the talent show. Rushfield tells us it’s working title is “American Idol: The Last Empire.”

“The history and the world of American Idol,” Rushfield tells FBLA. “How it created an empire, a phenomenon and how its maintained it…and the whole universe that swirls around the show.”

That’s quite a scope: everything Idol. This book is going to be huge and odds are, the book release party still won’t have an open bar.

Let’s take out bets. Should we do a poll?

Senator-Elect Scott Brown is Still His Daughter’s Talent Manager

Of course Richard Rushfield scored an interview with American Idol Season 5 semi-finalist Ayla Brown. He quite possibly has talked with most semi-finalists from all the seasons. Rushfield is just that type of beat reporter.

Okay, for those of you not paying attention, Massachusetts elected a Republican senator. His name is Scott Brown. Brown’s daughter was on a reality show four years ago. The funny thing is even Mr. Brown is going to Washington, he’s still managing to (ahem) manage his daughter.

Rushfield writes at Daily Beast:

Will Ayla’s father still be her manager when he is Senator Brown? Ayla said that remains undecided, but indicates that he has been reluctant to give up the job. “Since the campaign, we’ve been trying to deal with stuff without him, but whenever he hears about an interview or anything he says, ‘Why wasn’t I filled in on this?’”

For his part, asked whether his time under the Idol tent taught him any lessons about politics, the senator-elect demurred, saying Idol is entertainment and politics is about grapping with real issues. (Brown apparently has never met Adam Lambert‘s fanbase.)

Read his whole post here.

Photo credit Kathleen Dooher

Richard Rushfield Maps the Road to Balloon Boy

Screen-shot-2009-12-21-at-7.52.00-PM.pngRichard Rushfield formerly of LAT, formerly of Gawker, penned a piece about his time in a team of major metropolitan journalists trying to figure out the deal with LonelyGirl15.

Rushfield writes:

In the end, working with a team of heroic researchers who came together online, we cracked the case and I was able to bring lonelygirl to justice. Through a painstaking sting operation, we were able to establish a connection between lonelygirl and the world’s premiere talent agency, proving that Bree was in fact a fictional creation. After a long, grueling hunt, I found myself early one morning sitting across a conference table from Jessica Lee Rose, the brilliant young actress who portrayed Bree in the series.

At that pre-dawn meeting, followed by a round of interviews with dozens of reporters from around the world, it became very clear that what lay ahead of us all was one of the most confused, misguided-one might even say retarded-chapters of human history. The internet age had brought forth episodes of buffoonery the likes of which our forefathers could only have dreamed.

Whole post is here.

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TVNewser: Last minute TV news-related Christmas gift ideas.

The Wrap: Four months after leaving The Los Angeles Times for Gawker, Richard Rushfield has left the blog to join the start-up Digital Entertainment Corporation of America.

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Tinakelleypoetry’s Blog: Thoughts on leaving The New York Times in verse

Richard Rushfield’s Book Party


Richard Rushfield‘s book party was in a swanky English pub downtown. The kind of place where the shepherd’s pie is served with a baby green salad in a tangy vinaigrette.

Anyway, the place was packed for the release party of Rushfield’s college memoir “Don’t Follow Me, I’m Lost.” And yes, in keeping with the theme of the book, we had trouble finding the place.

Pictured above is Gawker editor and author Richard Rushfield and Love Junkie author Rachel Resnick.

More photos after the break…

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Why “Self-Destructive” LA Times Writer Is Better Suited For Gawker

Richard Rushfield (center) Photo via FishbowlLA

Richard Rushfield is one of the few West Coasters that are still kept on Gawker‘s payroll. Hell, even Gabriel Snyder had to move back to New York to take the job as managing editor of the online publication. And if that doesn’t make him an outlier enough, Rushfield actually quit The Los Angeles Times (and no, that’s not code for “got fired by Sam Zell” or “took a buyout package”) to take on the role of a full-time blogger. Now he has a book out called Don’t Follow Me, I’m Lost, about what some would call was his counter-intuitive switch from mainstream to digital media.

Our colleagues over at FishbowlLA had a chance to sit down with Rushfield and pin him down on why he left an editor’s job to work at a blog. From their interview, we’ve hypothesized three theories on what makes Rushfield so well suited for the blogosphere.

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FBLA Exclusive: Trendsetter Richard Rushfield Wants Us Not To Follow Him

51UBk9+HiVL._SS500_.jpgRichard Rushfield quit his job as an editor at LAT to be a blogger. Not just any blog but Gawker. He’s the West Coast editor. But its still a blog. Lateral move? Upgrade? Downshift?

He sat down with us for a little Q & A about his career move and his new book:

FBLA: So how is the switch from traditional media to new media?

RR: Ah yes. The switch is invigorating. This is where the conversation is.

FBLA: New media is where the conversation is?

RR: There were so many times when you’d write a wonderful article for the LATimes, or break some news and it would just be met by the sound of crickets. When you are at the LAT you’re at a place where even the website isn’t in the central flow of the nation’s cultural conversation. But at Gawker one is very much in and a part of that conversation and as one who is writing, in part at least to communicate, that’s where you want to be.

FBLA: Do you think the struggle is with reporters who enjoy the sound of crickets?

RR: Yes, I mean, you are writing not just for the fun of hearing your own voice – although that’s at least 2/3 the thrill, but because you want to be read and to make some sort of impression…

FBLA: Way to make blogging sound sexy.

RR: I’ll be considered a supermodel in 700 years.

FBLA: So you wrote this book…advising people to not follow you, as you are strangely, the first few in what is sure to be a larger trend in newspapers – reporters becoming pro-bloggers.

RR: Come again?

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At Gawker, Traffic Graphs Only Tell Part Of The Story

Yesterday, Gawker‘s Nick Denton boasted about the tremendous revenue growth his company had experienced during the first half of the year, despite the recession.

Denton also published some graphs showing weekly traffic at his company’s sites since May 2007. All of them seem to be trending up or flat throughout 2009, except for auto site Jalopnik, which peaked early in the year and has been dropping off ever since.

Denton attributed the fall off to the Detroit Auto Show. “It produces a huge spike at the start of the year. (And a dip, afterwards.)” he told us via email. “It’s like an election distorts the numbers for political sites.”

He also sent us this helpful chart, which shows that Jalopnik’s traffic has actually almost doubled over the last year, although it missed its target for June by 10 percent.


Looks like there is lots to celebrate at Gawker these days. And, word on the street is they’re hiring, after just announcing the addition of former LA Times Web Editor Richard Rushfield as West Coast editor for Gawker’s flagship site. If you’re job hunting right now, Nick Denton might be good person to introduce yourself to.

Update: Jalopnik editor Ray Wert tells us they’ve just hired “top-notch writing talent” John Krewson, a founding writer at The Onion, as deputy editor for the auto blog.

Richard Rushfield is the Best Idol Stalker the LAT Has Ever Had

We just got an email from LAT staffer Richard Rushfield:

Why isn’t the fishbowl given blanket coverage of my blanket coverage, BTW.

I’m being oppressed.

So true.

Here’s all the non-stop Idol action on LAT – Idol Tracker. No tween should be without it. Hey, Rushfield, we heard Tiger Beat pays better. Ahem.