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Bill O’Reilly Takes Over John R. Gambling’s Final WOR Show

JohnGamblingPicThe close of an epic radio run deserves an epic send-off. And so it is with Friday’s final episode of John R. Gambling‘s WOR-AM morning show.

The December 20 program brought to a close the continuous 88-year family radio dynasty of John G., father John A. and grandfather John B. Among those who phoned in Friday was Bill O’Reilly. The Factor host turned the tables on Gambling, noting that radio has changed over the years to become more like “pitched warfare” and asking his interviewer whether that is a good or bad thing:

“I think that it’s, ultimately, a bad thing,” Gambling answered. “In thinking about that question, and having been told that one of the reasons that people have listed to me and listened to all of the Gamblings is the civility…”

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Roger Ailes Accused of Asking Judith Regan to Lie to Feds

Can’t wait to see how Fox News spins this:  Judith Regan, formerly with Harper Collins, supposedly has a recording of Roger Ailes telling her to lie to federal investigators back in 2006 about her affair with then city police commissioner Bernie Kerik,  in order to protect Rudy Giuliani and his bid to become president. Imagine, someone at Fox News trying to hide the truth!

Regan, who was fired from Harper Collins – which is owned by News Corporation -  subsequently sued them and received a big settlement. A settlement that might have been sped up by Ailes’ knowledge of the recorded conversation.

The infamous phone call is only now becoming public because of a separate wrongful termination lawsuit filed against Regan by the very lawyers that pursued the charges against News Corp. years ago.

And get this: That call would still be hidden from everyone, but someone forgot to file the proper paperwork with the State Court, so the affidavits with Ailes’ name are now completely out there.

Of course, News Corp.’s Spokesperson Teri Everett told The Times that the company has a letter from Regan, “stating that Mr. Ailes did not intend to influence her with respect to a government investigation.”

If that’s the case then this will die quickly, but if not, things are about to get intense. The mastermind of Fox News, Roger Ailes, and Rudy Giuliani, a man who probably still has presidential aspirations, might both be destroyed by a missed task on someone’s to do list.

Murray Weiss Leaves New York Post To Pursue Online Reporting

After making his bones by blowing the lid off a planned mob hit on Rudy Giuliani and exposing Eliot Spitzer‘s sexual exploits,  investigative reporter Murray Weiss has said goodbye to the New York Post.  Brandweek’s Robert Kiara reported that Weiss has joined Manhattan-focused digital news site and already published his first story for his new employer.

DNAinfo’s managing editor Leela de Kretser did not understate the value of adding Weiss’s experience to the team:

“[We are] thrilled to have one of the city’s best crime writers doing what he does best. Murray deepens our bench of professional journalists and our reporting on neighborhood news that matters to New Yorkers.”

Weiss will leave some big shoes to fill at the Post, a newspaper that is known for their bold crime stories and NYPD Daily Blotter.

Will Twitter Be Time‘s Person Of The Year?

person of the year 2.jpg
Time Managing Editor Richard Stengel, Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravesnthal, Barbara Walters and Tom Colicchio. Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images for Time Inc.

Last night, Time magazine managing editor Richard Stengel hosted a distinguished panel of guests to debate the question that always surfaces around this time of year: who should be Time‘s Person of the Year?

Stengel co-moderated the good-natured debate with former New York City Mayor Rudy GiulianiTime‘s Person of the Year in 2001. Panelists like Barbara Walters were encouraged to bring lists of possible Person of the Year candidates who met the title’s criteria, which includes having a global impact in the past year, for better or worse.

After running through lists of possible Person of the Year winners that included Bernie Madoff, Captain “Sully” Sullenberger and the Iranian protesters, the six-person panel ended the night in a three-three split. Walters agreed with TV personality Dr. Mehmet Oz and Gayle King that “the guys from Twitter,” meaning Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams and Biz Stone, should take the prize. Giuliani, “Top Chef” judge Tom Colicchio and Pittsburgh mayor Luke Ravensthal all voted for “the economy,” settling on some amalgam of Ben Bernanke and the unemployed American worker as Person of the Year.

Stengel didn’t give any hints about who would end up the final winner later this year, but we’ll see in a few weeks when the Person of the Year issue hits newsstands.

Read on for more of the panel’s suggestions.

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Right-Wing Radio Promises More White Noise

old_radio.jpgBrian Stelter, current NYT reporter, former TVNewser editor, has a piece about conservative radio’s excitement at having a target back in the White House.

Which means Rush Limbaugh will continue his denouncement of the ‘mainstream media’ like he’s on a shortwave instead of being nationally broadcast to 3.58 million listeners.

Anyway, Stelter reports that GOP presidential also-rans are looking to cash in on radio stardom. Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, and the Ambien-esque Fred Thompson.

Stelter writes:

However, next year promises to be a unique one, with grim forecasts about the economy and renewed interest in the presidency. Advertisers and syndicators are expecting a busy year because of the incoming administration. “I think people are going to tune in more than ever,” Maja Mijatovic said.

For the record, our radio is with our VHS player…at our local e-waste center.

How Rudy: Giuliani Camp Gives Daily News Scoop To Post

Today’s Village Voice “Press Clips” column has the backstory regarding the strategic leak of Judy’s third husband omission from Rudy Giuliani‘s camp to the New York Post, which resulted in both papers running front-page stories on March 23:

It was quick thinking by Giuliani spokesman Michael McKeon. He had scheduled interviews with the ex-mayor for the News and the Post—in that order—for Thursday, March 22.

“I had no clue what the Daily News had,” McKeon swears. “We made them no promises, and they asked for no promises.” Not exactly … Daily News reporter Heidi Evans went into the 2 p.m. interview with Judi agreeing that the profile would be embargoed until Sunday, according to [Daily News national editor Mark] Mooney and Giuliani campaign officials. But during the interview, the News‘ Evans pressed the issue. “[Judi] did not admit that she had been married another time, despite several questions that gave her an opening, until she was asked straight out whether Bruce Nathan was her first husband,” Mooney says. “She said, ‘No, my first husband was Jeffrey Ross.’” McKeon, who says the campaign was in control of this info all along, did some quick thinking. So right after that interview, Judi went ahead and spilled the same beans to the Post. And there went the News‘ exclusive.

“This [was] clearly our story,” Mooney grumbled to the Voice. “We got it, and they dumped it on the Post.”


  • Is Rudy’s Home Life Fair Game?
  • Is Rudy’s Wife Fair Game?

    rudy_clinches_nyp.jpgThe former mayor-turned-presidential candidate made headlines last week — albeit on a slow news day — when he told Barbara Walters, if elected, he’d invite his wife, the former Judith Nathan, to cabinet meetings.

    Now, though, Rudy wants the media to lay off Judi.

    “Attack me all you want,” Giuliani told WCBS-TV. “There’s plenty to attack me about. Please do it. But maybe, you know, show a little decency.”

    It would appear the “lay off my wife” argument flies out the window when you bring her into the national conversation, but Rudy doesn’t think that’s decent. What do you think? Is Rudy’s wife fair game?

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  • Is Rudy’s Home Life Fair Game?

    rudy_gushes_nyp.jpgAnother NYC-centric media debate, courtesy of CNN’s Reliable Sources:

    HOWARD KURTZ: Michael Goodwin, you wrote, “Voters will never give the White House to a man who has caused such pain to his children.” Did you feel uncomfortable writing about this and getting into [Rudy] Giuliani‘s private life?

    GOODWIN: No. I mean, I think that’s the theory about why this could matter to some people. I don’t personally share that feeling. I do think though that it is fair game for voters to know pretty much everything about a presidential candidate, and particularly in this case. As you cited, Andrew Giuliani is 21. So although I had some qualms about writing about the story, because it is kind of an icky story, I think ultimately the voters do have a right to know this. And I think it’s got to be something that voters everywhere will kind of put in the hopper and weigh it with other things and decide, you know, how to vote.

    KURTZ: Adam Nagourney, this was not your story in “The New York Times,” but, you know, kids have problems with parents and stepparents all the time. So, why is this worthy of media scrutiny?

    NAGOURNEY: I have to echo Michael on this. I think that when it comes to someone who is running for president, pretty much everything is fair game. I don’t mean invasion of privacy, but I think that for newspapers to do their jobs correctly, you want to tell voters, prospective voters, everything you can about these men or women who want to be president, and that includes details of their family life. You know, again, Andrew is 21, and as far as I know, he spoke to the paper totally voluntarily. I think this is a very appropriate story, and it’s just one of many things that I think voters should know about in trying to assess whether or not they want to vote for Rudy Giuliani to be president.


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  • Rudy’s Rider Agreement
  • Giuliani Eyes ’08 Run
  • Giuliani Raises Funds in Brentwood


    Ambassador Rockwell Schnabel and Jon Liebman hosted the Rudy Giuliani fundraiser in Brentwood last night. Buzz Aldrin, Gary Sinese, Dyan Cannon, Jerry Bruckheimer, Lionel Chetwynd, Mike Antonovich, and around 100 others paid $2300 to hear Giuliani discuss national service, saying our soldiers fight an unpopular war yet have resolve is because they are there willingly. Lincoln and the mistakes made during the Civil War were also part of the speechifying.

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    ‘If There’s A Terrorist Attack Between Now And The Election, He Could Be The Next President Of The United States’

    newsweek_rudy_03122007.jpgDoes Rudy have a chance?

    “I have thought for the longest time that [Giuliani] had zero chance,” an aide to another Republican candidate who asked for anonymity talking up the chances of his boss’s rival, tells Newsweek. “But he’s got real momentum. And if there’s a terrorist attack between now and the election, he could be the next president of the United States.”

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