Each one of NBC’s ten O&O (“owned and operated”) stations across the country is sending a small team to the Summer Olympics. In the case of NBC Southern California, the lucky employees are anchor-reporter Robert Kovacik together with cameramen Sean Browning and Thomas Bravo.

“The goal is to make sure we highlight our local athletes, the participants, the spectators, to really show the Southern California participation in the London Olympics,” Kovacik tells FishbowlLA via telephone. “The nice thing is that all of these O&O crews are working together as a team. We’re sharing resources, potential interviews, story ideas… Right down to if I see a great shot of some guy walking around in a Yankees baseball cap, then I can pick up that shot and give it to our guys at WNBC in New York.”

“We’ll also be sharing a broadcast facility when we get there, and together, we are going to be a very strong and powerful operation,” he adds. “It also will afford me the opportunity to work directly with colleagues that I have admired for years.”

Kovacik says that since he called into his manager’s office back in February and told, ‘You’re going to the Olympics,’ it’s been a non-stop preparation process. Partly because NBC is aiming to make these the first “social Olympics.” As such, Kovacik will remain attached at the hip to his Twitter (@RobertNBCLA) and Facebook (/RobertNBCLA) accounts, posting updates as he goes.

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