conradggblack.jpgAt least one-time media magnate Conrad Black is putting his free time to good(?) use. The former chairman of Hollinger International, who is now serving time for fraud and obstruction of justice has penned a jail diary for Spear’s Wealth Management Survey. Black, you may have heard, has requested a Presidential pardon from Bush, and more than one person at the Follies event we attended on Friday thought he was likely to get it (someone actually speculated he was not only likely to get it, but that he might be a candidate to buy the New York Times should the recent cut of its divend prove too much for the Sultzberger family).

Anyway! According to Black jail is like going back to boarding school and “there has not been the slightest unpleasantness with anyone.” This disclosure is followed by a number of paragraphs devoted to Black’s persecution at the hands of the U.S. justice system, after which he mentions the devotion of his “magnificent” wife Barbara Amiel. Excerpt after the jump.

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