woodruff.jpgABC News correspondent Bob Woodruff (left) and his wife Lee hosted a breakfast this morning to kick off their Memorial Day Twitter fundraiser Tweet To Remind.

Tweet To Remind seeks to raise awareness of the Woodruffs’ organization Remind.org through Twitter hashtags, word of mouth and retweeting. They are hoping to make “#tweettoremind” the number one trending topic on Twitter over the long weekend. The campaign encourages everyone to donate $5.25 to the cause, in celebration of the date of this year’s Memorial Day: 5/25.

At the kick-off breakfast this morning, Bob and Lee showed a few videos illustrating the work done by Remind.org and the Bob Woodruff Foundation, including giving money to injured veterans and their families. The cause is close to the Woodruffs’ heart, since Bob survived an IED explosion three years ago while working as a war correspondent, which left him with permanent brain damage.

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