rosie.jpgThe last place we’d expect to hear the “f” word is the New York Women in Communications Matrix Awards but, thanks to emcee Rosie O’Donnell, the usually inspiring event had some cringe-inducing moments that raised more than a few eyebrows during Monday’s lo-o-ng afternoon at the Waldorf. The View moderator did get some big laughs, though — most notably when she recounted a conversation she’d had with presenter Martha Stewart about her stint in prison. In a pitch-perfect imitation of the domestic diva, O’Donnell recounted an exchange they’d had in which she asked Stewart what she missed most during her days in Alderson, West Virginia. The crowd erupted when O’Donnell deadpanned, “The taste of lemon. That’s no bullshit. You couldn’t write that in an SNL skit. That’s real.” The former “Queen of Nice” also garnered guffaws when she joked that Stewart had confided that she and her mogul-turned-astronaut boyfriend were “doing it on occasion.”

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