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New York Times Website Back up After Cyberattack (USA Today)
The New York Times‘ website was back in business Wednesday, a day after it was hacked by what appears to be the Syrian Electronic Army. “The situation is close to being fully resolved,” said Times spokeswoman Eileen Murphy, in a statement. LA Times The take-down of the Times‘ website for nearly two days this week exposed how easily computer hackers can exploit the Internet’s Achilles’ heel. As the website was being restored Wednesday, the tech industry scurried to assess the high-profile cyberattack and weigh what measures could be taken to prevent a similar breach. The Washington Post These attacks, which continued to effect some users of the Times and Twitter well into Wednesday, may have such long-lasting effects for two reasons, said Kenneth Geers, a senior global threat researcher at the security firm FireEye. For one, it takes a while for DNS information to move throughout the network — which could explain why some, but not all, users had trouble with the sites under attack. Geers also said that those in charge of security for the Times and Twitter may not have expected this kind of attack, and were caught unaware. “Some networks may never be the same” after this kind of attack, he said. Bloomberg Chalk one up for Twitter Inc. While The New York Times and Google Inc. had visitors to their sites redirected this week by hackers, the microblogging service was better able to deflect attacks because of a simple tool called a registry lock.

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