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Chris Hardwick ‘Nerdist’ Book Signing Tonight at Meltdown Comics

Marc Maron isn’t the only comedian who’s turned a podcast into reconstituted celebrity. Chris Hardwick, who used to host MTV’s Singled Out back in the day, has a similarly successful twice-weekly “Nerdist Podcast”–which has an audience of about 200,000. Hardwick was recently profiled in the LA Times and has a new book out: The Nerdist Way. He’ll be making an appearance tonight at Meltdown Comics on Sunset for a reading/signing. And it looks like he’ll have company.

That’s right, king of all geeks Wil Wheaton will be joining tonight’s nerdfest as a moderator. We’ll see if the dual draw is big enough to pull the geek/nerd set away from their battlestations.

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Social Media Has Sapped Wil Wheaton’s Urge to Blog

When Wil Wheaton‘s acting career dried up nearly a decade ago, he turned to the newly emerging blogosphere as his new creative outlet–rapidly becoming one of the web’s first celebrity bloggers. Wheaton wrote every day, and was so successful he eventually became a fulltime writer–not only maintaining a successful daily blog, but penning multiple memoirs and other works. But now, he says, advances in social media have largely drained his desire to keep going.

The world changed. The way we communicate online changed. Where I once had a blog, I now have a Twitter and a Tumblr and a podcast and a YouTube and Reddit and Flickr and and and and and like and such as. What used to turn into a 1500 word post on my blog is now a link on Tumblr, a picture on Twitter, and then nothing at all on my blog, because I’ve lost the need to write about it.

I’m not sure what happens next. I still love to write, though, and I still love interacting with readers. I still love telling stories. I’ve been writing more and more fiction, because I don’t feel weird writing about people and places I’ve made up, but I stopped writing regular columns because I began to get really sick of the sound of my own voice.

Read more

Coilhouse Magazine Puts Back Issues Online

Coilhouse, the California alt-mag choice of Boing Boing and its various editors, is putting its back issues for sale online. All five of them. One issue goes for $5 or all five for $20.

The mag has featured several LA writerly types in its pages during its brief tenure. Boing Boing‘s Xeni Jardin was profiled in issue three, and everyone’s favorite geek blogger Wil Wheaton was profiled in another. We’re told the PDF downloads of the online issues are DRM-free. We’re not really sure what that means, but Wil Wheaton says he likes it so we trust him.

Wil Wheaton Turns to Fiction With ‘The Day After and Other Stories’

Everyone’s favorite geek blogger Wil Wheaton has published a book of fiction entitled “The Day After and Other Stories.” Wheaton has written essays, memoirs and books of nonfiction, but this is his first foray into the fictional world.

Writes Wheaton:

I feel confident as a narrative non-fiction writer, [but] I am paralyzed with terror whenever I think about releasing something I invented out of nothing more than an idea to the public, and before I actually release it, I hear Carrie’s mother screaming at me, “THEY’RE ALL GOING TO LAUGH AT YOU!” Read more

Finally! A Decent Eminem Parody

Written and Performed by Mark Douglas who’s “not afraid” to take on Eminem or that shifty Wil Wheaton. Directed by Tom Small.

Previously on FBLA: Wil Wheaton is Beating Britney Spears

Wil Wheaton Screened Watchmen Reports Back That It’s ‘Fucking Awesome’, Nerds Everywhere Sigh in Relief

wil.jpgWil Wheaton tells all (most) on his blog about screening the film Watchmen (out 3/6/09). The question on everyone’s mind is if the movie – in spite of everything – will still stink. Wil alleviates our concerns:

I know a lot of people want to know about Watchmen, so I’ll just cut to the chase right away: It’s the best movie inspired by a graphic novel that I’ve ever seen. It could have gone wrong in a thousand different places, and it didn’t. I’ve wanted to see this movie for twenty years, and it was entirely worth the wait. Hear me now, my fellow geeks: you have nothing to worry about. Watchmen is fucking awesome.

For our ComicCon coverage on Watchmen from last year, check this out. And here.

Wil Wheaton Squares It Up With FBLA

After a few days worth of some rather serious ribbingWil Wheaton finally wrote us:

Your posts the last few days have been absolutely hilarious. Excellent use of clown sweater today.

I’m confused, though. You want me to give you credit for what? I didn’t write the Fark headline that was linked to your site, I just bought the T-shirt.

As far as I can tell, nobody at Fark ever claimed credit for writing the headline that was on FBLA; someone just submitted it with the observation that it was “Fark-worthy”, which it totally was. The thing is, I had nothing to do with it, and I think the person you want a cyber nod in the hallway from is whoever submitted the link.

Anyway, thanks for the kind words about me. I totally don’t deserve them, and I’m sure I’m going to disappoint you and everyone in the world, eventually, but it was awfully nice.

Okay, he said we were hilarious. That’s good enough for us. All is now forgiven.

Yep. We’re that easy.

Day Two: FBLA Asks Wil Wheaton To ‘Do The Right Thing’

6a00d8341c59aa53ef010536bce1c4970b-150wi.pngYesterday we heard that Wil Wheaton bought a hilarious t-shirt with a ‘Fark’ headline that FBLA actually wrote.

So we asked good ol’ Wil to give us credit. Or at least acknowledge us. Right? He did buy the t-shirt. And he’s a cool guy…a writer…smart…upstanding citizen…fellow blogger…he would be amiable to any requests like ours. Probably even enthusiastic.

Now we’re just waiting for a response. That’s all.

We’re just saying it’s Day Two.

We know he’s busy – he’s totally not ignoring us. We totally believe that.

Wil Wheaton is Beating Britney Spears” was awesome on purpose. It’s not like we didn’t know it was weird when we wrote it. We just want a little note of thanks or something – a cyber nod in the hallway – ya know?

Wil Wheaton is Wearing FBLA Headline By Way of Fark…But Still a FBLA Headline


Weblog Award front-runner Wil Wheaton bought a hysterical Fark headline t-shirt according to his blog.

Fark?” you ask. “How the hell is that a Fark headline AND a t-shirt, when currently solo you’re-going-to-make-it-after-all editor of FBLA wrote that on Friday?!”

Calm down. Let us explain: We wrote a ‘Fark-ready’ headline, apparently. Now on a shirt. That Wil Wheaton bought.

Wil Wheaton, blogger, published author and part-time celebrity, we’re sure is a cool guy. We’re sure will happily clear up the omission by crediting this site, our personal one or our Twitter. Ahem.

Wil Wheaton is Beating Britney Spears

The finalists for the Best Celebrity Blogger for the Web Blog Awards are Kat Dennings, John Mayer, Britney Spears, Alyssa Milano, Kanye West, Brea Grant, Margaret Cho, Mark Cuban, Gilbert Areanas and Wil Wheaton.

And according to our sources – Wil Wheaton (pictured above with GalleyCat editor Ron Hogan at BEA last year) is winning with a pretty major margin over second place holder Britney Spears. The whole thing is horribly unfair…to Britney. Wheaton writes for LA Weekly and is a published author. And Britney likes cheese.

No contest.

Anyway, for the contest – vote for your pick here.