California’s 31st District Congressman Xavier Becerra is rumored to be on the list for the Barack Obama administration appointment that Governor Bill Richardson stepped down from.

LAist brings us the details:

But he may actually be interested in leaving congress to head the Commerce Department after Bill Richardson stepped down yesterday. “Even though he turned down the trade representative slot, Becerra is not only Hispanic, but he has the skill, talent and experience to do the Commerce job,” a source told the San Antonio Express-News. “Xavier’s name has gone to the top of the list of potential replacements in part because he is a member of the House leadership, he is well liked, he has very good credentials, and, of course, he was an early Obama backer.”

Ahh! Quick! Someone sleep with this man so we can keep him as our congressman! This is LA, we hate to see anyone go onto better things.

UPDATE: According to Politico, Becerra is staying put. Phew!