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  Tracy Hopkins
Professional/Personal Overview
  An experienced and versatile freelance writer, I've covered a variety of topics and events--including Fashion Week in New York City and a Poker Stars tourney in the Bahamas. I pride myself on my tenacious reporting skills, witty writing style and ability to meet deadlines. In all of my work, I strive to inform, entertain and inspire.
Work Info
Content Editor (online) 15 Years
Reporter 22 Years
Writer 22 Years
Fashion 7 Years
Women's Issues 20 Years
Entertainment 22 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
23 Years
Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
SheKnows.com (reaches nearly 17 million women) (11+), Everything She Wants.net (11+), Dance Media/Dance Retailer News (6-10), Essence Magazine (3-5), amNewYork (3-5)
Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Coburn Communication (PR copywriting (11+), Institute for Integrative Nutrition/Wellness Today (6-10), Prose Media (6-10)
Other Work History
Current Work History:

Freelance Writer and Proofreader for Dance Media.

Lifestyle & Fashion Blog Editor, Everything She Wants.net

Contributing Writer, SheKnows.com

Previous Work History:

Web Content Editor for Barnes & Noble.com, where I edited several music/DVD content pages using a content management system; managed freelance writers; interviewed popular recording artists; and wrote and edited CD reviews.

Freelance Copywriter for Coburn Communication.

Freelance Blog Editor for Hot Mama Daily, b5media's daily beauty and fashion blog for women of color. The blog attracted about 25,000 readers each month.

Freelance Restaurant Listings Top Editor for New York Magazine's website, NYMag.com.

Freelance Stringer for People Magazine.

Freelance Fact-Checker for Brides, Entertainment Weekly, Essence, Latina, Vibe and Ladies Home Journal magazines.
Computer Skills
CMS, Word, Excel, light HTML, basic training in Adobe InDesign and Photoshop
Mac laptop, digital camera, audio recorder
Sigma Delta Chil Journalism Award, 1991
National Association of Black Journalists, Avant Guild
Volunteer for New York Cares, Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals, Best Friends, Girls Write Now mentor
Freelancer Availability
I freelance full-time. I live near New York, NY. I am willing to travel anywhere. I have a driver's license.
Work Samples
(Explore Brooklyn, 11/19/2015)
(Broadway World Dance, 11/17/2015)
(Explore Brooklyn, 11/12/2015)
(Explore Brooklyn, 10/29/2015)
(Explore Brooklyn, 10/21/2015)
Popular bars in Greenpoint, Brooklyn including The Moonlight Mile and The Habitat.
(NY Getaways Examiner, 9/14/2015)
(amNewYork, 8/31/2015)
(amNewYork, 8/31/2015)
(amNewYork, 8/5/2015)
(BizBash, 7/22/2015)
Press releases  
(Prose Media, 7/24/2013)
From press releases to product descriptions and bios, I'm a skilled PR copywriter. This is a press release I wrote on healthy living pioneer Marilyn Diamond's "Fit for Life" fitness book and television special.
Artist bios  
(S-Curve Records, 9/9/2013)
Whatever your content needs are, I'm skilled at writing bios, product descriptions, press releases and news releases. This is example of a recording artist bio I wrote for the duo known as Little Jackie.
(SheKnows.com, 9/10/2014)
(SheKnows.com, 2/21/2014)
How to dress to get a job and advance in your career.
(Dance Retailer News, 9/1/2013)
One of many dance retailer spotlights I've written for Dance Retailer News.
(SheKnows.com, 1/21/2013)
(University of Chicago Magazine, 9/9/2009)
I had the pleasure to profile Tremaine Wright, a University of Chicago law school grad and owner of the Common Grounds coffee shop in the Bed-Stuy section of Brooklyn. Her commitment to her community is admirable.
(New York Daily News, 3/25/2009)
In New York City, $100 doesn't go far. But I accepted the Daily News challenge and lived on $100 for a week. This article shows how I spent it.
(amNewYork, 3/21/2008)
This is a roundup of hot dance classes in New York City.
(Real Health, 10/10/2005)
For this relationship feature, I interviewed several couples for their tips on how to make love last.
(Wellness Today, 1/8/2014)
(Wellness Today, 12/10/2013)
(SheKnows.com, 9/4/2013)
How to cleanse and moisturize your face with oil-based products.
(Betty Confidential, 12/20/2010)
(Juicy, 7/1/2010)
Profile on celeb hair stylist Hadiiya Barbel, who has customized wigs for talk show host Wendy Williams, rapper Sandy "Pepa" Denton, and comedian Niecy Nash.
(amNewYork, 7/27/2015)
What to do and see this summer in D.C.
(amNewYork, 6/15/2015)
(amNewYork, 4/13/2015)
(NY Getaways Examiner, 4/10/2015)
(amNewYork, 2/17/2015)
(NY Getaways Examiner, 1/2/2015)
(amNewYork, 12/15/2014)
(amNewYork, 12/1/2014)
(amNewYork, 10/20/2014)
(amNewYork, 10/6/2014)
(amNewYork, 5/19/2014)
(amNewYork, 5/19/2014)
(amNewYork, 5/19/2014)
(amNewYork, 4/28/2014)
(amNewYork, 2/24/2014)
(SheKnows.com, 2/3/2014)
(amNewYork, 1/13/2014)
(SheKnows.com, 11/22/2013)
Tips for how to plan a safe Mexico vacation.
(SheKnows.com, 11/5/2013)
Classic Christmas markets in Europe are the highlight of the holiday season.
(amNewYork, 10/7/2013)
New Haven's thriving arts and culture scene make is a great weekend getaway from New York City.
(SheKnows.com, 10/1/2013)
(amNewYork, 8/12/2013)
(SheKnows.com, 6/6/2013)
(SheKnows.com, 5/28/2013)
(SheKnows.com, 2/22/2013)
(SheKnows.com, 2/1/2013)
(SheKnows.com, 12/31/2012)
(SheKnows.com, 9/28/2012)
(SheKnows.com, 7/10/2012)
Hotels, restaurants and attractions on a summer getaway to Washington, D.C.
(SheKnows.com, 6/1/2012)
(SheKnows.com, 4/22/2012)
I love shopping at flea markets, so here are a few of the hippest ones across the U.S.
(SheKnows.com, 4/7/2012)
(SheKnows.com, 2/15/2012)
(SheKnows.com, 12/18/2011)
A roundup of volunteer vacations in the U.S. and abroad.
(Sheknows.com, 8/24/2011)
(Hotel Interactive, 7/26/2011)
(Sheknows.com, 7/3/2011)
Hand-picked hotel, restaurant, bar, and spa hot spots in the Big Apple.
(Sheknows.com, 2/2/2011)
(amNewYork, 7/20/2010)
An insider travel feature on places to eat, shop, play and stay in Chicago.
(amNewYork, 7/20/2010)
An insider travel feature on places to eat, shop, play and stay in Chicago.
(amNewYork, 3/30/2010)
I've written several travel features for am NewYork on fun weekend getaways from New York City. This article is about the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC.
(Sheknows.com, 11/2/2009)
Here's a roundup feature of hip hotels and eateries and sightseeing attractions in Vancouver.
(amNewYork, 10/13/2009)
I spent a fun weekend tasting wine along the UnCork York Wine Trail. Besides sipping vino, there's also lots for spa enthusiasts and nature-lovers to do.
(amNewYork, 9/8/2008)
This was the first time I was able to experience my hometown of Baltimore as a tourist. And I found that Charm City has a lot to offer for a weekend getaway from New York City.
(Sheknows.com, 5/14/2008)
This is a travel feature on activities to do in and around Maui's Kaanapali Beach Resort.
(amNewYork, 5/6/2008)
Travel feature on my week-long stay in a Tuscan villa, visiting several cities in Tuscany, and a rocky boat ride in Cinque Terre.
(amNewYork, 9/4/2007)
This is a travel feature on my weekend trip to Minnesota. I went to see Prince perform and discovered much more.
(Essence, 7/9/2014)
Are you suffering from fatigue? Here are expert tips on what's causing your energy drain and how to resolve it.
(Wellness Today, 1/9/2014)
(Wellness Today, 1/7/2014)
(Wellness Today, 1/6/2014)
(Wellness Today, 1/2/2014)
(Wellness Today, 12/17/2013)
(Wellness Today, 12/13/2013)
(Wellness Today, 12/11/2013)
(SheKnows.com, 12/3/2013)
7 Tips for health, happiness and longevity from Houston-based cardiologist, Dr. Kara Davis.
(SheKnows.com, 9/23/2013)
(SheKnows.com, 6/16/2013)
(SheKnows.com, 5/3/2013)
(SheKnows.com, 2/27/2013)
Natural remedies and solutions for spring allergies.
(SheKnows.com, 2/26/2013)
How reality TV programs like "The Real Housewives" franchise can positively and negatively influence women's health.
(SheKnows.com, 2/13/2013)
Detox diets that incorporate whole foods, Chinese herbal teas, fresh and organic juices and probiotics.
(SheKnows.com, 10/9/2012)
(SheKnows.com, 3/11/2012)
(Sheknows.com, 6/1/2011)
(Sheknows.com, 4/10/2011)
(Upscale, 2/2/2011)
(Upscale, 2/2/2011)
(Heart & Soul, 1/1/2007)
This health feature explores the ancient Indian practice of Ayurveda, which recommends diet and lifestyle based on your constitution or dosha.
(Essence, 2/1/2004)
This health feature weighs the pros and cons of detox diets.
(Euromight.com, 2/1/2015)
(AXS/Examiner, 4/14/2014)
I wrote profiles of music performers at the 2014 NOJF and roundups of things to do and see while visiting New Orleans for the jazz fest.
(amNewYork, 4/7/2014)
music festivals, spring music festivals, summer music festivals, Essence Music Festival, New Orleans Jazz Festival, Firefly music festival, Montreal Jazz Festival, live music
(Ebony.com, 7/31/2013)
A roundup of new reality TV shows featuring African-Americans.
(YourTango.com, 2/20/2013)
Part of my coverage of this season's ABC's "The Bachelor" for YourTango.com.
(SheKnows.com, 10/14/2011)
(UptownMagazine.com, 4/26/2011)
Q&A with actor Robert Christopher Riley.
(Sheknows.com, 4/3/2011)
(SheKnows.com, 3/19/2010)
I covered the women in poker angle of the Poker Stars' Caribbean Adventure tournament at the Atlantis Resort in Paradise Island, Bahamas.
(Essence, 11/1/2005)
A profile of "Rent" co-stars-cum-best friends Rosario Dawson and Tracie Thoms.
(People Magazine, 7/8/2005)
Obviously, Carmen Electra's marriage to rocker Dave Navarro wasn't amazing since it didn't last. But in 2005, the petite beauty granted me an exclusive interview for People Magazine during an event in Atlantic City.
(Real Health Magazine, 6/1/2005)
I wrote a profile on R&B diva Faith Evans that details the highlights of her career, her personal trials, and her dramatic weight loss. I also interviewed the singer's personal trainer for a sidebar on how to get a fit body like Faith.
(Sun-Sentinel, 7/28/1991)
I came across this inspired feature on female club dancers that I wrote for The Sun-Sentinel Newspaper during my internship on the features desk in 1991.
(TheRoot, 5/29/2013)
(Huffington Post, 9/22/2011)
A blog post analyzing the public's obsession with cat-fights and arguments played out on reality TV in general and specifically on the hit VH1 show Basketball Wives.
(UptownMagazine.com, 5/12/2011)
(Beliefnet.com, 11/12/2010)
My review of the wonderful Broadway musical "Memphis."
(NYCStories.com, 9/12/2001)
I wrote this essay a couple days after the 9/11 terrorist attack. Rarely have I written an essay or feature and didn't care about publication or compensation. But I had something to say and I'm grateful to NYCStories.com for providing an outlet for my thoughts.
(NY Getaways Examiner, 1/16/2015)
(SheKnows.com, 4/4/2014)
(SheKnows.com, 1/29/2014)
(SheKnows.com, 1/23/2013)
(SheKnows.com, 12/24/2012)
(SheKnows.com, 11/24/2011)
Roundup of healthy and eco-friendly stocking stuffers for dogs and cats.
(Sheknows.com, 4/27/2011)
(SheKnows.com, 9/3/2013)
(Sheknows.com, 9/6/2011)
(Fashion Week Examiner, 2/19/2011)
(Sheknows.com, 10/7/2010)
Interviews with Payless designers Christian Siriano, Isabel Toledo, and Lela Rose.
(Entrepreneur.com, 9/14/2010)
Eddie Mullon and his software firm, Fashion GPS, are helping some of the biggest names in the industry cut through the chaos of Fashion Week.
(Fashion Week Examiner, 9/13/2010)
Coverage of New York Fashion Week/Spring 2011
(Fashion Week Examiner, 9/11/2010)
Coverage of New York Fashion Week/Spring 2011.
(amNewYork, 9/17/2007)
Inspired by Anya Hindmarch's "I Am Not a Plastic Bag" tote, this is a style trend story about the popularity of using non-plastic bags for grocery shopping.
(amNewYork, 9/4/2007)
I'm an expert on street style, flea markets, thrift and bargain stores and clothing swaps. This is my latest feature on the latest in New York City street shopping.
(amNewYork, 6/25/2007)
The animal print trend in women's fashion is still going strong. I interviewed Lucky editor Hope Greenberg and got her tips on what's hot and what's not.
(New York Daily News, 3/8/2006)
This is a roundup of destinations and landmarks visited by Season Two Project Runway contestants.
(New York Daily News, 1/19/2006)
What could be better than free clothes? I became a clothing swap addict after I wrote this article.
As founder and editor of this popular fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog, I often spotlight indie designers, charitable and affordable shopping trends and natural beauty products. As a brand ambassador, I've worked with Nivea, e.l.f. and Whole Body by Whole Foods, and I'm seeking new opportunities.
(Tracy's Pop & Shop, 12/16/2007)
This is a video cast companion to my bargain shopping blog, Tracy's Pop & Shop. In the video, I take you to a clothing swap, where you bring clothes to give away and come back with a new wardrobe for free!
(SheKnows.com, 8/4/2012)
Boxing tips for women.
(SheKnows.com, 6/21/2012)
(SheKnows.com, 4/12/2012)
(Sheknows.com, 3/21/2011)
(Sheknows.com, 2/24/2011)
My interview with former "Bachelorette" Jillian Harris on how she stays healthy and stress-free.
(Wedding Guide NY, 5/12/2014)
(New York Daily News, 5/24/2009)
I wrote this service wedding/travel feature about my vow renewal in Las Vegas.
(New York Daily News, 9/21/2008)
Read how I planned my wedding for under $5K.
(Sheknows.com, 3/3/2008)
I went to the annual "Running of the brides" sale at Filene's Basement in NYC partly out of curiosity, and partly with hopes of finding the perfect wedding dress.
(amNewYork, 3/24/2015)
(amNewYork, 1/14/2015)
(amNewYork, 6/18/2014)
New and tried-and-true places to eat in Times Square.
(amNewYork, 3/3/2014)
Bars and restaurants where New Yorkers can celebrate Mardi Gras 2014.
(amNewYork, 9/10/2013)
Coffee lovers might want to consider the health benefits of drinking tea.
(amNewYork, 6/5/2013)
A roundup of the best gourmet doughnuts in New York City including Doughnut Plant, Dough and Dominique Ansel, home of the Cronut.
(SheKnows.com, 4/29/2013)
(New York Resident, 9/12/2011)
(amNewYork, 3/9/2010)
A roundup of a few of the best restaurants in Philadelphia.
(Sheknows.com, 8/4/2009)
I visited Toronto during the Luminato Festival of the Arts and sampled many of the multicultural city's culinary delights. Here's my foodie roundup.
(Sheknows.com, 5/24/2008)
Inside Rachael Ray's magazine test kitchen.
(amNewYork, 5/8/2008)
Roundup of spots in NYC to get beer cocktails.
(SheKnows.com, 7/26/2013)
As a Brooklyn resident, I'm on the pulse of things to do and see in the borough. This feature offers suggestions for cheap and free family fun in Brooklyn.
(Industry Magazine, 3/31/2013)
A profile on By Brooklyn shop owner Gaia DiLoreto.
(Industry Magazine, 3/31/2013)
A profile on the popularity and growth of the Brooklyn Flea.
(New York Daily News, 10/20/2005)
This is one of my favorite features. The Brooklyn neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant often gets a bad rap in the news, but I got the chance to explore the historic neighborhood's burgeoning shops and speak with positive shop owners and local shoppers. So this feature is about more than shopping --
(New York Daily News, 9/4/2005)
I love shopping and I love Fort Greene. So this was a fun story to write.
Music Writing  
(Vibe, 7/7/2011)
Between 1997 and 2008, I wrote 10 "Next" profiles on breaking R&B and pop music artists. Some of those artists never broke or even produced more than one album. But each artist I interviewed captivated me in some way. And one young lady named Pink -- whom I interviewed in Las Vegas prior to the r
(Associated Press, 11/28/2007)
I had the pleasure of interviewing this talented singer/songwriter prior to the U.S. release of her debut album, "Joyful." Ayo is definitely an artist to watch.
(Associated Press, 2/6/2006)
Although you wouldn't know it from my review (scroll down and it's beneath the Barry Manilow review), I'm a Heather Headley fan. I loved several songs from her debut disc, and I like the lead single from her sophomore album. However, I think her vocals are better suited for Broadway.
(Associated Press, 5/11/2005)
This is a Q&A I did with R&B songbird, Amerie, who had one of the biggest hits of summer 2005 with "1 Thing." We had an interesting chat about her interracial background and comparisons to Beyonce.
(Associated Press, 3/25/2005)
In spring 2005, I interviewed Omarion -- former lead singer for boy band B2K -- about his solo debut album for the Associated Press. Omarion was a charmer and I can understand why tween girls go crazy for him.
(Associated Press, 1/7/2005)
This is a profile of recording artist Mario, who scored a hit song this year with the ballad "Let Me Love You." Mario, a fellow Baltimore native, is a talented and driven young man.
(Entertainment Weekly, 11/24/2004)
My EW review of Mary J's "My Life" disc. In hindsight, the album is better than the B grade I gave it.
(The Associated Press, 8/31/2004)
Plastic Surgery  
(AboutPlasticSurgery.com/Everyday Health, 5/2/2012)
(AboutPlasticSurgery.com/Everyday Health, 2/23/2012)
(AboutPlasticSurgery.com/Everyday Health, 2/22/2012)
(AboutPlasticSurgery.com/Everyday Health, 11/26/2011)
(Real Health, 3/1/2008)
The death of rapper Kanye West's mother due to complications from plastic surgery raised awareness in the African-American community about the dangers of cosmetic procedures. I wrote a sidebar on questions to ask your plastic surgeon before you go under the knife.
Healthy travel  
(SheKnows.com, 12/20/2013)
(SheKnows.com, 8/16/2013)
Tips from Canyon Ranch Miami on how to transform your home into a relaxing spa retreat.
(amNewYork, 4/8/2013)
(SheKnows.com, 3/28/2013)
(SheKnows.com, 2/19/2013)
(SheKnows.com, 3/7/2012)
A fitness retreat at Red Mountain Resort.
(New York Resident, 6/1/2011)
(amNewYork, 1/17/2011)
(Sheknows.com, 7/3/2008)
Feature on taking a yoga retreat to Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health.
Press coverage  
(Gorkana, 5/14/2014)
My blog, Everything She Wants, was featured on Gorkana Group.
(MadePeachy, 2/14/2014)
I'm a budget shopping and budget bride consultant, and I was interviewed by the U.K. blog Made Peachy about how I planned my NYC wedding for under $5K.
Blog Posts  
(b5media, 5/16/2009)