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  Melissa Jo Peltier
Professional/Personal Overview
  Ms. Peltier is a five-time New York Times best-selling author and a multi-award-winning writer/director/producer of television and film fiction and non-fiction. She specializes in solidly structured storytelling, persuasive and powerful documentaries, and instinctually recognizing a winning property (she and her partners discovered the script for MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING, and discovered and developed the unique talents of Cesar Millan, TV's "Dog Whisperer".) As a director, she's helmed just about every type of non-fiction film there is, and her dramatic specialties include being a "hyphenate" (director-writer-producer-editor), working with children, and the unique ability to get convincing performances out of non-actors. Recently she produced the indie film, WHITE IRISH DRINKERS, with husband, John Gray. Her novel about the dark side of reality television has just been picked up by Apostrophe Books.
Work Info
Film, TV writer; magazine and book author 10 Years
Director 17 Years
Producer (television) 20 Years
Arts & Humanities 20 Years
Social issues, history, animal issues 20 Years
Crime 15 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
20 Years
Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
A&E, History Channel (11+), Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet, Travel Channel (6-10), National Geographic Channel (6-10), Crown-Harmony Books (6-10), Churchill Educational Films (3-5), CBS (3-5), Touchstone Television/CBS (3-5), Sci-Fi Channel (3-5), Lifetime Network (3-5), Written By Magazine (3-5), VH1 (1-2), Simon and Schuster Books (1-2), Court TV (1-2), HBO Films/Gold Circle Films (1-2), Hearst Entertainment (1-2), Perseus Books/Capo Press (1-2), Paramount Syndication (1-2), Ovington Avenue Productions (1-2)
Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Crown Harmony/Random House (3-5), Simon and Schuster Publications (1-2), Perseus Books (1-2)
Other Work History
*Principal in NY Independent Film Co. Ovington Avenue Productions
*Co-founder & co-owner of 16-year old entertainment/media/production company MPH Entertainment, Inc.
Former Vice President, Cesar Millan Inc.
Former Vice President, Abundanzia Marketing Inc.
10-years offline editing experience
Computer Skills
Word, Excel, Movie Magic Budgeting, Final Draft, Movie Magic Screenwriter, Power Structure, some Adobe Photoshop
Technical Skills
Video editing - Final Cut Pro X, some Avid; Photo editing - some Adobe photo shop
Mac OS systems, Windows XP; HD Video equipment, AVID editing systems, FINALCUT PRO editing systems, digital cameras, mini digital video and audio equipment
Foreign Language Skills
French & Italian (basic conversational)
Work Permits & Visas
Australian work permit; EU work permit & Irish passport pending
WGA, DGA, Producer's Guild, Author's Guild
On request
5 books on NYT Bestseller's list; 2 Emmy's, 8 more Emmy nominations, Humanitas, Peabody, Women in Film Lilian Gish, 4 Writer's Guild of America nominations, several NY Film Festival Awards, 3 Christopher Awards, several Cine Golden Eagles, 2 Apple, ACE nomination for documentary editing, among others
Director's Guild of America
Writer's Guild of America
Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, International Documentary Association

BA (cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa) from Pomona College - double major in creative writing and English literature, minor in theater; also twice winner of Pomona's Creative Writing Prize. Studied British literature, art, architecture & theater at University of London; studied acting, directing and writing for the theater at Tufts University; some mid-career years in story analysis and feature/mow development; produced screenwriter; NYTimes best-selling author.
Freelancer Availability
I occasionally freelance. I live near New York, NY. I am willing to travel anywhere. I have a driver's license. I have access to a car.
Work Samples
(Crown-Harmony Publications (Random House), 10/15/2010)
Cesar Millan and a host of other prominent training share the basics of dog behavior.
(Crown-Harmony Publications (Random House), 10/15/2009)
Cesar Millan's fourth book and another NYT bestseller
(Crown Harmony Publications (Random House), 10/1/2008)
(Simon & Schuster Publishing, 4/1/2008)
with Jim Milio
(Crown/Harmony, 10/2/2007)
Follow-up to international best-seller Cesar's Way, going more in-depth into Cesar Millan's methods, and looking at the relationships between humans and dogs.
(Crown-Harmony, 4/4/2006)
International Best-Seller; sold over 1 million copies in under 1 year; 46 weeks on NY Times Bestseller's list.
Corporate Website Link  
(International Movie Database, 9/20/2012)
International Movie Database credit list
(Ovington Avenue Productions, 9/1/2010)
Official website for film I produced, WHITE IRISH DRINKERS, an official selection of the Toronto International Film Festival, the Film Columbia Film Festival, the Torino, Italia Film Festival; and winner of the Audience Award at the Woodstock Film Festival. Also nominated for the Independent Featur
(MPH Entertainment Inc, 5/3/2005)
Website with credits and bios for MPH Entertainment, Inc., the Burbank CA TV/Film production company co-founded and co-owned by Peltier.
(Cesar Millan Inc.)
Company created by MPH/Emery Sumner and Cesar and Ilusion Millan to further his mission of creating balance and harmony between dogs and humans.
(CBS Television, 4/27/2007)
Story credit for Ghost Whisperer episode introducing a new primary character; "Gabriel", another Ghost Whisperer with a dark side and a secret connection to Melinda.
(Hearst Entertainment/Lifetime Television, 4/1/2004)
2004 Hearst Entertainment/Lifetime Television original screenplay, NIGHTWAVES. Credited as screenwriter and shared credit for original story. Genre: Thriller
(A&E Television, 12/1/1996)
4-Hour history of Las Vegas; nominated for a Writer's Guild of America Award. Credited as executive producer (shared), directed (shared), writer (shared)
(A&E Television, 7/24/1994)
IMDB says: "Even after a decade this is still the best 'documentary' on the disaster. " Credited as Producer/Writer/Director of this 4-hour opus that was at the time the highest-rated program ever to air on A&E. Still a major-seller for them today. Two Emmy's garnered for this program.
(CBS TV, 5/1/1993)
Jane Seymour hosts this Peabody-Award-winning program in which child abuse is explained in a way young children can understand. Four kids talk candidly about their abuse and their abusers as they describe how adults use fear, manipulation, and neglect to hurt children. Credited as writer/director.
(Historic multi-network broadcast, 4/9/1992)
Humanitas-award winning documentary airing simultaneously on NBC, CBS and PBS and two nights later on ABC (the most-watched documentary of the '90's). Oprah Winfrey hosted this painfully intimate look at the cycle of child abuse and how to break it. Credited as writer/director.
(Written By Magazine, 12/1/2008)
Article about the inside world of Reality TV writing, with my colleague Jim Milio
(Written By Magazine, 9/1/2001)
Featured article for Written By Magazine (co-written with MPH partner Jim Milio) about the strange chain of events leading up to the discovery of the world's second largest dinosaur.
(Written By Magazine)
Short article for writer's of non-fiction film on finding your voice.
Book excerpts  
(De Capo Press/Perseus Books, 5/1/2011)
Co-writer for three female OB/GYNs who are mommys and docs (stars of Discovery Health and OWN's "Deliver Me" TV series), on a definitive and highly readable guide for those who are pregnant and want to be. Reviewed by other medical practitioners as far superior to "What to Expect"; and more enj
(Crown-Harmony Publications (Random House), 10/6/2009)
Cesar Millan and Melissa Jo Peltier's latest book follows four puppies through birth up to adolescence, and illustrates that raising a dog the right way can prevent unwanted issues from ever developing. A must have for anyone adopting a puppy or young dog.