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  Emma Johnson
Professional/Personal Overview
  Award-winning business and personal finance writer for the NYT, WSJ, WORTH, Forbes, Wired, Entrepreneur, Real Simple, Men's Health and Glamour, I specialize in money, entrepreneurship, marketing, social media, women + business, corporate histories, video and podcast. Contributing editor for SUCCESS magazine, Forbes, and former MSN Money columnist.

I blog at WealthySingleMommy.com, a leading source of opinion for single parents on money, parenting and dating. As an expert I've appeared on Headline News, NYTimes, Fox Business Live, TODAY, Woman's Day, Forbes, NPR and others.

Spokesperson and satellite media tour experience. youtube.com/user/Emmaruthjohnson

I have a huge portfolio of corporate projects: business plans, white papers, case studies, media consulting/training, ghostwriting.

Previous staff positions include AP financial writer, health-care reporter for a daily newspaper in Phoenix, and editor of a news digest in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Work Info
Reporter 20 Years
Writer 20 Years
Advertorial, Special Sections, video, podcasting, 18 Years
Business (general) 17 Years
Finance 17 Years
Personal Finance 17 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
19 Years
Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Real Simple (11+), MSN Money (11+), SUCCESS Magazine (11+), DailyWorth (11+), Entrepreneur (11+), Forbes (11+), Glamour (3-5), Dr. Oz Good Life magazine (3-5), New York Times (3-5), WORTH (1-2)
Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
BBVA Compass (11+), Civiello Communications (media training) (11+), RetailMeNot The Real Deal (11+), Zurich/The Atlantic (sponsored blog series) (11+), Ernst Young (custom content) (6-10), Economist Group (custom content) (3-5), Bloomberg Events (3-5), McKinsey (white paper) (3-5), AdAge/Digitas (1-2)
Other Work History
2011-Present, Contributing editor, SUCCESS magazine
2014-present, Forbes paid contributor
2008-2010 Columnist, MSN Money
Business Writer, Associated Press Financial Wire, New York
Health Care Reporter, Tribune, a 100,000-circulation daily newspaper in metro Phoenix
Editor, Sofia Independent, an online English-language news digest based in Sofia, Bulgaria
General Assignment Reporter/Photographer, The Valdosta Daily Times
Intern, CNN
Computer Skills
Live and taped video reporting and spokesperson work, including live TV and radio for major markets, SMT. http://is.gd/Vf79BE
Digital camera, multimedia production
Foreign Language Skills
Conversational Spanish
I have many longtime, loyal clients
Seven state and national reporting awards
American Society of Journalists and Authors
Society of American Business Editors and Writers
American Society of Business Publication Editors
I have a portfolio of on-camera, video and multimedia reporting and producing. I blog at WealthySingleMommy.com.
Freelancer Availability
I freelance full-time. I live near New York, NY. I am willing to travel anywhere. I have a driver's license. I have access to a car.
Work Samples
Multimedia Money  
(Paid columnist , 8/21/2015)
(SUCCESS magazine , 1/8/2014)
(DailyWorth, 1/7/2014)
(Huffington Post, 1/6/2014)
(eFinancialCareers.com, 12/14/2010)
This series of articles and videos covers the the job market and career advice for Wall Street and accounting professionals.
(MSN Money, 6/1/2010)
A multimedia series aimed at those new to the world of stocks, bonds, compound interest and risk.
2014 Outlook
(WORTH magazine, 1/1/2014)
The business climate has been up and down in 2013. What 2014 brings is anyone's guestimate. These experts offer entrepreneurs advice for making the best moves in the new year.
(SUCCESS magazine, 7/18/2013)
To run a successful business, you need to know the value of your company.
(SUCCESS magazine , 7/12/2013)
To run a successful business, you need to know the value of your company.
(SUCCESS magazine , 7/1/2011)
Selling is a tough job--tough on the ego, tough on the energy level--which explains why sales reps are often some of a company's highest-paid employees. But even a fat salary is usually not enough to combat steep competition, finicky customers and grumpy prospects.
(SUCCESS magazine, 6/1/2011)
You've got a solid company and a winning brand. Do you really need to get wrapped up in the Facebook craze? What's the big deal, anyway?
(Success Magazine, 3/1/2011)
The CNBC anchor has covered booms and busts, the successful and the mighty. But true success, she says, comes from within.
(Success magazine, 1/1/2011)
It might be easy to dismiss Ivanka Trump as a pretty girl born with a silver spoon in her mouth. But that is not Ivanka Trump.
(Success magazine , 11/1/2010)
White Castle's David Rife is intent on having happy employees. That's been good for customers--and good for business.
(SUCCSESS, 3/1/2010)
After lifting Microsoft's Expedia off the ground, Harford is poised to take Orbitz to new highs.
(Entrepreneur, 10/13/2009)
Build your business around a wide base of other small businesses, which is less risky and a smarter way to grow a solid enterprise.
(Entrepreneuer , 7/20/2009)
There are plenty of ways to be your own best spokesperson--and a few reasons not to.
(Entrepreneur , 2/25/2009)
Tapping the masses for brighter ideas and bigger margins. The growing number of crowdsourcing advocates argue that businesses cannot afford to ignore the trend that's driving growth in fields as varied as sneaker design, software development, mining, apartment management and restaurant marketing.
(Entrepreneur, 12/1/2008)
Target, Apple and Jack in the Box reinvented their brands through damage control, brand differentiation and broadening appeal. Put their strategies to use for your business.
Personal Finance  
(REAL SIMPLE, 1/2/2013)
It's never easy to discuss death and dying with your folks-but these essential conversations will help give all of you some peace of mind.
(Men's Health, 5/1/2012)
No matter how awkward and uncomfortable, these are six sit-downs you can't afford to blow.
(Real Simple, 10/1/2011)
With so much troubling news from Wall Street, financial anxiety is high. While you can't control the stock market, you can tackle some of your smaller money issues--and put a bit of that anxiety to rest.
(Woman's Day, 2/18/2011)
Use this step-by-step plan for recovering -- and thriving -- after a layoff.
(The Fiscal Times , 2/11/2011)
Tax time is often filled with anxiety. But what if you're looking at a big tax bill and you just don't have the cash?
(Forbes, 10/15/2010)
Money doesn't have to destroy relationships. Here's how managing your finances can actually improve your romantic life.
(Forbes, 10/1/2010)
Money can be a scary subject for many people, and like many important topics, such as conflict and self-image, women and men often deal with their finances differently.
(Forbes, 8/30/2010)
A guide to getting what you're worth for entrepreneurs and contract workers.
(CreditCards.com, 7/29/2010)
What if what was in your wallet really did make you a better person -- or at least perceived as one? The closest thing to such a notion may be the American Express Centurion Card, also known as the Black Card, which has successfully created an paralleled aura of mystery and power.
(Forbes, 6/23/2010)
Have 10 minutes to spare? Here are 20 ways to shape up your finances in just that time.
(Forbes, 3/16/2010)
How to get a grip on your finances, one day, week, month and year at a time
(Forbes, 2/16/2010)
How the most experienced road warriors are making the most out of technology and new connections.
(Forbes, 10/8/2009)
Why we're reluctant to negotiate and how to get over it.
(Psychology Today, 5/1/2007)
Financial inequality can strain any relationship, especially when the disparity is sudden. Promotions, marrying up, and inheritances cause a special brand of resentment and guilt for both parties -- not to mention awkward interactions.
Personal essays  
(Wealthy Single Mommy , 9/19/2012)
(Retailmenot, 2/14/2012)
After five years of marriage, life happened and I found myself single again. I had forgot about all the complications associated with dating, including the dreaded who-pays-on-a-first-date conundrum. I couldn't shake the notion that the guy pays for the first date. So I decided to find out what's go
(Retailmenot, 9/1/2011)
Okay, no one's thrilled when the dinner bill arrives. In the best-case scenario, everyone whips out their cards or cash, lays down what they owe and walks away with a full belly and a sweet memory. Alternatively, one party picks up the tab, and everyone in attendance smiles, offers gratitude and do
(Retailmenot, 8/1/2011)
Being raised in the 80s seem so fantastical. Highlights included Pop Rocks, debates over which of the Coreys was cuter and being totally annoyed that the Iran-Contra hearings were hogging up all the network airtime. But looking back, I see that this era was also rife with valuable things that are no
(Retailmenot, 6/1/2011)
You see it everywhere you look: on the playground, in line at the ATM, in the supermarket -- harried moms standing, necks bent, thumbs frantically tapping away at their BlackBerrys or Droids.
Weddings on the beach are beautiful. Throw in a sunset and some palm trees and many a bride feels she's died and been beamed straight up to matrimonial heaven. But the concept of destination weddings is another story.
Contact Info
  Emma Johnson
New York, NY 

E-Mail: emma@emma-johnson.net
Website: http://www.wealthysinglemommy.com