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  Kris Frieswick
Professional/Personal Overview
  As an award-winning editor, journalist, and scriptwriter, I create entertaining, intelligent articles, essays and scripts that make readers and viewers think - frequently while they're laughing. My editorial direction has steered Inc. Magazine to multiple editorial award nominations. My investigative work has launched congressional investigations and helped to get laws changed. My writing in both humor and business genres has won multiple national and regional editorial awards. My humor columns were featured in two best-selling comedy anthologies and my feature and business articles have appeared in Inc. Magazine, WSJ Magazine, Departures, Men's Health, the Economist, Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, Worth Magazine, MSN Money, CFO Magazine, Boston Magazine, and many more. Clients come back because I'm creative, hardworking, deadline-driven and I have solid instincts. Read it all at www.krisfrieswick.com.
Work Info
Editor 10 Years
Writer 25 Years
Scriptwriter 20 Years
Travel 10 Years
Business (general) 20 Years
Humor 22 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
25 Years
Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Boston Globe Sunday Magazine (11+), Boston Magazine (11+), Boston Phoenix (11+), CFO Magazine (11+), MSN Money (11+), Men's Health (6-10), Spirit Magazine (Southwest Airlines Inflight) (6-10), The Economist (6-10), Worth Magazine (6-10), Arrive Magazine (Amtrak Acela) (3-5), Inc. Magazine (3-5), Fine Magazine (3-5), Globe Pequot Press (1-2), Departures Magazine (1-2), Hemispheres Magazine (1-2), WSJ Magazine (1-2), Redbook Magazine (1-2), Ritz-Carlton Magazine (1-2)
Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Corporate Visions (11+), Harvard Business School (6-10), Fenwick Publishing (1-2), Boston Digital Editing (1-2)
Other Work History
Other clients include: USA Today, Powder Magazine, Skiing Magazine, Fine Magazine, Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News, Aspen Magazine, and my humor work has been published in two anthologies: Mirth of a Nation, and 101 Damnations, both published by St. Martin's Press
laptop, SLR digital (Canon EOS XT), digital recording and transcription
Work Permits & Visas
Married to EU National, valid US Passport
Happy to provide a list of very satisfied clients!
Finalist (as editor), 2015 National Magazine Award, Best Section
Finalist (as editor), 2015 Deadline Club Award, Best Column
National Silver Medal, Government Coverage - 2005 American Society of Business Publication Editors
Gold Medal, Original Research Category - 2005 American Society of Business Publication Editors, Northeast Region
Silver Medal - Humor Columnist Category, 2002 New England Press Association
National Gold Medal - Best How-To Article, 1999 American Society of Business Publications Editors

CFO Magazine, where I was senior writer, won Folio Magazine's Magazine of the Year in its category in 2003.
SPJ, ASJA, AvantGuild
BS Emerson College
Freelancer Availability
I occasionally freelance. I live near New York, NY. I am willing to travel anywhere. I have a driver's license. I have access to a car.
Work Samples
(Inc. Magazine, 6/1/2012)
Catherine Rohr came to New York to launch an MBA-style entrepreneurship program for ex-cons. The program, Defy Ventures, isn't just a second chance for the men. It's a second chance for Rohr, too.
(Men's Health, 3/1/2012)
Think luxury is a waste? Here are some luxury purchases that can have some surprisingly positive benefits to your life, your wallet and your success.
(Boston Globe Magazine, 8/14/2011)
Twenty-five years after Massachusetts started shutting down entire beaches to protect the tiny piping plovers, they're still struggling to survive. But as one unlikely success story shows, maybe the best way to help them is to stop worrying so much.
(WSJ Magazine, 9/14/2010)
The allure of all things equestrian has never been greater, as vintage saddle collectors pay record prices for unique models.
(Boston Globe Magazine, 10/4/2009)
Every October, pink ribbons wash like an ocean over stores across the country. Now some breast cancer survivors are feeling exploited by companies that seem to care more about the profit potential of pink ribbons than curing breast cancer.
(Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, 8/2/2009)
A cover story profile of Christopher Kimball, founder of Cook's Illustrated magazine - which makes all its money from readers, not advertisers, and is surviving the recession just fine, thank you.
(Boston Magazine, 8/1/2009)
Massachusetts its known for its progressive marriage laws, but its divorce and alimony laws are still stuck in the 19th century. This article received more letters than any article ever to appear in Boston Magazine.
(Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, 3/1/2009)
Getting laid-off in this lousy economy is the worst. Being the one swinging the ax is a close second.
(Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, 8/31/2008)
Is it a good idea for a tourist town to have it's own sugar mama?
(Boston Globe Magazine, 6/29/2008)
A profile Kairos Shen, director of planning for the mighty Boston Redevelopment Authority and visionary for the future shape of the city.
(Boston Globe Magazine, 2/24/2008)
The totally true story of how two sisters gut renovated a broke-down brownstone and didn't kill each other in the process.
(Boston Globe Magazine, 11/1/2007)
Boston's Fenway neighborhood is seeing a building spree and everyone, except the Red Sox management, is eager to see the new skyline.
(Boston Globe Magazine, 3/11/2007)
Over 30% of American wives outearn their husbands. So why are they usually the one stuck doing all the housework? This article examines the powerful pull that gender roles still have, even on women who are in the best position to defy them.
(Amtrak's Arrive Magazine, 1/1/2007)
One tired man and a lot of local support is turning the nation's smallest state into a movie makers' mecca.
(Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, 10/29/2006)
The smallest state in the nation, Rhode Island, is staging a giant comeback. Here's why Massachusetts ignores its little neighbor to the south at its peril.
(Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, 5/14/2006)
This cover story examines the flood of millionaires coming into Boston, and what it means for the rest of us.
(Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, 2/19/2006)
As financial services behemoth Fidelity Investments enters its 60th year, some customers don't feel much like celebrating.
(Boston Magazine, 9/1/2005)
All Steve Belkin ever wanted was to own a basketball team. He learned that even multi-millionaires should be careful what they wish for.
(Boston Magazine, 12/1/2004)
When gays come out of the closet, one person in the room is often more shocked than anyone -- their straight husband or wife.
(Redbook, 12/1/2000)
Remember those all night giggle and gab sessions? Here's the PJ party updated from A to ZZZZZZZs.
(Globe Pequot Press, 1/1/2007)
Live to good life for free (or darned close!) This book is packed with advice on how to live high on the hog in Beantown, for peanuts. Also includes tips on how to break into Boston's social network, a great source of free parties and events!
This humor anthology is a humorist's tour of hell - and very funny. Also featuring some of my humor columns.
A critically acclaimed humor anthology featuring some of my humor columns.
Humor/ Essays/ Opinion  
(Boston Globe Magazine, 5/24/2008)
A humorous essay that asks why it's so hard to get a massage these days without an unwanted "spiritual lecture" thrown in.
(Boston Globe Magazine, 3/16/2008)
A personal essay on the joys and frustrations of searching for the perfect vacation house on Massachusetts' Cape Cod.
(MSN.com, 8/1/2007)
I host this humorous and informative multi-media series which explores the issues that arise at the intersection of money and love. Part personal essay, part "in your face" journalism.
(Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, 7/24/2007)
This essay places blame for the current sub-prime loan "scandal" right where it belongs. On the buyers.
(Boston Magazine, 9/1/2005)
If your local Pee Wee Football team looks more buff than usual this fall, we think we know why. (personal trainers for kids)
(Boston Phoenix)
Read some of my best, award-winning humor columns for the "Out There" page in the Boston Phoenix.
Business/ Personal Finance  
(Men's Health, 3/1/2012)
You can benefit from the finer things in life without going broke. Here are five smart ways to tap the power of carefully chosen luxuries.
(Boston Globe Magazine, 12/3/2006)
Home sellers and their agents are doing some kooky things to sell their homes. Do buyers want a Ferrari with the ranch?
(Economist Magazine Intelligent Life Annual, 5/1/2006)
Will personal trading assistants, who demystify the process of selling your junk through on-line auction sites, turn us into a nation of "leasors" instead of buyers?
(Economist Magazine's Intelligent Life Annual, 5/1/2005)
Meet Natalie Massanet, a woman who has succeeded in an on-line venture that everyone predicted could not possibly survive.
(Worth Magazine)
Browse my Best Practice columns, targeted to high-net-worth individuals, that appear in the pages of Worth Magazine.
(Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine)
Browse my personal finance columns for the Money page in Spirit Magazine, Southwest Airline's award-winning inflight magazine.
Browse eight-years worth of my award-winning finance and accounting reporting at CFO Magazine's web site, winner of Folio Magazine's 2003 Magazine of the Year.