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  Claire Berlinski
Professional/Personal Overview
  I'm an American freelance investigative journalist, a City Journal contributing editor, a Senior Fellow for Turkey of the American Foreign Policy Council, travel writer, biographer, and novelist who lives in Istanbul with a menagerie of adopted stray animals. I'm the author of two works of non-fiction and two spy novels. I specialize in the kind of reporting that results in death threats and marriage proposals, sometimes from the same person. Please contact me for political, cultural and economic reporting from Turkey and Middle East.
Work Info
Reporter 4 Years
Book Author 10 Years
Researcher 22 Years
International 24 Years
Politics 24 Years
War & Conflicts 17 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
24 Years
Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Ricochet (11+), Gatestone International Policy Council (11+), City Journal (6-10)
Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Gerson Lehrman Group (1-2)
Other Work History
My journalism has been published in The New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the Wall Street Journal, First Post, the Oxford International Review, Gatestone International Policy Council, the Guardian, The American, Asia Times, the Claremont Review of Books, City A.M, the Globe and Mail, the New York Sun, The Weekly Standard, the Middle East Journal of International Affairs, the National, National Review, the National Interest, the Financial Times, the Spectator, Policy Review, Penthouse, Radio Free Europe, Standpoint, World Affairs Journal, Azure, Traveler's Tales, Tablet, Travel & Leisure, Arabies Trends, and numerous anthologies and encyclopedias. I'm an occasional guest on local and international radio and television shows. I've also worked as an editor for Asia Times and Ricochet, and as a private consultant to clients with an interest in Turkish domestic politics, the Turkish economy, and Turkish foreign policy.
Computer Skills
No programming skills to speak of, but I can manage pretty much everything a journalist needs to do--Mac or Windows, it doesn't matter.
Technical Skills
Cat chewed through your expensive Mac power cord? Give me five minutes, a pair of tweezers, a Bic lighter and some electrical tape and you'll be good as new. In fact, if you're feeling lucky, we can skip the electrical tape. And the lighter.
Mac OSX, TC1100 Tablet (beats the iPad, by the way), Canon PowerShot SD750, digital recorder, notebook, pens.
Foreign Language Skills
Fluent French, mangled Turkish, some Thai, can usually manage to communicate in any Indo-European language.
Work Permits & Visas
Turkish residency permit, indefinite.
“Among the journalists who cover Turkey and the broader region, Claire is, by far, the sharpest observer of political, social and economic events. Her analysis and writing are analytical, incisive and objective. She has a keen eye for nuances in untangling political landscape in a rapidly changing region.
---Tanju Yurukoglu, Managing Principal, Eurasia Policy Associates.

“I had the chance to work/collaborate with Claire Berlinski numerous times over the years. To put it succinctly, she is one of the - if not THE - best international journalist reporting out of Turkey. You should also read her books. She is an exceptional writer.” --Okan Altiparmak, President, NiMBUS PRODUCTIONS

For further references, please consult my profile on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/claire-berlinski/6/b7/355
Rotary International Scholarship
Rhodes Scholarship Finalist
British Overseas Studentship
Moody Grant, Lyndon Baines Johnson Foundation
Balliol College Jenkyns Prize for outstanding performance in final exams
Oxford University, Balliol College
D.Phil, International Relations
1989 – 1995

Conducted research in White House papers and presidential archives for doctoral dissertation about United States arms transfer policy to the Arab-Israeli zone.

Oxford University, Balliol College
M.Phil, International Relations
1988 – 1995

Courses included methods and statistics in social science research, US foreign policy formation from 1900, development theory and development economics, Middle East, Latin American and Asian regional studies.

B.A. and M.A., Modern History; political theory; sociology, 1988–1990 First Class Honours. Completed three-year course in two years. Courses included medieval and modern British history, 20th Century European history, US civil war and reconstruction, macro and microeconomics

La Sorbonne, Paris, Diploma, French language and literature, 1987–1988

University of Washington, B.A, Philosophy
1981–1987. Entered via accelerated placement program.
Freelancer Availability
I freelance full-time. I am willing to travel anywhere.
Work Samples
(From Policy Review to Penthouse, 11/18/2012)
Click the link to read pretty much everything I've published in any reputable or disreputable magazine.
(City Journal, 11/1/2012)
Controversial Muslim preacher, feared Turkish intriguer, and inspirer of the largest charter school network in America ....
(Gatestone Institute, 6/26/2012)
If you are not allowed to keep these tapes on your computer, how can you threaten your enemies with them? The issue people should have been concerned about was not porn at all, but the implementation of a system that allows the government at will to to shut off channels of political dissent--a feat
(The National Interest, 6/8/2012)
The arrival of the World Economic Forum in Istanbul this week was overshadowed in the Turkish media by the arrival of Madonna and her entourage, although there was a symmetry in events--massive security, caravans of expensive cars with tinted windows, snarled traffic and cab drivers cursing them all
(City Journal, 1/12/2012)
I arrived in Paris to find commuter trains on strike, graffiti everywhere, the streets filthy, and every restaurant at which one might eat with a toddler closed. But Paris is always like this, and I saw no sign of distress at the imminent prospect of the eurozone breakup or even much evidence of a r
(City Journal, 6/1/2011)
In an increasingly urbanized world, earthquakes threaten unprepared cities with mass destruction ...
(City Journal, 9/1/2010)
Dread and exhilaration in a city on the verge of political catastrophe ....
(City Journal, 6/1/2010)
The key to understanding the Dominican Republic is to imagine a country where Jennifer Lopez is the president, Ricky Martin the secretary of the interior, Christina Aguilera the secretary of state, and their backup singers the Supreme Court ...
(City Journal, 9/1/2009)
America should learn from Britain's disastrous takeover of its biggest auto company ... .
(City Journal, 3/9/2009)
Despite government reassurances, Britons feel under siege--with good reason ...