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  Gretchen Stelter
Professional/Personal Overview
  I am an editor with a great eye for grammar and developing content. I enjoy working on non-fiction projects as well as fiction, especially young adult and romance, though I am open to, and have at one point in time, dealt with everything from newspaper articles to academic journals, and from bestselling sci-fi to niche new age. I have done developmental editing on over 20 titles in the past four years, and I have proofread and copyedited over 150 titles for publishers including Random House, Beyond Words/Atria, Sourcebooks, and Beyond Words/Simon Pulse.
Work Info
Writer 5 Years
Copy Editor 11 Years
Editor 11 Years
Health 10 Years
Americanizing/Britishising novels, articles, manuscripts, etc. 10 Years
Books & Literature 11 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
11 Years
Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Beyond Words (marketing/sales documents) (11+), Beyond Words/Atria (11+), Sourcebooks (11+), The Africa Project (3-5), Women in Portland Publishing (3-5), Random House (3-5), becker&mayer! (1-2)
Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Shared Hope International (6-10), Probe, Inc. (3-5)
Other Work History
I work with individual authors through their publishers and agents, or those unrepresented or self-publishing as well.
Computer Skills
Windows and Mac Operating Systems (OS 10.9.3, Windows XP), Adobe Acrobat Pro (10.1.10), WordPress, Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac (14.3.9).
MacBook Pro with updated software
Foreign Language Skills
Upon request
Women in Portland Publishing
Lambda Iota Tau
I studied American, Australian, and British English editing while living and working in Australia. I have worked on a number of titles that need special attention to Australian or British slang or Americanizing spelling, punctuation, and phrasing due to being previously published overseas, and I have worked on many titles that require a knowledge of Regency Era English and trivia (How many people are needed for a hand of whist? I know!).
Freelancer Availability
I freelance full-time. I live near Portland, OR. I am willing to travel regionally. I have a driver's license. I have access to a car.
Work Samples
(Beyond Words/Atria, 4/1/2014)
Developmentally edited title w/ coauthors so the rooms in our home correspond to our emotional "rooms" and how to declutter them for a happier life. Dr. Melva Green (coauthor) has appeared on "Hoarders" and was featured in O magazine after publication; both authors appeared on "Dr. Oz" after pubbed.
(Beyond Words/Simon Pulse, 9/10/2013)
I worked with the author on developing plot and character for her first novel, which received a starred review from Kirkus: "A creepy supernatural chiller sets up a gut-punch of desolation and loss...Brutal and brilliant." - KIRKUS
Contact Info
  Gretchen Stelter
Portland, OR 

E-Mail: gretchen@cogitatestudios.com
Website: http://www.cogitatestudios.com/about/gretchen-stelter/