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  Kristin Rattini
Professional/Personal Overview
  A former expat in Shanghai now based in Missouri, Kristin writes profiles, travel articles, consumer finance articles, children's stories and books that are clean, creative, concise and ALWAYS on time. Credits include American Way, National Geographic Kids, Family Circle and many other national consumer and custom publications. Her top-notch research and interview skills enable her to cover a broad range of subjects, from Yao Ming's Shanghai favorites (May 2007 American Way cover story) to the state of luxury hotels around the world (December 2011 Institutional Investor) to credit scores (April 2002 Family Circle) to Jane Lynch's career climb (October 2011 American Way cover story) to King Tut and his mysterious demise (August 2005 National Geographic Kids cover story). She is the writer of Angry Birds Explore the World and author of Weather and Seed to Plant, National Geographic Kids Easy Readers.
Work Info
Book Author 11 Years
Editor 23 Years
Writer 23 Years
Books & Literature 21 Years
Travel 21 Years
Personal profiles, children's articles, consumer finance 20 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
23 Years
Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
American Way (11+), National Geographic Kids Magazine (11+), Pace Communications (11+), Time Inc. Content Solutions (6-10), Naional Geographic Kids Books (3-5)
Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Ford (6-10), Walmart (6-10), USAA (3-5), Suntrust Bank (3-5), Allstate (1-2)
Other Work History
Senior Editor, St. Louis Life Magazine; Managing Editor, Missouri Magazine; ASME Intern, National Geographic;
I have laptop, will travel. I shoot many of my stories.
Foreign Language Skills
Nominated for National Journalism Writing Award
American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA); Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI)
I graduated summa cum laude from the University of Missouri School of Journalism. My frequent contributions to custom publications earned me an invitation to speak on the custom publishing panel at the 2001 Writers & Editors Conference in Chicago.
Freelancer Availability
I freelance full-time. I live near St Louis, MO. I am willing to travel anywhere. I have a driver's license. I have access to a car.
Work Samples
"Photo of the Week" WritersMarketplace.com
"Photo of the Week" - WritersMarketplace.com
(American Way, 8/1/2015)
The surefire Broadway hit puts a pop-music twist on a Founding Father's tale
(American Way, 8/1/2015)
See art masterpieces in living color at Laguna Beach
(American Way, 7/1/2015)
Actor Corey Stoll fulfills his fanboy fantasy in the highly anticipated film Ant-Man
(American Way, 6/1/2015)
Judd Apatow and a worthy cast of comedians explore their trade.
(American Way, 5/1/2015)
For Mother's Day, check out these three new books that deftly capture the laughter, trials and tears that make motherhood joy and job that it truly is
(American Way, 3/1/2015)
Albert Podell logged 72 journeys and a million miles on his quest to travel Around the World in 50 Years.
(American Way, 2/1/2015)
"I always joked I had enough trouble with the family I already have; I didn't need to go looking for more," says actor and writer Andrew McCarthy. Then, an invitation to a McCarthy reunion in Ireland made him reconsider his reluctance about discovering his roots.
(American Way, 1/1/2015)
Street Food: you want to be daring and eat like a local, but you're fearful of what digestive distress might soon follow. Hinnerk von Bargen, an instructor at the Culinary Institute of America, offers peace of mind (and stomach) by putting the spatula in your own hands in Street Foods, out now.
(American Way, 12/1/2014)
Searching for just the right gift? This trio of new, noteworthy books will make the holidays bright for the music, movie and travel aficionados on your list.
(American Way, 11/1/2014)
Long after the Thanksgiving meal has been devoured and the good dishes have been put away, you can keep the celebration of food, family and gratitude going with these three exceptional new cookbooks.
(American Way, 11/1/2014)
When it comes to colors, Leatrice Eiseman makes the rules.
(American Way Magazine, 9/1/2014)
Dan Jurafsky's new book, The Language of Food, reveals how everything we eat is truly an acquired taste.
(American Way, 8/1/2014)
When you're a celebrated food writer and former foreign correspondent, odds are your pantry is a veritable bazaar of bizarre ingredients and exotic spices.
(American Way, 7/1/2014)
If this month's Major League Baseball All-Star Game has you in the mood to take yourself out to the ballgame, consider a trip to Cooperstown.
(American Way, 7/1/2014)
Sunscreen? Check. Beach towel? Check. A good summer read to while away the hours on the beach? We've got you covered with three exceptional new books, out this month, that serve up hefty doses of laughs, wanderlust and entertainment.
(American Way, 6/1/2014)
This memorable memoir of vision loss sports a pair of dark glasses on the front cover, but it really needs a clown nose added in, too, to capture its playful spirit.
(American Way Magazine, 5/1/2014)
Three great reads to give Mom for Mother's Day
(American Way, 4/1/2014)
It might not have the familiar ring of Napa or Sonoma, but Woodinville is a prime stop on the West Coast Wine Circuit.
(American Way, 3/15/2014)
In Five Came Back, MARK HARRIS chronicles how five famous Hollywood directors brought the realities of World War II home for American moviegoers.
(American Way, 3/1/2014)
Acoustics expert Trevor Cox explores and explains the sonic wonders of the world in The Sound Book.
(American Way, 1/15/2014)
Like a sturgeon, British writer Nick Thorpe takes an upstream journey to tell the tale of life along the Danube River.
(American Way Magazine, 1/15/2014)
PRIVATE LABELS are taking retail by storm, and they don't plan to stop anytime soon.
(American Way, 12/1/2013)
At Chicago's Big Monster Toys, work and play are one and the same.
(American Way, 11/15/2013)
If your tug on the Thanksgiving wishbone will be for some variety and spice in your turkey-saturated life, check out these engaging new food-themed books that explore cherished culinary traditions - and turn them on their heads.
(American Way, 11/1/2013)
In his inspiring new book, 40 Chances: Finding Hope in a Hungry World (Simon & Schuster, $26), Howard G. Buffett partners with his son to share moving stories that change "statistics into experiences" and prompt readers to make the most of their 40 chances.
(American Way, 10/1/2013)
In The Can't Cook Book, JESSICA SEINFELD gives self-doubting cooks everywhere a rousing, "Oh, yes you can!"
(American Way, 9/15/2013)
For years, many tasting rooms in California's Napa Valley offered, at most, a dry cracker to accompany their wines. Now, thanks to a local ordinance change, an increasing number of wineries are joining such pairing pioneers as Cakebread Cellars and Robert Sinskey Vineyards with enticing food-and-win
(American Way, 9/1/2013)
Beloved comedian Billy Crystal celebrates his 65th birthday with this mahvelous memoir that alternates riffs on the indignities of aging with heartfelt reflections on his family, friendships and 40 years in show business.
(American Way, 9/1/2013)
In his new book, The Sports Gene, David Epstein dives deep into the gene pool to study what sets world-class athletes apart.
(American Way, 8/15/2013)
The annual BELOIT COLLEGE MINDSET LIST reveals what the world looks like through an 18-year-old's eyes.
(American Way, 8/15/2013)
Michael Palin dusts off his passport for his latest travelogue, Brazil, as well as his new novel, The Truth.
(American Way , 7/1/2013)
Boulder, Colo.'s free-spirited Pearl Street is part foodie haven, part public-performance space - and a completely delightful destination.
(American Way, 6/1/2013)
The nonprofit FRESH MOVES mobile produce market is a welcome oasis in Chicago's food-desert communities.
(American Way, 6/1/2013)
These three new books on food, sports and family make a winning trifecta of Father's Day gift ideas.
(American Way, 5/1/2013)
In My Backyard Jungle, James Barilla discovers what happens when you set out the welcome mat for wildlife in all its fabulous (and infuriating) forms.
(American Way, 5/1/2013)
Celebrate Mother's Day with these engaging new books that capture all the joy, tears and laughter motherhood can bring.
(American Way, 4/15/2013)
Bob Hurley recounts lessons learned from four decades of coaching basketball that go far beyond the sport in his new memoir, Chasing Perfect.
(American Way, 4/1/2013)
Three engaging new books explore different sides of baseball.
(American Way, 3/1/2013)
Two pioneering female journalists travel like it's 1889 in Matthew Goodman's engaging new book, Eighty Days.
(American Way Magazine, 2/15/2013)
Architecture for Humanity channels its design prowess and volunteer manpower into making the world a better (and more sustainable) place
(American Way, 1/15/2013)
The plot points seem ripped from today's headlines: money, murder, aspiration and redemption. Instead, author Edward Ball's true tale shines light on the ambitions of the Gilded Age.
(American Way Magazine, 1/1/2013)
Award-winning travel writer William Least Heat-Moon is best known for his 1982 best-seller Blue Highways: A Journey into America, which chronicled his 13,000-mile journey across America's back roads. This captivating new collection of his short-form travelogues spans the globe.
(American Way, 11/15/2012)
In You Were Never in Chicago, Neil Steinberg ponders the notion of connections in a city notorious for them.
(American Way, 11/1/2012)
George and Ira Gershwin's musical legacy is in Michael Feinstein's expert hands in his new book, The Gershwins and Me.
(American Way, 10/15/2012)
As actor Tony Danza describes in his new memoir, his year of teaching high school demanded as much empathy and improvisation as any role on stage or screen.
(American Way, 10/1/2012)
Why settle for a Champagne cruise on the Seine when you can sip the world's most famous sparkling wine in situ? A mere 45-minute TGV train ride from Paris' Gare de l'Est station takes you to Reims, France, the historic heart of the Champagne region.
(American Way, 9/15/2012)
No need for a Where Are They Now? expose of these '80s icons; their new memoirs share tantalizing tales of their paths to stardom and the exhilarating second acts they've created for themselves.
(American Way, 9/1/2012)
Author David K. Randall shares the fascinating science behind what really happens in our dream world in Dreamland.
(American Way, 8/1/2012)
From Ethiopian orphan to world-renowned chef--those are the two end points people connect to Marcus Samuelsson. This engaging memoir, however, takes readers on the incredible journey in between
(American Way, 7/1/2012)
Veteran sports journalist Stanley Cohen takes readers to the ballgame with his moving family memoir, The Man in the Crowd.
(American Way, 6/1/2012)
In Along the Way, Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez share their stories of family and the family business.
(American Way, 5/15/2012)
Chefs Cat Cora and Curtis Stone pack their appetites — and passports — as hosts of Bravo’s Around the World in 80 Plates.
(American Way, 4/15/2012)
Author ELIZABETH LITTLE explores how our common language has divided us from the culture and heritage of the past.
(American Way Magazine, 4/1/2012)
Street Scene: St. Louis. Aim for the stars on a stroll along St. Louis' top dining and entertainment thoroughfare
(American Way Magazine , 4/1/2012)
Cover profile of Elizabeth Banks. Don't let her winsome laugh deceive you. Elizabeth Banks is a star to be reckoned with, in front of--and behind--the camera.
(American Way, 3/1/2012)
With a quartet of films in theaters this season, veteran actor Brendan Gleeson shows American audiences why he's Ireland's best-kept secret.
(American Way, 3/1/2012)
Mel Brooks once quipped, "It's good to be the king." He might have thought twice if he'd encountered the overwhelming challenges that Peggielene Bartels faced, which she recounts with the help of writer Eleanor Herman in King Peggy: An American Secretary, Her Royal Destiny, and the Inspiring Story o
(American Way, 2/1/2012)
Just in time for Valentine's Day, ordinary Americans share their stories of love in All There Is, a book by StoryCorps.
(American Way , 12/15/2011)
The perfect holiday gift can be as elusive as Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Before you give up and order fruitcakes for everyone, check out these five great reads that can elevate your gift from ho-hum to Ho! Ho! Ho!
(American Way, 10/1/2011)
Cancer may have taken away Roger Ebert's ability to speak, but as his new memoir proves, his voice remains irrepressible.
(American Way, 10/1/2011)
Cover story. After years of wrestling with uncertainty, Glee star Jane Lynch found success after finding herself.
(American Way, 8/15/2011)
Ghost in the Wires takes a fascinating look at the high-stakes art of computer hacking through the eyes of a man who perfected it.
(American Way, 5/1/2011)
Cover story. Steve Zahn is A) A Harvard-trained dramatist; B) a gifted comedic actor; C) a devoted father and farmer; D) All of the above.
(American Way, 3/1/2011)
For the past 38 years, hundreds of museums and national parks in more than a dozen countries across the globe--from Indonesia to Egypt--have turned to Terry Chase and his talented studio staff to bring the natural world, past and present, to vivid life.
(American Way, 12/15/2010)
New Year's resolutions are often like champagne: bright and bubbly at first but completely flat before long. As you make your own resolutions for next year, consider these four books, which are worth toasting for their practical solutions to common resolutions.
(American Way, 12/1/2010)
Edmund Morris has devoted 30 years and three books to Theodore Roosevelt and his larger-than-life legend. This third entry in the trilogy captures last 10 years of the captivating, complex life of the man hailed in his time as "the most interesting American."
(American Way, 9/15/2010)
Shanghai is two places in one, really. By exploring both old Shanghai and new Shanghai, visitors can better appreciate how different generations of Chinese and foreign adventurers have shaped this remarkable place into the dynamic, complex and captivating world city it is today.
(American Way, 6/16/2010)
The Daily Show's Samantha Bee takes a humorous look--and an occasional potshot--at her life in her new memoir.
(Continental Magazine, 6/1/2010)
Hong Kong makes it easy for visitors to experience and appreciate its cultural heritage. Cover travel story. Featured in Media Bistro's "Pitches That Worked."
(Continental Magazine, 4/1/2010)
In Shanghai's hyperdriven bar scene, it's hard to find a place to just sit and talk without having to shout over the music or the general din that's the soundtrack of Shanghai nightlife. Fortunately, there is Cotton's.
(Continental Magazine, 4/1/2010)
Mr & Mrs Bund brings French comfort food to Shanghai
(American Way Magazine, 3/15/2010)
British comedian Stephen Fry explores the country he almost called home in his new book, Stephen Fry in America
(Delta Sky, 2/1/2010)
"My Favorite Street" - Yao Ming's Hengshan Lu. The NBA superstar and Shanghai native takes Delta readers along the favorite street of his hometown.
(American Way, 11/1/2009)
Broadway veteran Lea Michele takes center stage in the Fox dramedy Glee.
(American Way, 10/15/2009)
Longtime humor columnist Dave Barry is back. But this time, he's tickling kids' funny bones as a young-adult novelist.
(American Way, 10/1/2009)
After six decades of making us laugh, comedy legend Carl Reiner keeps the smiles coming with two new books.
(American Way, 10/1/2009)
American Way cover story. Whether he's at work, as the newest cast member of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, or at play, cruising on his BMW road bike, Laurence Fishburne is riding high.
(American Way Magazine, 7/15/2009)
In Islands Apart, writer Ken McAlpine retreats offshore for a Thoreauvian (and thorough) examination of man and nature.
(American Way Magazine, 3/15/2009)
Legendary television scribe Stephen J. Cannell has found success with his latest series. But this one isn't on the small screen.
(Continental, 12/1/2008)
Catch the highlights of Hong Kong, without the ups and downs
(American Way, 11/15/2008)
November may be full of traditional culinary indulgences, but you can still treat your tongue to a few surprises. Spice things up by serving some of the international gastronomic goodies found in these new cookbooks by three of the world's most celebrated chefs.
(American Way, 9/15/2008)
Famed travel writer Paul Theroux examines the effect that the passing of 30 years has had on Eurasia -- and on himself.
(American Way, 8/15/2008)
One fed-up New York City waiter serves more than just the specials in his entertaining behind-the-scenes memoir.
(Continental Airlines Magazine, 8/1/2008)
For fine porcelain and glassware, these seven cities are clear favorites
(American Way, 7/1/2008)
In a new memoir, Charles Strouse, the composer of Annie and Bye Bye Birdie, offers a behind-the-curtain look at life on the Great White Way.
(American Way, 5/1/2008)
Hollywood legend Sidney Poitier offers lessons from his storied life to his great-granddaughter -- and to the rest of us
(American Way, 5/1/2008)
Cover story - interview with Ashton Kutcher. Ashton Kutcher's mischievous ways have made his production company, Katalyst Films, a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood.
(American Way, 3/15/2008)
In My Guy Barbaro, jockey Edgar Prado gives the inside story of how the pursuit of Triple Crown glory with Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro came to a sudden, tragic end.
(American Way , 3/1/2008)
Cover profile of Aaron Eckhart. In front of the lens, Aaron Eckhart is the picture of intensity. Behind it, though, he is the picture of happiness.
(American Way, 8/15/2007)
By using the same successful business strategies as Fortune 500 companies, Girl Scouts of the USA makes a sweet profit with its annual cookie sale.
(National Geographic Kids, 7/1/2007)
Deep inside an ancient pyramid in Peru, a mummy lay hidden in a gold-filled tomb. The underground chamber remained a secret for nearly 1,600 years. The mummy wasn't a king or a male warrior; it was a young Moche woman-- and she was covered in mysterious tattoos!
(Continental, 7/1/2007)
Every time I return to China's capital city, I find there are two Beijings: one suspended in time, and another catapulting through it. You can find evidence of this dual personality throughout the Chinese capital, including in two different bars that capture these disparate times in a bottle.
(Continental, 7/1/2007)
After a decade as executive chef at Beijing's renowned CourtYard Restaurant, Rey Lim has proven his skill at creating inventive cuisine. Ambassadors, jet-setting European royalty, and film icons like Jackie Chan all frequent this Beijing landmark for Lim's fine Western dining with Asian overtones.
(American Way, 5/1/2007)
A Celebrated Weekend cover story - an interview with Yao Ming about his favorite places in his hometown of Shanghai, China.
(American Way, 7/1/2006)
No place in the world right now is thriving like Shanghai. Some Westerners attribute the city's success to China's economic reforms, others to its history as an international port city. But the Chinese know that some of the credit should go to Shanghai's qi. Here are 25 places that exemplify it.
(Continental, 5/1/2006)
Like its predecessor in Italy, Charleston's Spoleto Festival USA is one of the world's most celebrated art festivals
(Toronto Globe & Mail, 1/14/2006)
The decadent city captured in The White Countess still exists -- if you know where to find it amid the futuristic skyscrapers
(National Geographic Kids, 8/1/2005)
Cover story. High-tech science brings new answers to King Tut's mysterious death.
(Continental, 6/1/2005)
(WomensWallStreet.com, 1/10/2005)
Which three-digit number is the most important in your life? Some women might answer their weight; doctors argue it's your cholesterol level. But, when it comes to how financial institutions gauge your health, as well as how much clout you've got, no figure is more important than your credit score.
(Fodor's Beijing & Shanghai, 1/1/2005)
A mini-feature within the two Shanghai chapters I contributed to the Fodor's Beijing & Shanghai guidebook.
(National Geographic Kids Books, 1/7/2014)
I wrote this Level 1 Easy Reader on how a plant grows for National Geographic Kids Books.
(National Geographic Kids Books, 7/9/2013)
I wrote this level 1 easy reader book on weather for National Geographic Kids books.
(National Geographic Kids, 7/1/2013)
I was the sole writer on this 96-page "bookazine" that was a partnership between Rovio (creators of Angry Birds) and National Geographic Kids Magazine.
(Time Out, 10/26/2006)
I contributed the children's section to Time Out's Shanghai guidebook.
(Fodor's, 4/5/2005)
I contributed two chapters--Shanghai and Eastern China--to this 4th edition of the Fodor's China guidebook.
(Fodor's, 1/4/2005)
I contributed the Shanghai half of this 1st edition Fodor's guidebook to Shanghai and Beijing. As a five-year resident of Shanghai, I provided the boots-on-the-ground expertise of a local when it came to restaurants, shops, bars, etc.
(Sponsored content for Volvo, on the Food & Wine website, 7/1/2015)
This summer's picnic basket should reflect the diverse tastes and great produce on offer this time of year. So leave the cheese and crackers at home, and step your picnic game up with these seven great summer staples.
(My Ford Magazine, 6/1/2015)
The rugged SUV tackles harsh terrain to bring medical assistance to at-risk pregnant mothers in rural India.
(Suntrust Bank website, 5/1/2015)
Try these strategies to adapt operations and better control your expenses.
(My Ford Magazine, 5/1/2015)
Blazing a Mustang Trail to the Ford Boss Track Attack
(My Ford Magazine, 4/1/2015)
Crisscrossing the country in a Focus
(My Ford Magazine, 3/1/2015)
Fred Osmon never needs an excuse to hit the highway. So when his daughter, Jill Holmes, suggested a last-minute father-daughter road trip in November 2014, the 75-year-old retired auto executive from Estates Park, Colo. fired up his 2013 King Ranch F-150 and set a course for a 1,500-mile roadtrip.
(My Ford Magazine, 3/1/2015)
A father and son commemorate two milestones with a major makeover of the family's 1965 Mustang.
(My Ford Magazine, 2/1/2015)
A father and son commemorate two milestones with a major makeover of the family's 1965 Mustang.
(My Ford Magazine, 1/1/2015)
Photographer Ed Zirkle pondered life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness on his six-month cross-country road trip.
(My Ford Magazine, 10/1/2014)
For the Gordon family, no truck but an F-150 will do for both their children and their kids.
(My Ford Magazine, 9/1/2014)
Six new members of Ford's Warriors in Pink® program tell their stories of what inspires them everyday.
(My Ford Magazine, 9/1/2014)
Ford vehicles are a crucial component of Cain Vineyard & Winery's elegant wines.
(Suntrust Bank website, 7/1/2014)
When you're on a budget, "free" has a nice ring to it. It's even nicer when those freebies are tools that can help you stick to your budget. Mobile and online banking services do just that. Free tools such as mobile alerts and automated payments can help you meet your financial goals.
(SunTrust Bank - Personal Resource Center, 3/14/2014)
If you're just starting out on your own or starting over financially, a secured credit card can give you the convenience of credit and debit cards, while helping you build a solid financial history. In addition to improving your creditworthiness, secured cards can help you establish good financial h
(Suntrust Bank website, 3/1/2014)
If you're just starting out on your own or starting over financially, a secured credit card can give you the convenience of credit and debit cards, while helping you build a solid financial history.
(My Ford Magazine, 2/1/2014)
After a long and successful career in baseball, Royce Clayton has settled down to focus on his family life.
(My Ford Magazine, 2/1/2014)
Saying goodbye to work with a Mustang road trip
(Suntrust Bank website, 1/1/2014)
While you can't always predict spikes in demand, you certainly can prepare for them. By setting up a proactive strategy for suppliers, staff and credit, you'll be ready and able to take full advantage of those opportunities to grow your sales and customer base.
(My Ford Magazine, 12/1/2013)
When Robert Irvin drives his C-MAX, it brings back happy memories of childhood.