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  Renee Hewitt
Professional/Personal Overview
  Savvy publicist and integrated marketing communications professional that can maximize media exposure about your product, service or event to drive awareness and deliver results.

Traditional PR and marketing complemented with social media integration.

Create a BUZZ. Get people TALKING. Attract new CUSTOMERS. Drive SALES.

Delivery is Everything! To succeed in the public relations game, you have to create a buzz in the marketplace. You need the right hype, the right contacts and the right delivery vehicle. Armed with 24 years' experience, fresh ideas and aggressive strategies for winning mindshare in the marketplace.

Expertise in B2B and B2C, Consumer & Lifestyle Products, Consumer Technology, Education, Food & Beverages, GIS Technology, Health & Wellness Products, Health Care, Packaged Foods, Natural Health Products, Nursing, Pet Products, Polls, Schools & Universities, Studies & Surveys, Vitamins & Nutritional Supplements, Technology and more!
Work Info
Copywriter 24 Years
Promotions 24 Years
Publicist - Public Relations Consultant 24 Years
Consumer Products 24 Years
Food 18 Years
Technology 24 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
24 Years
Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
American Sentinel University (11+), Automated Pet Care Products (Litter-Robot) (11+), Ayala's Herbal Water (11+), Balchem (11+), Big Arrow Group (11+), Cacique (11+), Crispy Green (11+), Flocabulary (11+), Fortitech (11+), KL Bag Company (Shusokumb) (11+), Komal Herbals (11+), Latitude (11+), Marconi Marketing Group (11+), Media Logic (11+), Poll Position (11+), RFA (Richard Fleischman & Associates) (11+), RMD Networks (Reach My Doctor) (11+), SDS Financial Technologies (11+), SI Group (11+), Sibu Beauty (11+), Swiss Diamond Cookware (11+), Percepture (11+), Topical BioMedics (11+), Weil-McLain (11+), salesSPECTRUM (6-10), Word Communications (6-10), Microbia (6-10), Lullubee (6-10), innRoad (6-10), Albany Pro Musica (6-10), El Ay Si Restaurant (6-10), Alloy Polymers (3-5), Occidental Seafood & Grill (DC) (3-5), Saint Clare's Hospital (NJ) (3-5), Tribeca Labs (3-5), WakeMate (3-5), Physical Advantage Massage Therapy Center (3-5), Tacoda (3-5), Max Hansen Kitchen (1-2), Weybridge Strategies (1-2)
Other Work History
-PR Director at Mobius Management Systems Technology Company, 1999-2004
-Account Supervisor at Edelman Public Relations, 1998
-Account Manager at PR Works, 1991-1997
-Copywriter at Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, 1990-1991
Computer Skills
Mac and PC Platforms
Adobe: Dreamweaver CS5, In Design CS5, Illustrator CS5 and Photoshop CS5
Microsoft Office 2008: Excel, Outlook, Power Point and Word
Other: Blogs, Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pitch Engine, Cision and Vocus
Technical Skills
-Public Relations Writing
-Content Promotion and Sharing
-Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for PR
-Social Media
-Marketing Collateral Development
-Ghost writing for bylined articles
-Photoshop Retouching for Product Photos
-Follow AP Style

-Mac Book Pro
-Mac Mini
-Olympus Digital Voice Recorder
-Flip HD Mino Digital Video Recorder
-Bloggie HD Digital Recorder
Foreign Language Skills
Work Permits & Visas
Available Upon Request
Client's spokesperson Food Network Chef Aaron Sanchez & client's products & recipes (Cacique) featured on the Today Show on 11/29

-Client's product (FruitziO Apples & Strawberries) named as Rachael Ray's Snack of the Day on 3/26/10

-Client's product (Crispy Bananas) named as one of Woman's Health Magazine's 125 Best Packaged Foods in Sept. 2009

-Client's product (Litter-Robot) named as one of Popular Mechanic's Eleven High-Tech Gadgets for your Pet in Sept. 2009

-Client's product (Litter-Robot) named by Fast Company Magazine as one of Five Robots to Ease Your Domestic Chores in May 2009

-Client's product (Crispy Apricots) named to Food & Wine's '100 Tastes You Must Try in 2007' in Jan. 2007

-Clients product (Crispy Apples) featured on The Today Show on 9/1/2006 as part of the Back-to-School segment

-Recipient of two Platinum and two gold 2006 MarCom Creative Awards Awards for Media Relations/Publicity campaigns for food clients
-Public Relations Society America (PRSA)
-Independent Practitioners Alliance (PRSA)
-New York PRSA Chapter
-Public Relations & Communications Freelance Network
-Food Fete
-Freelance Professionals
-Holistic Health & Wellness
-Linked Business
-Marketing Executives Group
-Marketing & PR Innovators
-Marketers on Twitter
-Marist College Alumni Association
-min Media Group
-NASFT Fancy Food Shows
-National Association of Professional Women
-Natural Products Expo
-Network of Public Relations Professionals
-PR News
-PR Peeps
-PR Professionals
-PR Wise
-Public Relations and Communications Professionals
-Public Relations Professionals
-Social Media Marketing
-Those in Media
-Twitter Innovators
-Twitter Tribe for Business & Marketing
-Ulster County Arts Council
-Ulster County Chamber of Commerce
-Bardavon Theater
-Dutchess County ASPCA
-Ulster County ASPCA
Highly motivated and passionate about getting results for my clients
Freelancer Availability
I freelance full-time. I live near New York, NY. I am willing to travel regionally. I have a driver's license. I have access to a car.
Work Samples
Technology: Media Placements  
(American Sentinel University, 1/16/2014)
Dr. Stephen McElroy, GIS program chair at American Sentinel University details the importance of GIS skills in the tech job marketplace.
(American Sentinel University, 8/1/2013)
American Sentinel Univeristy's GIS program chair details the seven steps to enterprise GIS in the August 2013 issue of GEO World.
(American Sentinel University, 7/22/2013)
American Sentinel University's GIS professor details how fire departments, safety groups and relief organizations are using GIS and social media to fight fires and protect property and lives.
(American Sentinel University, 5/15/2013)
Dr. Stephen McElroy of American Sentinel Univeristy discusses why GIS is a technology with a powerful set of tools that many companies are using to get a better grasp on their data.
(American Sentinel University, 5/15/2013)
Kristifier Paxton credits his professional success to the American Sentinel University's GIS program for allowing him to work on real-world, individualized projects, which are guided by instructors. Last week, he landed a job as the GIS coordinator for the city of Van Buren, Ark.
(American Sentinel University, 4/30/2013)
American Sentinel University's Dr. Suzanne Richins discusses why cloud-based applications benefit nurses and patients at point of care significantly and that nurses with a nursing informatics specialization will soon be in high demand to manage health information systems.
(American Sentinel University, 1/7/2013)
Mapping is becoming vital to business. Dr. Stephen McElroy, GIS program chair at American Sentinel University, notes that mapping is becoming crucial to many industries and companies are incorporating location-based data into their strategic planning, business decision-making and competitive positio
(American Sentinel University, 12/26/2012)
Devon Cancilla, dean of the business and informatics program at American Sentinel University discusses the school's online Master of Geospatial Information Systems program for business managers who want to develop an enterprise-level geospatial strategy.
(American Sentinel University, 12/1/2012)
American Sentinel University's new paper, 'GIS: A World of Career Opportunities' profiles the diverse array of industries in need of educated geographic information systems professionals.
(American Sentinel University, 12/1/2012)
Drs. Devon A. Cancilla and Stephen McElroy of American Sentinel University profile how a cholera epidemic showed the usefulness of geographic information in epidemiology and now health care leaders are discovering how location data can help them in planning and operations.
(American Sentinel University, 9/19/2012)
Dr. Cancilla and Dr. McElroy of American Sentinel University's online GIS programs are prominently featured in this article detailing the new uses of GIS in modern archaeology.
(American Sentinel University, 8/29/2012)
Want a reason to enroll in an online GIS degree program? Consider this: When technology historians look back on 2012, they might look at this as the GIS year. "2012 is the year of GIS," says Dr. Stephen McElroy, GIS program chair at American Sentinel University.
(American Sentinel University, 8/27/2012)
When technology historians look back on 2012, they might look at this as the year of GIS. "The desire to know where everything is located fuels the current trend in location-based services," says Dr. Stephen McElroy, GIS program chair at American Sentinel University.
(American Sentinel University, 8/27/2012)
If you enjoy working with maps and other geographic data one tech job area likely to offer an increasing number of jobs to qualified applicants over the next five years is Geographic Information systems.
(American Sentinel University, 8/14/2012)
GIS is all about location and location is fundamental to success in real estate, so an online geographic information systems (GIS) degree will pay huge dividends in the real estate industry.
(American Sentinel University, 8/8/2012)
Devon A. Cancilla, Ph.D., dean, business and technology at American Sentinel University profiles what PR and IR professionals must know about GIS, social networks and disaster communications.
(American Sentinel University, 7/1/2012)
Northwest Herald profiles how geographic information systems (GIS) cuts costs and increases crop yields by recording every step of the farming process from planting to harvesting using built-in GPS tracking. Then, it stores and analyzes the info to be used for reference next time around.
(American Sentinel University, 5/1/2012)
Directions Magazine profiles American Sentinel University's addition of a new innovative Geospatial Learning Lab and badges to its online GIS education programs.
(American Sentinel University, 4/5/2012)
Considering the changes undergoing the industry - organizations require well-educated and properly trained employees who understand how to apply the vast body of knowledge to real business needs.
(American Sentinel University, 3/13/2012)
According to Devon Cancilla, Ph.D., dean, business and technology at American Sentinel University, there is real career potential for IT pros that specialize in GIS technology in the healthcare industry.
(American Sentinel University, 3/11/2012)
As a series of catastrophic storms and twisters touched down in at least 10 states the end of last month, those in the midst of the destructive weather tapped into social media sites to report the status of their neighborhoods and to try to connect with lost loved ones.
(American Sentinel University, 3/1/2012)
For today's multi-disciplined pipeline construction projects, using geographic information systems (GIS) has become a necessity. GIS provides the geospatial visualization tools necessary to integrate complex information into any project.
(Latitude, 2/3/2012)
A new study finds that kids not only love robots, but also that robots benefit kids in the classroom. The implications of this "benefit," however, might not seem so benign on closer examination.
(Latitude, 1/24/2012)
Latitude Research interviewed 348 children in Australia, France, Germany, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States about how kids would see robots in the classroom and at home. The results of the “Study: Robots Inspire New Learning & Creative Possibilities for Kids" are fascinating a
(Latitude, 1/23/2012)
Research firm Latitude's study, Robots@School, asked children around the world to write and illustrate a story answering the question "What would happen if robots were a part of your everyday life at school and beyond?"
(Latitude, 1/20/2012)
Creative research firm Latitude, in collaboration with the LEGO Learning Institute & Project Synthesis, asked 348 kids between 8 and 12 years old from six different countries to both draw and explain their answers to the question, "What would happen if robots were a part of your everyday life?"
(Latitude, 1/19/2012)
Latitude's survey of kids in six countries asked the same question: what would happen if robots were a part of your everyday life and asked kids to draw and explain their answers. The results are of course pretty cute, but some are remarkably deep and others borderline sad.
(Latitude, 1/18/2012)
A study (PDF) from research consultancy Latitude recently asked 348 kids ages 8 to 12 from across the world to describe and illustrate an answer to the following question: What if robots were a part of your everyday life--at school and beyond?
(Latitude, 1/17/2012)
Media research company Latitude finds that robots have great potential as education tools. The study found robotics open up new ways of learning by blurring the line between play and work. Robots can also help students work at their own pace and enhance their ability to be self-directed.
(Latitude, 1/6/2012)
A study by Latitude found clear trends in how kids see the future of technology. Latitude asked a sample of children "what would you like your computer or the internet to do that it can't do right now?" The results were very revealing and you should take a look at the full study here when you get
(American Sentinel University, 1/6/2012)
A booming energy sector is creating a strong market for graduates with degrees in Geographic Information Systems technology.
(American Sentinel University, 9/22/2011)
U.S. News & World Report profiled American Sentinel's free Webinar - 'Top Five Skills You Need to be Successful in a GIS Career' featuring Dr. Kerski, education manager for Esri and Dr. Devon Cancilla, dean, business and technology for American Sentinel University.
(Latitude, 9/10/2011)
Growing up with a direct connection to the whole world gives today's children a view on the way the world works that is vastly different from the older generations. What can we learn from the digital natives? That's one of the questions that research firm Latitude is looking to answer with its KIDS
(Latitude, 8/30/2011)
The video game industry has undergone a transformation, allowing new kinds of games to come to the fore. The introduction of these games means the rise of a new type of player, according to a new study by the consulting firm Latitude.
(Latitude, 8/26/2011)
If a new study by research firm Latitude is any indication, this kind of integration between game and meaningful life moments is no passing fad. "The Future of Gaming: a Portrait of the New Gamers'" asserts that, "Not only did participants want games to be well-integrated with the offline world in a
(Latitude, 8/3/2011)
Smartphone users are not just addicted to their devices, they're addicted to apps, a new study suggests. A new report from research consultant firm Latitude and MTV networks revealed that 83 percent of users feel addicted to apps on their handheld devices.
(Latitude, 7/14/2011)
What's the future of technology? Who better to ask than today's kids? Latitude Research asked 201 children 12 and under around the world to draw a picture of something they'd like to see their computers or the Internet do differently.
(Latitude, 7/6/2011)
Kids may have a knack for predicting future technology, according to a new study. A report from international research consultancy firm Latitude found that kids are predicting that the future of media and technology lies in better integrating digital experiences with real-world places and activit
(Latitude, 7/6/2011)
Can kids predict the future of the Internet? Latitude, an international research and consultancy firm, says they can. Over the last year, the company posed the question "What would you like your computer or the Internet to do that it can't do right now?" to 200 children under the age of 12 from K
(WakeMate, 6/29/2011)
Wakemate promises to bring you around from the land of dreams into an alert, awakened state every single morning, without a klaxon or bacon cooker in sight.
(WakeMate, 6/29/2011)
For those of you who find it difficult to wake up on time, especially when you have had a particularly rough night out, the WakeMate sleep helper might just be the thing to assist you in rolling out of bed.
(WakeMate, 6/29/2011)
The WakeMate wristband monitors your sleep cycles, and uses your iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry device to wake you at the most opportune time.
(WakeMate, 6/28/2011)
TechCrunch reviews WakeMate V2 smartphone accessory that helps you improve your sleep.
(American Sentinel University, 6/22/2011)
In an interview with American Sentinel University, Michael Gould, director of education for international GIS technology firm ESRI, paints the job outlook in that area as bright. He says in the future, mapping tools will be everywhere - on laptops, cars and phones. They will be behind apps that help
(WakeMate, 6/7/2011)
Much less enjoyable than the sound of birds chirping in the morning is the sound of your partner's alarm clock going off hours before you need to wake up. The WSJ tested the Lark sleep sensor versus WakeMate 2.0.
(Latitude, 4/25/2011)
What would make you give up your car for morning commutes? One of the key answers to the question is sitting in your pocket, according to a new study (PDF) by researchers at Latitude in collaboration with The Next American City
(Latitude, 4/20/2011)
A recent study by Latitude found that real-time transit info accessible via mobile devices makes public transit a much more attractive option. Mobile devices and apps can help drastically improve the appeal and usefulness of public and shared transit options, but only if companies and legislator
(Latitude, 4/8/2011)
Smartphone apps may be the key to getting people out of their cars and onto mass transit. An interesting study of commuters in Boston and San Francisco found people are more willing to ride the bus or train when they have tools to manage their commutes effectively.
(Latitude, 7/30/2010)
Grocery stores also see the potential in smartphones, and keeping their customers happy and informed could mean big bucks. The demand is certainly there: Progressive Grocer reports that more than half of those who took part in a recent survey on "The Interactive Future of Food" said they would like
Health & Wellness/Natural Health: Media Placements  
(Topical BioMedics, 1/18/2013)
The recent cold snap reminds us the winter brings dry skin. Lou Paradise, of Topical BioMedics, makers of Topricin Pain Relief and Healing Cream, offers some suggestions to keep yourself hydrated to avoid dry skin.
(Topical BioMedics, 12/30/2012)
Winter can wreck havoc on your derma, we've found some helpers to combat the seasonal skin woes. If you suffer from dry, cracked skin or annoying flakey heels and calluses, or seasonal sun and wind burn, Topricin will help and take away the pain.
(Topical BioMedics, 8/21/2012)
It's back-to-school time and that means backpacks. Lou Paradise, president and chief of research of Topical BioMedics, makers of Topricin Pain Relief and Healing Creams, offers the tips for backpack safety.
(Topical BioMedics, 8/16/2012)
We often look for baclpacks that are stylish, fashionable and durable. But heavy backpacks worn incorrectly can cause serious back, neck and shoulder pain. Topical BioMedics offers tips for proper backpack safety.
(Topical BioMedics, 8/10/2012)
Whether it's a family trip to the beach or parents sending their kids to spend the day by the shore, lake or pool, Topical BioMedics, Inc. recommends several must-have items that everyone should have in their beach bag before enjoying their fun in the sun.
(Topical BioMedics, 6/1/2012)
Idaho Senior Times profiles Topricin Pain Relief and Healing Cream for the treatment of neuropathy
(Topical BioMedics, 5/1/2012)
If you are looking for an alternative to pain medication, reflexology may be an option.
(Topical BioMedics, 4/1/2012)
When you're ready to give overworked muscles some well-deserved TLC, pain-relieving creams like Topricin Foot Therapy Cream can be effective in providing temporary relief.
(Topical BioMedics, 2/6/2012)
Topical BioMedics has partnered up with Roufia Payman, the director of outpatient nutritional services at Northern Dutchess Hospital in New York, to come up with the tastiest solutions to fighting cold and flu viruses.
(Topical BioMedics, 12/28/2011)
The time to make that New Year's resolution is fast approaching and Topical Biomedics, the makers of Topricin Pain Relief and Healing Cream have partnered with Laurie Towers, top New York City celebrity trainer and CEO of Physical Advantage PC, offer some suggestions for keeping health a top priorit
(Topical BioMedics, 12/5/2011)
Organic Spa Magazine feature Topical BioMedics' Relaxation Foot Gift Set as a great last minute shopper pick for the 'Peace Seeker' on your holiday list.
(Topical BioMedics, 12/1/2011)
This Old House magazine featured Topricin Pain Relief and Healing Cream as a hand repair solution in the Jan./Feb. 2012 issue. “To ward off pain, slather it on before you shovel snow."
(Topical BioMedics, 11/12/2011)
Debra Atlas of the Record Searchlight profiles Topricin Pain Relief and Healing creams as natural therapies for pain and features Lou Paradise, Topricin's formulator and president of Topical BioMedics
(Topical BioMedics, 8/4/2011)
It was one of the most promising press releases to ever make its way to my inbox: "Prevent perils of wearing high heels with Topricin Foot Therapy Cream," the subject line read, and inside, it promised that this miracle product would save my throbbing tootsies from the torture I regularly inflict on
(Topical BioMedics, 6/1/2011)
The natural sports cream Topricin is a very effective odorless, greaseless cream that is designed to treat chronic sports injuries at the cellular level and provides a good level of relief in a relatively easy-to-use fashion.
(Physical Advantage Massage Therapy Center, 5/11/2011)
Brides want to look good. That's where Laurie Towers comes in. She created The Bridal Body Shop to help brides get in shape for one of the most important days of their lives with personal training sessions in their own home.
(Sibu Beauty, 1/14/2010)
Dr. Travis Stork profiles sea buckthorn berry and Sibu Beauty's Liquid Supplement as a Holy fruit and cherished Tibetan beauty secret on The Doctors TV Show. After drinking the beauty supplement Dr. Stork says, "Now we've hit jackpot. That is good stuff."
(Sibu Beauty, 1/1/2010)
VIV Magazine reviews four new beauty beverages - antioxidant-laced elixirs that boast your dermal integrity from the inside. Sibu Beauty's Revitalize and Renew Sea buckthorn liquid supplement is one of the products profiled.
(Sibu Beauty, 12/17/2009)
One glance at the nutrition label and you can see just how nutrient-rich this beverage is. In addition to sea buckthorn fruit puree (the first ingredient), the juice is sweetened with other fruit juices and banana puree. A serving size is 1 ounce (25 calories), and the idea is to take a shot ever
(Sibu Beauty, 12/1/2009)
Sea Buckthorn Repair & Protect Facial Cream that helps restore sun-damaged skin, rejuvenates tone and texture, protects skin from the pesky affects of stress, boosts collagen production, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and even confronts the symptoms of rosacea and eczema.
(Sibu Beauty, 11/19/2009)
Did you know one small exotic berry can make a big difference in the appearance of your skin. That's according to Sibu Beauty. If you've never heard of Sibu Beauty, it's a company known for its line of nutrient-rich, sea buckthorn berry-based topical products and nutritional supplements to prom
(Sibu Beauty, 9/18/2009)
The Huffington Post writers profiled Sibu Beauty's Sea Buckthorn Liquid Revitalize & Renew Supplement - Starting fresh from the inside Skin needs to be nourished from the inside-out. So now instead of turning to Red Bulls or failing at absurd liquid diets, we've been trying some Revitalize & Rene
Health Care and Nursing: Media Placements  
(American Sentinel University, 8/1/2013)
Stephen Sladek, RN and OR nurse at Brigham and Women's Hospital and American Sentinel Univeristy BSN nursing student that helped bring relief Boston bombing victims is profiled in OR Today's 'Spotlight On' feature.
(American Sentinel University, 7/22/2013)
The associate dean of graduate nursing at American Sentinel University details five factors for nurses to consider before heading back to the classroom.
(American Sentinel University, 6/30/2013)
Nearly seven million hospitalized patients each year acquire infections while being treated for other conditions. One of the culprits is nurse burnout and has been linked to higher rates of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs).
(American Sentinel University, 5/6/2013)
Irena Kenneley, PhD, APRN,-BC, CIC, adjunct professor of nursing at American Sentinel University discusses salaries for infection preventionists and the university's Infection Prevention and Control Certificate program.
(American Sentinel University, 4/12/2013)
As health care grow more complex, American Sentinel University's associate dean nursing graduate programs discusses how to choose a nursing specialty.
(American Sentinel University, 4/3/2013)
Dr. Gloria Ohmart, EdD, MN, APRN, associate dean, simulations at American Sentinel University details why nurses have the legal and ethical responsibility to report misconduct or negligent care to protect patients and the nursing profession.
(American Sentinel University, 4/1/2013)
Cheryl Wagner, associate dean, nursing graduate programs at American Sentinel University discusses how technology-enabled programs for managing chronic illness may achieve better outcomes than standard care.
(American Sentinel University, 3/19/2013)
Cheryl Wagner, PhD, MSN/MBA, RN, associate dean of graduate nursing programs at American Sentinel University discusses why a BSN degree offers nurses greater opportunity for career advancement, improved prospects for job mobility and security and higher potential earnings.
(American Sentinel University, 3/19/2013)
The business world embraced cloud computing as an IT strategy a while ago. Now it's medical's turn, according to Suzanne Richins, chair, health information management and healthcare administration at American Sentinel University.
American Sentinel University's Suzanne Richins, DHA, MBA, FACHE, RN, chair of health information management and health care administration, details why health informatics is the new frontier of health care and discusses why cloud-based applications benefit nurses and patients at the point of care.
(American Sentinel University, 3/12/2013)
Cheryl Wagner, PhD, associate dean of graduate nursing programs at American Sentinal University discusses why a BSN degree makes RNs more desirable for advanced career options in nursing specialty fields.
(American Sentinel University, 2/28/2013)
OR Today profiles nursing student Cheryl Clancy and the success she enjoyed after completing her MSN from American Sentinel University and the launch of her teaching career.
(American Sentinel University, 2/25/2013)
Suzanne Richins, DHA, MBA, FACHE, RN and chair of health information management and health care administration at American Sentinel University details EHR adoption in nursing.
(American Sentinel University, 2/18/2013)
Suzanne Richins, Ph.D., chair of health information management and health care administration at American Sentinel University discusses why nurses have a decided advantage when it comes to health care informatics.
(American Sentinel University, 2/12/2013)
American Sentinel University details how cloud computing has the potential to revolutionize health care and why the industry is in need of nurses who can analyze technologies from both the bedside and IT perspectives.
(American Sentinel University, 2/12/2013)
American Sentinel University details how cloud computing has the potential to revolutionize health care and why the industry is in need of nurses who can analyze technologies from both the bedside and IT perspectives.
(American Sentinel University, 1/23/2013)
Suzanne Richins, DHA, MBA, RN, FACHE, health information management and healthcare administration at American Sentinel University profiles why nursing informatics is a career on the rise and why the frenzy to hire qualified informatics specialists has begun.
(American Sentinel University, 1/11/2013)
Cheryl Wagner, Ph.D., MSN/MBA, RN, associate dean of graduate nursing programs at American Sentinel University discusses how nurses with an MSN in nursing leadership are positioned to fill important roles in health care.
(American Sentinel University, 12/3/2012)
Irena Kenneley, PhD, APRN-BC, CIC, adjunct member of the nursing faculty at American Sentinel University discusses how infection prevention and control specialists play critical role in dramatically decreasing hospital infection rates.
(American Sentinel University, 11/21/2012)
Health care-associated infections (HAI) are a growing problem in health care facilities. Irena Kenneley, Ph.D., APRN-BC, CIC, adjunct member of the nursing faculty at American Sentinel University, shares tips for combating the spread of C. difficile in the heath care facility.
(American Sentinel University, 11/8/2012)
American Sentinel University's Dr. Elaine Townsley discusses the role that HCAHPS plays in patient satisfaction in the health care system.
(American Sentinel University, 10/23/2012)
Health informatics is the new frontier of healthcare and one of the fast-growing fields today. American Sentinel University helps prepare nurses for careers in nursing informatics with an online Master of Science in Nursing, Nursing Informatics specialization degree program.
(American Sentinel University, 5/31/2012)
The push for a BSN-credentialed work force has many practicing nurses feeling the pressure to go back to school. Catherine Earl, associate provost/interim dean of nursing at American Sentinel University discusses the RN-to-BSN, RN-to-MSN and master's in nursing programs with five specializations.
(American Sentinel University, 5/29/2012)
Future of Nursing profiles American Sentinel University's new three-part blog series 'Experience Stress-free Success as an Adult Nursing Student.'
(American Sentinel University, 5/1/2012)
Dr. Betty Nelson the associate dean of doctoral studies at American Sentinel University profiles how for-profits are scaling to meet the challenge of furthering the education of the nursing workforce through non-traditional learning models to address the nursing shortage and meet guidelines for bet
(American Sentinel University, 4/25/2012)
Dr. Catherine Garner, dean, health sciences and nursing at American Sentinel University profiles why now is a great time to be a nurse.
(American Sentinel University, 2/1/2012)
ACOs need finance-savvy nurses and Catherine Garner, R.N., dean of health sciences and nursing at American Sentinel University, says it's not surprising that nurses are taking on a more important role in emerging health system delivery models. ACOs signal a different kind of health care system, one
(American Sentinel University, 11/1/2011)
Some say the road to higher education can be difficult and costly, but for Marjorie Fournier, RN, CNOR, it has been wonderfully challenging and worth every penny. Just a couple months shy of graduating from American Sentinel University's online RN-to-BSN program, Fournier already had secured an
(American Sentinel University, 8/3/2011)
Health eCareers nursing channel profiles Alice Masciarelli, MSN, RN, a medical practice administrator and DNP Executive Leadership student at American Sentinel University and her thoughts about how accountable care organizations (ACO) will open up an array of expanded opportunities for savvy, career
(American Sentinel University, 6/28/2011)
Advanced Degrees for Nurse Leaders Matter: Kim Sharkey, BSN, RN, MBA, NE-A, BC is leading by example and is enrolled in a doctor of nursing practice (DNP) program at American Sentinel University, which allows her to work full time while studying.
Poll Results: Media Placements  
(Poll Position, 2/28/2012)
Women are significantly more likely than men to support a U.S. government requirement that insurers cover birth control, according to a Poll Position poll released Tuesday.
(Poll Position, 2/2/2012)
It's a sure bet that 25 million Americans will be gambling on the Super Bowl, according to a new survey. The Poll Position national survey asked, "Will you bet money on the Super Bowl?" and 11 percent of respondents said they'll have cash on the line, which extrapolates to 25 million nationwide.
(Poll Position, 1/23/2012)
On websites where content is free - ad revenue is crucial to financially supporting a site. But there is a limit to patience when it comes to ads that play before a story or content is shared, a new survey from Poll Position finds. The organization polled 1,179 registered voters nationwide on Jan. 1
(Poll Position, 1/23/2012)
According to a survey by Poll Position, about 54% of Americans think 15 seconds is the acceptable time to view an online video ad before seeing free content, from YouTube clips to streaming TV episodes.
(Poll Position, 1/13/2012)
Tim Tebow isn't alone when he thanks God for a win. According to a recent poll, 43% believe divine intervention is responsible for at least some of the Denver Broncos quarterback's success.
(Poll Position, 1/13/2012)
The New York Times references Poll Position's nation survey that found 43% of American believe that divine intervention was partly responsible for Tim Tebow's success.
(Poll Position, 1/12/2012)
A lot of jokes have been made about Tim Tebow getting help from up above, but apparently many people believe that's actually the case. In a telephone survey, the Poll Position website found that 43.3% of people who are aware of Tebow's success believe Divine Intervention has been a factor
(Poll Position, 1/12/2012)
The question, it seems, had to be asked: Does God help Tim Tebow win football games? According to a new poll by the website Poll Position, 43 percent of Americans say "yes."
(Poll Position, 1/10/2012)
A full 46% of Americans think tablets will replace laptops in the future, according to a poll of 1,155 American adults by Poll Position.
(Poll Position, 1/10/2012)
Poll Position, which surveyed 1,155 registered American voters last week, found that 46 percent of respondents believe tablets will eventually replace laptops.
(Poll Position, 1/4/2012)
More than half of all Americans believe that paper is forever, according to a poll of 1,142 registered voters conducted last month by Majority Opinion Research. The poll, commissioned by research firm Poll Position, found that 56% of Americans don't think the U.S. will ever be a fully paperless s
(Poll Position, 1/3/2012)
The national telephone survey of 1,142 registered voters, conducted by Poll Position, found that 56 percent of Americans do not think the United States will ever be completely paperless. Twenty percent said it would, while another 24 percent had no opinion on the matter.
(Poll Position, 12/13/2011)
New research from Poll Position reports that 70 percent of people between the ages 18 and 29 (a.k.a. millennials) replied that you should be allowed to play electronic games while on the runway.
(Poll Position, 12/12/2011)
Show of hands: How many think Alec Baldwin or anyone should be able to play electronic games while waiting on the runway? Poll Position, a polling and social media company, asked that very question Sunday via phone of 1,356 registered voters nationwide.
(Poll Position, 12/12/2011)
Following the much publicized story of Alec Baldwin being escorted off an American Airlines flight for playing the cell phone game Words With Friends while sitting on the runway, polling and social media company Poll Position conducted a national telephone survey to find out whose side the public ha
(Poll Position, 12/12/2011)
Alec Baldwin is not alone. According to a new survey by Poll Position, 70 percent of adults age 18 to 29 say it should be okay to play electronic games while on a plane that is sitting on the tarmac waiting to takeoff.
(Poll Position, 12/6/2011)
Seventy percent of U.S.-based Facebook users polled in a recent Poll Position survey said they were comfortable with the personal information they have on the site. Twenty-three percent said they were uncomfortable, and seven percent had no opinion.
(Poll Position, 11/28/2011)
Are American doctors too Rx-happy? As the government issues new warnings about the rise in prescription drug abuse, over half (52%) of Americans believe that doctors are too loose when it comes to dishing out prescriptions, according to a new survey by marketing research group Poll Position, show
(Poll Position, 11/16/2011)
The survey of 1,200 registered voters by Poll Position, conducted Nov. 13 via telephone using Interactive Voice Response technology, asked the loaded question: "Do you think that social media are helpful or harmful to the social development of today's youth?" The results: Fifty-three percent answ
(Poll Position, 11/15/2011)
More than half of American adults believe that social media harm young people's social development, according to a nationwide poll of registered voters conducted by Poll Position this week.
(Poll Position, 11/14/2011)
A new survey conducted by Poll Position, which surveyed a random sample of 1,000 adult Americans over the phone, found that consumers favor Google's Gmail (23 percent) over Yahoo (20 percent) and AOL's email service (12 percent). The margin of error was not given.
(Poll Position, 11/14/2011)
When asked which company is the best email provider, Americans responded that Google is the best, beating Yahoo by a 23 percent to 20 percent margin, according to new research released by Poll Position.
(Poll Position, 11/14/2011)
It seems that Republican voters favor AOL over every other email provider, according to a survey of 1,184 registered voters by Poll Position.
(Poll Position, 11/1/2011)
A national survey of 1,066 registered voters conducted by Poll Position on Oct. 30, three and a half weeks after Steve Jobs' death, asked which of three high-tech companies -- Apple, Google or Facebook -- had the brightest future.
Food/Beverages/Cooking: Media Placements  
(Max Hansen Kitchen , 12/27/2013)
The Vallejo Times-Herald profiles Chef Max Hansen's savory no stress entertaining recipes for guest with special dietary needs.
(Cacique, 7/1/2011)
Cacique's Mexican Crema was featured in Paula Deen's Layered Tex-Mex Casserole as part of Paula's Weekly 5 Dinners Planned for a Week in the July/August 2011 issue.
(Cacique, 3/13/2011)
Realfoodtraveler is all about celebrating authentic, regional foods. But, every once in a while, their editors come across a formerly regional company that produces wonderfully authentic products that has made it big. And that's Cacique Hispanic Products.
(Crispy Green, 3/2/2011)
Phil Lempert profiles Crispy Green's new FruitziO Kiwi on his 'New Products Hits and Misses' for March 2, 2011. "Just freeze dried kiwi with cane sugar added makes this a tasty low calorie snack. Just 100 calories per bag, with zero fat and under 8 grams of sugars."
(Cacique, 1/30/2011)
The Food and Wine Blog reviews Cacique's line of authentic hispanic ingredients: cheeses, chorizos and cremas.
(Crispy Green, 1/19/2011)
Crispy Green's new FruitziO Kiwi was named as one of eleven hot new items at the Winter Fancy Food Show 2011 in SF. Made with freeze-dried kiwi fruit slices and packaged in convenient pouches, FruitziO Kiwi is designed as a way to add more fruit into your diet.
(Cacique, 12/15/2010)
Cacique's Butternut Squash & Chorizo Enchiladas with Cinnamon-Spiced Crema dish from celebrity chef Aaron Sanchez marries spicy, creamy and slightly sweet elements in one delicious, warming bite and was featured as the 'Recipe of the Month.'
(Cacique, 11/29/2010)
Aaron Sanchez, the co-star of the Food Network series "Chefs vs. City" shares his recipe for winter enchiladas also enticingly known as butternut squash and chorizo enchiladas with cinnamon-spiced crema using Cacique's authentic Hispanic ingredients. Sanchez also spells out how to make a delicious Q
(Crispy Green, 11/22/2010)
Crunch Your Fruit Crispy Green freeze-dries fruits like apples, Asian pears, and bananas to create healthy, easy-to-munch-on snacks. Crispy Green Crispy Fruit, $7.99 for a six-pack
(Cacique, 10/27/2010)
Food Network Celebrity Chef Aaron Sanchez is the spokesperson for Cacique, the largest Hispanic cheese brand in the U.S. Chef Aaron is touring the nation promoting the Cacique Go Autentico Mexican Cook-Off Challenge. Chefs and foodies can submit their own original Mexican dish using Cacique's au
(Cacique, 9/8/2010)
Food Network Celebrity Chef Aaron Sanchez was featured on the Culinary Confessions radio show and spoke about his partnership with Cacique and the launch of the Go Autentico Challenge
(Crispy Green, 9/1/2010)
Crispy Green's FruitziO was named as one of four new healthy new snacks for active kids. In Fruitzio's smart alternative to greasy potato chips, fruit takes a light and crunchy form with a texture reminiscent of astronaut food. Packaged in a resealable pouch, Fruitzio snacks consist of nothing b
(Crispy Green, 6/1/2010)
Crispy Green's president and Founder Angela Liu shares her industry insight about the evolution of freeze-dried chips in the marketplace and discusses the company's new FruitziO line.
(Cacique, 4/28/2010)
Melanie Mannarino - the deputy executive editor at Redbook profiled Cacique's Manchego and Queso Quesadilla cheeses (with links to the Cacique product detail) in her 'The Serving Dish' blog as an ingredient in her recipe for Juicy Chicken Burgers. "I added a hearty glug of medium-heat salsa to t
(Crispy Green, 3/26/2010)
Crispy Green's FruitziO Apples & Strawberries freeze-dried fruits snacks were featured as 'The Snack of the Day' on The Rachael Ray Show on Friday, March 26, 2010. Kids want the stuff that tastes good. Parents want the stuff that's good for them. Apples & Strawberries FruitziO combines two of the
(Crispy Green, 1/21/2010)
Weight Watcher's.com profiles Crispy Green's new Apples & Strawberries FruitziO. The apple/strawberry combo is deliciously sweet and crunchy. A super alternative to chips. Great on its own, broken up and mixed into yogurt, or tossed into cereal. You get a large bag for 2 POINTS values. Or share t
(Crispy Green, 11/29/2009)
Newsday's Kidsday reporters conducted a taste test of Crispy Green's new Strawberry FruitziOs with the fourth and fifth graders in their school. Fifty-two kids said Strawberry FruitziO was GREAT. Ten kids said it was okay and Thirteen kids said they would pass on them.
(Crispy Green, 9/8/2009)
FruitziO Freeze Dried Fruit Snacks Strawberries A novelty snack with a big wow factor, these light, crispy freeze-dried berries dissolve in your mouth. Their intense fresh fruit taste makes them a smart stand-in for more sugary desserts. To buy: $4 for one 25-gram bag, at supermarkets.
(Crispy Green, 9/1/2009)
Today's Black Woman magazine featured Crispy Green's Crispy Fruit as an easy, guilt-free snacking option in the 2009 healthy Living 'Health Beat' column. Need a snack that is easy to carry and guilt free? Crispy Green's Crispy Fruit snack will not only satisfy your craving, but also delivers all-
(Crispy Green, 8/1/2009)
Crispy Green's Crispy Bananas These bananas won't go brown before you get to them! And unlike most dried fruit, they have no added sugar or preservatives. Fights heart disease; promotes weight loss. Named #74 on the list of 'Best 125 List of Packages Foods for Women'.
(Crispy Green, 8/1/2009)
Crispy Green's FruitziOs freeze-dried fruit snacks was profile in the August issue of Parenting Magazine in the 'Their Snacks' column: Neat Treats. Berry Clever Crunchy freeze-dried strawberries are a hit with toddlers - they can eat like astronauts! The bonus for you? No juicy chins and palms t
(Crispy Green, 5/20/2009)
Whether you're taking a road trip or a long L.A. commute, it's nice to have some good tasting snacks in the car to keep you from heading through the drive thru when your body gets ravenous. Lori Corbin, the Food Coach at ABC News in Los Angeles profiles Crispy Green's Crispy Fruit as a really nice o
(Swiss Diamond Cookware (USA), 5/1/2009)
Swiss Diamond Cookware was featured in the 'Kitchen Helper' column in Paula Deen's Special Collector's Issue: Best Desserts.
(Crispy Green, 5/1/2009)
Self magazine profiles Crispy Green's Crispy Pears as a smart edible to stock your desk drawer with for nutritious snacking when you're smacked with deadlines or to up the eat-right rating of a rushed lunch.
(Ayala's Herbal Water, 1/6/2009)
The Nibble reviewed Ayala's Herbal Water: Zero Calories, Mega Excitement
(Crispy Green, 1/1/2009)
Crispy Green's Crispy Peaches were featured in the magazine's 'Your Foodie File' column.
(Herbal Water, 10/1/2008)
Phil Lempert - The Supermarket Guru - reviews Herbals Waters' line of UDSA Certified Organic water.
(Herbal Water, 10/1/2008)
The Tasting Panel profiled Ayala's Herbal Water and its line of USDA Certified Organic flavored water in 'Industry Spotlight' column.
(Ayala's Herbal Water, 9/12/2008)
Glamour blogger Sarah Rio reviews Ayala's Herbal Water.
(Crispy Green, 3/6/2008)
FOX News profiled Crispy Green's Crispy Fruit as a quick and tasty way to eat healthy on their 'List at 6' segment.
(Crispy Green, 1/4/2007)
Crispy Green's Crispy Fruit Featured in Daily Candy's Weekend Guide.
(Crispy Green, 1/1/2007)
Crispy Green's Crispy Fruit was named as #76 of 100 tastes you must try in 2007.
(Crispy Green, 11/1/2006)
Crispy Fruit was profiled as one of seven 'Quick Fix' diet sweet treats.
(Crispy Green, 9/1/2006)
Noted noted television, radio news reporter and the food trends editor and correspondent for the Today Show, Phil Lempert featured Crispy Green's Crispy Fruit on the show's 'Back to School' segment and refers to Crispy Fruit one of the "Hits of the Year!"
(Crispy Green, 8/21/2006)
Crispy Green was profiled as one of the three new, healthier foods for kids in the 8/21/06 issue of TIME Magazine.
(Crispy Green, 8/2/2006)
Crispy Green was profiled in Florence Fabricant's 'Food Stuff' column in the 8/2/06 edition of The New York Times. An apple a day - or a peach or a couple of apricots for that matter - is easy to eat when it comes in the form of freeze-dried, nibble-size slices made by Crispy Green.
Pet Products: Media Placements  
(Automated Pet Care Products, 2/11/2011)
Today Show Tech profiles the Litter-Robot as an over-the-top frivolity many humans only wish they could indulge in.
(Automated Pet Care Products, 1/24/2011)
KATV - Channel 7 - The Spirit of Arkansas profiled Automated Pet Care Product's Litter-Robot on the 'We Try It Before Your Buy It' segment.
(Automated Pet Care Products, 6/4/2010)
Litter-Robot named by ABC News Tech as one of eight creative and crazy gadgets for your pet. All pet products aren't only meant to amuse. Some actually try to make pet care a little easier for the owner. The Litter Robot, by Automated Pet Care Products, Inc., is an automatic, self-cleaning lit
(Automated Pet Care Products, 2/11/2010)
Who gets to clean the litter box in your house? Hate the job, right? The Litter-Robot ($329) automated, self-cleaning litter box is designed to help cat owners save time and money.
(Automated Pet Care Products, 9/1/2009)
I love Cats magazine profiles the Litter Robot as a great new pet item that frees pet owners from the chore of litter box scooping and reduces the landfill input from litter waste.
(Automated Pet Care Products, 8/28/2009)
Popular Mechanics magazine reviews 10 fun but nonessential gadgets to keep you and your pet amused, comfortable and safe. 11 High-Tech Gadgets for Your Pet and names the Litter Robot as a topic pick. Litter boxes that flush aren't all they are cracked up to be, so this gadget might be the next
(Automated Pet Products, 7/1/2009)
The Scoop on the Latest Goods Litter Robot ($269 - $349) Litter-Robot.com Your days of scooping out Lula's litterbox are over! The Litter Robot is an automated, self-cleaning litterbox. Seven minutes after Lula has done her business, the unit rotates, separating the waste from the litter and
(Automated Pet Care Products, 5/21/2009)
The Litter Robot was featured as high-tech pet gear that once a pet owner uses it - you won't know how you lived without it. One thing I constantly hear while rescuing cats is, I love them, but I hate litter boxes. Who doesn't? Try smart engineering instead. Plenty of litter boxes have claimed
(Automated Pet Care Products, 5/7/2009)
Fast Company profiles five simple robots that could do some of your day-to-day chores for you - including the Litter-Robot. Kit Eaton writes, "It senses when a cat's visited, and then spins around, scoops the poop, and dumps it in a tray for easy binning--it's even smart enough to know to stop th
(Automated Pet Care Products, 4/29/2009)
Pet Channel.com profiled Litter Robot maker Earth day giveaway and environmental tips for going green with your cat.
(Automated Pet Care Products, 1/16/2009)
You have all of the best gadgets on the block, so why shouldn't your pet be equally tech-savvy? PC World rounded up the coolest and weirdest innovations in technology for pets, from the useful to the absurd. Litter-Robot Automatic Cleaning System Cleaning your cat's litterbox can be a gross an
Fashion Accessories: Media Placements  
(KL Bag Company (Shusokumb), 3/11/2011)
It's not everyday that you hear of a ladies' handbag-maker contributing a portion of its profits to prostate cancer. Shusokumb, pronounced 'Shu-Sock-em' is donating $2 to Zero - The Project to End Prostate Cancer for every one of its $39.95 totes sold.
(KL Bag Company (Shusokumb), 11/23/2009)
The Shusokumb tote bag was featured in the bags section of the holiday gift guide and is one of the hottest bag finds. It's an ergonomic, no digging around, durable microfiber bag that unzips and opens flat to expose seven different inner pockets, two of which are big enough for pair of shoes, a wa
(Shusokumb, 11/1/2009)
Pink Magazine Picks Gifts Galore # 1. Tit for "tote:" The Shusokumb Tote Bag features compartments designed to hold everything a lady needs during her day - dress shoes, socks, umbrellas, cell phones, iPods, keys, water bottles, etc. - and thus makes them easily accessible. Only available online
(KL Bag Company (Shusokumb), 10/27/2009)
This spacious, stylish tote bag is perfect for the woman on the go. It has countless pockets, zippers, and compartments, ideal for carrying makeup, a cell phone, notebooks, pens, water bottles, and anything else she needs. And while it's large enough to hold her life, it's compact enough for travel
(KL Bag Company (Shusokumb), 10/1/2009)
Fashion Mannuscript profiles the Shusokumb tote bag and its creator Robert Ginyard.
(KL Bag Company (Shusokumb), 9/1/2009)
Latina Style Magazine profiles the Shusokumb tote bag as a modern take on the ordinary backpack as a back-to-school essential. The Shusokumb tote bag is a durable alternative capable of carrying everything from the smallest highlighter to the cumbersome textbook.
(KL Bag Company (Shusokumb), 8/23/2009)
A FASHIONISTA FIRST AID KIT for all of you ladies (and gents) about to enter the war zone called NY Fashion Week. One of our favorite finds at fashion daily mag is the Shusokumb bag with hidden pockets on the inside- perfect for heels, flip flops, your first-aid kit, and even the bottle of water yo
(KL Bag Company (Shusokumb), 7/28/2009)
TAG ALONG: Your gym bag could use a makeover. Forget your typical tote and upgrade to something that is not only stylish, but highly functional, too. The Shusokumb's user-friendly multi-pocket design won't leave you fishing for your keys at the bottom of your bag. Plus, it makes a great getaway carr
Consumer Lifestyle Products  
(Lullubee, 12/13/2012)
Cool Mom Picks profiles lullubee craft kits designed for basic to intermediate crafty levels. They include all the materials needed plus a super easy-to-follow tutorial, so all you have to worry about is the fun part: creating beautiful crafts.
(Lullubee, 10/12/2012)
Modern baby profile's Lullubee's line of Halloween DIY craft kits
(Lullubee, 9/5/2012)
Mom Trends profiles Lullubee's new line of DIY craft kit projects and reviews the Flower Fairy Wreath Headband kit.
(Lullubee, 8/8/2012)
Love crafting but don't have time to look through project ideas or gather all the necessary materials? A new online arts-and-crafts retailer might have the solution. Lullubee offers a line of ready-to-make classic project kits featuring video tutorials that are delivered to your home.
(Lullubee, 8/6/2012)
If you have the creative spirit to make crafts, but not the energy to gather all the materials you need to fulfill it, Lullubee is designed for people like you. It takes all the busy work out of craft projects and leaves no room for error. It just enables you to do the fun part: making the craft.
(Lullubee, 7/26/2012)
For all you aspiring crafters out there, there's a new online retailer that offers DIY project kits so you're not stuck wandering around craft stores in search of hard-to-pronounce items.
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