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  Raphael Rosen
Professional/Personal Overview
  I am a science communications professional and independent museum consultant currently based in Brooklyn. I specialize in the intersection of art and science, and I love examining how science affects society. Whether the topic is neutrinos or NORAD, comets or catheters, I can translate dense jargon into easily understandable prose, and I love what I do.
Work Info
Copy Editor 6 Years
Writer 6 Years
Arts & Humanities 6 Years
Science 6 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
8 Years
Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Sky & Telescope Magazine (11+), Popular Woodworking (1-2), Discover Magazine (1-2), Encyclopedia of Life (1-2)
Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
NASA (3-5), Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (3-5)
Other Work History
In the summer of 2010, I was a science writer at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. From 2002-2010, I worked in the Public Information department at the Exploratorium, a museum of science, art, and human perception, located in San Francisco.
Computer Skills
Word, Excel, AppleWorks, Filemaker Pro, OS X, Windows, some HTML
Technical Skills
Beginner Photoshop, Final Cut Pro
Laptop, Digital Camera
K.C. Cole, Linda Dackman, Patricia Wieser
McBee Fellowship in Science Journalism (USC)
Taylor/Blakeslee Graduate Fellowship in Science Writing (CASW)
Northern California Science Writers Association
National Association of Science Writers
Science Writers in New York (SWINY)
In college, I majored in philosophy, so I have a natural affinity for writing about physics and mathematics.
Freelancer Availability
I freelance full-time. I live near New York, NY. I am willing to travel regionally. I have a driver's license. I have access to a car.
Work Samples
Writing Samples  
(Sky & Telescope Magazine, 10/13/2011)
This article delves into the mystery of the hollows found on the surface of Mars.
(Sky & Telescope Magazine, 9/29/2011)
This article explains the role of citizen scientists in finding planets outside our solar system.
(Sky & Telescope Magazine, 9/20/2011)
SETI finds that its funding has been affected by the Great Recession.
(Sky & Telescope Magazine, 8/31/2011)
An observatory park in Ohio has been added to an international list of dark-sky parks.
(Sky & Telescope Magazine, 8/26/2011)
Here I detail the latest news about the James Webb Telescope, including funding and policy details.
(Sky & Telescope Magazine, 8/19/2011)
Astronomers have found a planet darker than charcoal.
(Sky & Telescope Magazine, 7/25/2011)
A new white dwarf system will let astronomers test Einstein's general theory of relativity.
(Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, 7/10/2010)
(Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, 7/1/2010)
(NASA (Spitzer Space Telescope), 6/17/2010)
This article details the ways in which galaxies move through the universe.
(NASA (Spitzer Space Telescope), 9/26/2009)
(NASA (Spitzer Space Telescope), 6/29/2009)
This obituary chronicles the life of one of the most influential astronomers of the twentieth century.
(NASA (Spitzer Space Telescope), 4/20/2009)
Researchers have found evidence that white dwarfs might have debris indicating they used to have planets.
(NASA (Spitzer Space Telescope), 3/12/2009)
Here, I explain the latest findings from the Spitzer Space Telescope. Researchers in Spain have learned why some stars at the center of the galaxy do not age in the same way that other stars do.
(Popular Woodworking, 2/1/2009)
This article further explores the world of Reuben Margolin: how he acquired his skills, and how he builds his creations.
(SFist, 3/28/2008)
This article focuses on Reuben Margolin, an artist who creates enormous kinetic sculptures made of wood and recycled metal. They demonstrate complex wave motion.
This article describes a funky, innovate vintage pinball machine museum in the Bay Area, which is intended, in part, to teach principles of physics.
Contact Info
  Raphael Rosen
New York, NY 10021

Tel: (415) 317-6203  
E-Mail: raphael@raphaelprosen.com
Website: http://www.raphaelprosen.com