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  Joao-Pierre Ruth
Professional/Personal Overview
  A journalist with more than sixteen years of experience writing news about the ebb and flow of publicly traded companies as well as innovative technology startups in downton New York. I have a boots-on-the-ground approach to cultivating news.
Work Info
Copy Editor 2 Years
Reporter 16 Years
Writer 16 Years
Business (general) 16 Years
Technology 14 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
15 Years
Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Investor Uprising (11+), Xconomy.com (11+), New York Enterprise Report (1-2), OnlineVideo.net (1-2)
Other Work History
Staff Writer 1997- January 2011.

Web Reporter 2008-January 2011.
Computer Skills
Windows and Mac operating systems, WordPress, Joomla, InDesign
Technical Skills
Website administration, copy editing
Laptop, digital audio recorder,camera
Weekly Newspapers, First Place Business News 2000
Society of Professional Journalists, New Jersey Chapter. (Awarded in 2001).

Second Place Investigative Reporting 2001
Working Press Association of New Jersey.

First Place for Business Financial Reporting, 2000
Working Press Association of New Jersey.

First Place Feature Award 1998
Working Press Association of New Jersey.
Freelancer Availability
I freelance full-time. I live near New York, NY. I am willing to travel regionally. I have a driver's license. I have access to a car.
Work Samples
(Xconomy, 10/31/2013)
Springboard Enterprises let the media have a closer look at what its accelerator for women-led companies has been up to. A pair of high-profile players from the New York investing scene also offered advice on how, when, and whom to raise money with.
(Xconomy, 10/15/2013)
What started off as the usual demo day for the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator in New York quickly showed how the JOBS Act's new rules on fundraising have clamped down the way startups pitch-or have they?
(Xconomy, 10/8/2013)
Sleek and slim maybe the way of the tablet world, but a niche of custom computer makers sees the market for big supercharged PCs growing as a new breed of high-end gaming content emerges. These monolithic, bespoke machines look like the crazed offspring of muscle cars and Doctor Who's TARDIS.
(Xconomy, 10/3/2013)
It is not often that startups, big companies, and a celebrity chef come together to talk growth strategies, but that was the scene at the annual Executive Marketing Summit at the New York Stock Exchange on Monday.
(Xconomy, 9/19/2013)
Sporting a new fall look, Microsoft's search engine Bing showed off an updated logo Tuesday night in New York as the company called attention to the relevance of design across various types of technology.
(Xconomy, 9/11/2013)
Last night while ballots were cast in the mayoral primaries, part of the New York innovation community gathered at the Green Spaces coworking and event venue to display and discuss ideas for creating a greener cityscape.
(Xconomy, 7/19/2013)
Multiple organizations in New York-including Girls Who Code, Cornell NYC Tech, and L'Oreal-and across the country are taking on this task while also encouraging new generations of women to explore careers steeped in programming languages and data.
(Xconomy.com, 7/27/2012)
When Dave McClure, founding partner of startup incubator 500 Startups, visits New York he typically tries to stir up the innovation community. Last night was no different. At the tail end of the one-day Smash Summit, McClure brought Fred Wilson, managing partner of Union Square Ventures on stage.
(Xconomy.com, 7/20/2012)
Projects such as Mayor Michael Bloomberg's plan to establish an engineering campus on Roosevelt Island could help populate the city with more tech-savvy people, but that is still years in the making.
(Xconomy.com, 6/19/2012)
It is no secret that finding a big company to work with can give a startup a boost that lands them more business and credibility. No matter how novel a platform or technology is, when a major client or partner comes onboard the market takes more notice.
(Xconomy.com, 5/25/2012)
Greg Pass is bringing more technology "street cred" to the team that is establishing the applied science and engineering campus on Roosevelt Island in New York.
(Xconomy.com, 5/21/2012)
The $2 billion applied science and engineering college campus planned for New York is still years away from opening its doors, but Google stepped in today to give the project a head start. Google CEO Larry Page announced his company would let CornellNYC Tech occupy 22,000 sq. ft. at its offices.
(Xconomy.com, 1/10/2012)
At his curtain call---for the moment anyway---at this year's International Consumer Electronics Show, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer hyped his company's efforts to innovate and compete across multiple platforms.
(New York Enterprise Report, 6/1/2011)
Smartphones are sometimes described as pacifiers for adults. That only applies if the devices are treated like toys. Before downloading yet another restaurant finder or bird-themed puzzle game, consider the following apps to help improve productivity.