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  Anna Palmer
Professional/Personal Overview
  Shelburbia.com Straight talking often funny, sometimes poignant writing on diets, depression, having much more sex in your marriage, parenting, and growing up rich. Anna is (I am, don't know which person to use here) Ivy League educated, Vermont based, and ready to write.
Work Info
Writer 10 Years
Social Media 5 Years
Lifestyle 5 Years
Philanthropy 5 Years
Sex 22 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
2 Years
Other Work History
Nada. I write for myself. I have a fairly big audience given that I am a nobody. 15,000+ read my go fuck your husband post in a week.
Computer Skills
I'm filling out this web form. Some iOS development, wire framing, Ui/UX, but I just want to write about my opinions, so does that matter.
Technical Skills
See above.
Laptop, every apple product ever made. I am only slightly exaggerating.
Foreign Language Skills
Work Permits & Visas
I think once my teaching license expired I got booted from that union, right?
Vermont Business Magazine Rising Star award.
Brown University AB (too rooted in the old world to have the correct order of the letters) MEd from UVM. Other fancy places.
Freelancer Availability
I freelance full-time. I live near Burlington, VT. I am willing to travel regionally. I have a driver's license. I have access to a car.