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  Rachel Grumman Bender
Professional/Personal Overview
  An award-winning writer, I've covered everything from diet and exercise trends and sexual health to medical breakthroughs and the science behind skincare ingredients. I also cover sex and relationships, style and parenting.

I'm a contributing writer and editor at YouBeauty.com, covering health, nutrition, beauty and relationships. I'm also a regular contributor to The New York Times (health advertorials), and have written for Women's Health, Yahoo Health, Yahoo Parenting, The New York Post, Cosmopolitan, Everyday Health and many more publications. I've held Health Editor positions at YouBeauty and Cosmopolitan.

Having been an editor for much of my career, I understand editors' expectations on assignments and work hard to deliver well-written, well-researched articles. I also have a large roster of experts in health, nutrition, fitness and beauty. Above all, I love what I do and bring a positive attitude to each assignment.

My clips: https://rachelgrummanbender.contently.com/
Work Info
Editor 14 Years
Writer 14 Years
Beauty 9 Years
Health 14 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
14 Years
Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Cosmopolitan (11+), New York Post (11+), New York Times (health/medical advertorials) (11+), "Beauty BFF" series on MSN.com (11+), Yahoo Health (11+), YouBeauty.com (11+), Yahoo Parenting (6-10), Self (6-10), Daily Glow (6-10), EverydayHealth.com (6-10), Health (6-10), Shape (3-5), BabyTalk (3-5)
Other Work History
I've held several interim editor positions, including interim senior editor at EverydayHealth.com (Jan-April 2011) and sex & relationships editor at Women's Health magazine (Oct - Dec 2010).
Prior to going freelance, I was the Health Editor at Cosmopolitan for more than three years.
Computer Skills
Winner of the National Health Information Awards 2005, Consumer Decision-Making Information, magazine category
I hold a Master's degree and a Bachelor's degree in print journalism.
Freelancer Availability
I freelance full-time. I am willing to travel anywhere. I have a driver's license.
Work Samples
(Prevention, 12/16/2014)
(Yahoo Health, 12/11/2014)
(Yahoo Health, 12/5/2014)
(YouBeauty, 9/12/2014)
(YouBeauty, 9/10/2014)
(YouBeauty, 8/20/2014)
(YouBeauty.com, 5/22/2014)
(YouBeauty.com, 4/30/2014)
(YouBeauty.com, 3/17/2014)
Scientists use wristbands to detect exposure to harmful chemicals in your everyday environment
(YouBeauty.com, 3/13/2014)
(YouBeauty.com, 3/6/2014)
WHO lowers sugar intake recommendations
(YouBeauty.com, 1/22/2014)
(YouBeauty.com, 11/12/2013)
(YouBeauty.com, 1/25/2012)
Discover how a good marriage can help you live a longer, happier, healthier life.
(New York Post, 10/12/2011)
Breast cancer more deadly for African-Americans.
(YouBeauty.com, 10/7/2011)
The answer may be yes. Find out why eating ground beef is risky—and how to protect yourself and your family.
(YouBeauty.com, 9/8/2011)
It's possible to get too much a good thing, even with healthy food.
(YouBeauty.com, 8/17/2011)
One more reason your cup of joe is actually good for you.
(YouBeauty.com, 7/9/2011)
Find out how to slip veggies into your favorite dishes--and gain the beauty benefits.
(YouBeauty.com, 7/1/2011)
Why foods stripped of fat can actually cause you to pack on the pounds.
(Lifescript.com, 5/25/2011)
(Everyday Health, 4/6/2011)
(Everyday Health, 3/24/2011)
News blog for EverydayHealth.com.
(Everyday Health, 3/10/2011)
(Everyday Health, 3/9/2011)
(Women's Health, 3/1/2011)
(Everyday Health, 2/11/2011)
(Ladies' Home Journal, 11/1/2010)
(ThirdAge.com, 9/30/2010)
(Lifescript.com, 8/4/2010)
(Lifescript.com, 7/2/2010)
(BettyConfidential.com, 4/2/2010)
(Life Extension magazine, 12/1/2009)
(BettyConfidential.com, 11/11/2009)
(BettyConfidential.com, 10/26/2009)
(Health magazine, 10/1/2009)
(All You magazine, 9/1/2009)
(About Health magazine, 9/1/2009)
An article about improvements in hysterectomies
(NY Post, 8/19/2009)
(Cosmopolitan, 5/1/2009)
The article covers research behind the causes of unplanned pregnancy and how to protect yourself.
(Health magazine, 5/1/2009)
(Health magazine, 9/1/2008)
(Self, 9/1/2008)
(New York Post, 6/11/2008)
(Glam.com, 5/1/2008)
(Glam.com, 5/1/2008)
(Health magazine, 5/1/2008)
(New York Post, 4/8/2008)
Feature on a volunteer organization (ORBIS) aimed at curing blindness
(Women's Health, 4/1/2008)
How to cure bunions, hammertoes and more.
(Health magazine, 3/1/2008)
(Parenting, 8/1/2007)
Quiz on finding the right sleep method for you and your baby
(New York Post, 3/21/2007)
(Fitness, 5/1/2006)
(New York Times, 3/12/2006)
(Shape, 10/1/2004)
Merit award winner, the National Health Information Awards 2005
(Shape, 8/1/2004)
(Cosmopolitan, 6/1/2004)
(Shape, 2/1/2004)
Winner of the National Health Information Awards 2005, Consumer Decision-Making Information magazine category
(YouBeauty.com, 10/9/2013)
(YouBeauty.com, 9/27/2013)
(YouBeauty.com, 2/8/2013)
(Daily Glow, 7/23/2012)
Find out what's behind your lip balm addiction or your need to find every last split end--and learn how to manage these quirky beauty obsessions.
(YouBeauty.com, 6/22/2012)
It ain't easy being red. One woman shares her story.
(Daily Glow, 4/6/2012)
Learn why you can't live without these amazing beauty breakthroughs.
(Daily Glow, 1/6/2012)
Can't determine what's triggering your breakouts? Check out these sneaky pimple producers -- and find out which acne remedies will clear your complexion.
(YouBeauty.com, 11/22/2011)
Whether you want to chill out (blue) or rev yourself up (orange), wearing certain colors when it comes to clothing, makeup and accessories can sway your state of mind.
(Daily Glow, 11/11/2011)
Wrinkles aren't the only indication that your complexion is racking up the mileage. Find out about other skin problems that can add years to your appearance -- and how to make your skin look showroom new.
(YouBeauty.com, 10/26/2011)
These celebrity crops elevated careers, set wide-reaching trends, or even defined an era.
(YouBeauty.com, 10/12/2011)
How to get your boss (or the cute guy you have a crush on) to stop and take notice.
(Daily Glow, 10/5/2011)
If you're looking for the best acne treatment, you simply need to follow this dermatologist-recommended protocol for clear, glowing skin — free of blemishes.
(Daily Glow, 10/5/2011)
Getting rid of pimples just got easier. Consult this guide to the most effective acne treatments.
(YouBeauty.com, 9/12/2011)
A slew of t-shirts encourage young girls to focus on their looks--not their brains. We take a look at this scary trend.
(YouBeauty.com, 9/6/2011)
Save some cash with these expert tips on finding fresh new ways to wear what you already own.
(YouBeauty.com, 8/24/2011)
The simple act of wearing the right bra can help you look slimmer—instantly.
(YouBeauty.com, 7/28/2011)
Expert tips on finding the most flattering fit for your bust size.
(YouBeauty.com, 7/14/2011)
Find out why you look fabulous when your fertility levels peak.
(YouBeauty.com, 7/1/2011)
The Safe Cosmetics Act of 2011 may make your favorite beauty products safer.
(YouBeauty.com, 7/1/2011)
(YouBeauty.com, 7/1/2011)
Good news! The world's best natural beauty treatment is free of charge.
(Lifescript.com, 9/8/2010)
(Spa magazine, 8/1/2010)
(BettyConfidential.com, 7/2/2010)
(Spa magazine, 6/1/2010)
(BettyConfidential.com, 5/4/2010)
(BettyConfidential.com, 4/12/2010)
(BettyConfidential.com, 4/8/2010)
(BettyConfidential.com, 3/15/2010)
(BettyConfidential.com, 3/8/2010)
(Lifescript.com, 3/1/2010)
(BettyConfidential.com, 2/18/2010)
(Lifescript.com, 1/8/2010)
(BettyConfidential.com, 1/6/2010)
(Spa magazine, 8/1/2009)
(New York Post, 12/11/2008)
(Health magazine, 10/1/2008)
(Health.com, 10/1/2008)
(New York Post, 6/11/2008)
(Self, 4/1/2008)
Skin care regimens for day and night based on your skin type
(NY Post, 12/2/2007)
(Prevention, 10/1/2006)
(YouBeauty.com, 5/20/2014)
(NY Post, 6/11/2008)
(NY Post, 4/8/2008)
(All You magazine, 3/1/2008)
(YogaLife/Women's Health, 11/1/2006)
(YouBeauty.com, 1/31/2012)
(YouBeauty.com, 1/11/2012)
(Women's Health, 3/1/2011)
Interview with Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine
(USA Today, 5/8/2007)
(iVillage, 2/1/2005)
Profile of a former sex addict
(Digital Photo Pro)
Profile of photojournalist and commerical photographer Doug Menuez
(Yahoo Parenting, 11/20/2014)
(YouBeauty.com, 11/14/2011)
Sidestep these common challenges and find out how to be a beautiful role model for your daughter.
(BabyTalk magazine, 9/1/2010)
(BabyTalk magazine, 5/1/2010)
(BabyTalk magazine, 2/1/2010)
(Yahoo Health, 2/14/2015)
(YouBeauty, 8/22/2014)
(YouBeauty.com, 3/6/2014)
(YouBeauty.com, 3/6/2014)
(YouBeauty, 2/8/2012)
Try these expert tips to prevent a marriage meltdown and keep your partnership in healthy, fighting shape.
(YouBeauty.com, 10/24/2011)
How to identify this relationship red flag—and move on with your life.
(Women's Health, 4/1/2011)
(Cosmopolitan, 6/1/2010)
(Cosmopolitan, 5/1/2010)
(Elle.com, 8/26/2009)