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TransProse Creates a Musical Score Based on the Emotions in a Novel

transposeDo you ever wonder what your novel would sound like if it was adapted by a composer?

New York City- based programmer/musician Hannah Davis and Saif Mohammad, a Research Officer at the National Research Council Canada (NRC), have created software that will allow you to answer this very question. TransProse reads a novel and identifies different emotions that are evoked throughout the book. Then it takes this information to automatically create music based around those  identified values.

We’ve embedded TransProse’s musical adaptation of Peter Pan below.

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Amazon is Now Delivering Books on Sundays in Select Cities Throughout the U.S.

amazonpublishingAmazon first started Sunday delivery back in November in New York and Los Angeles. The online retailer has extend the service to 15 new cities  including: Austin, Texas; Cincinnati, Ohio; College Station, Texas; Columbus, Ohio; Dallas, Texas; Houston, Texas; Indianapolis, Ind.; Lexington, Ky.; Louisville, Ky.; New Orleans, La.; Oklahoma City, Okla.; Philadelphia, Pa.; San Antonio, Texas; Shreveport, La.; and Waco, Texas.

According to Mike Roth, Amazon’s vice president of North America operations, books are among the most common items that the company delivers on Sundays, alongside baby supplies.

Amazon has plans to extend the Sunday service to more cities in the U.S. later this year.


Ty J. Young On How The Dodd-Frank Reform Has Backfired On Small Businesses

According to financial expert Ty J. Young, the Dodd-Frank Law was anything but a victory for economic recovery. While the groundbreaking financial reform act was originally designed to regulate the financial system and prevent another economic catastrophe, many believe that the act is actually doing the opposite. The reform could burden small banks with its regulations, and these small banks are something we can’t afford to lose.

The financial overhaul bill, known officially as the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, went into law on July 21, 2010 but is still only in partial effect. The comprehensive bill has a laundry list of goals aiming to protect consumers and ensure a stable financial market.

But, as The Wall Street Journal points out, what started as a mission to “streamline and modernize the financial system” actually resulted in “2,300 pages of new agencies and new powers for the very authorities that fomented the financial crisis.” The anxious environment spurred by the financial crisis didn’t get much assuagement from a bill that is filled with costly regulations for small businesses, the article asserts. Read more

Scholastic Has Two New Digital Reading Programs

Scholastic LogoScholastic has introduced two new digital reading programs: Storia School Edition and Core Clicks.

Storia School Edition is an online reading program designed to support classroom reading. The program includes library of both fiction and nonfiction titles for reading with grade-appropriate dictionaries to help young readers build their vocabulary. The platform includes comprehension quizzes so that readers can test their progress, as well as highlighting and note-taking tools. There also also audio features that help younger readers learn how to pronounce vocabulary words.

The Core Clicks program is made up of a “three read” approach. Readers are asked to read, analyze and discuss a text. This platform also includes interactive exercises and quizzes, as well as video content.

Spain’s Awesome Romantic Book Holiday

booksandrosesIn honor of Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare, today is St. George’s Day (La Diada de Sant Jordi in Catalan), a beautiful holiday celebrated in Barcelona through the exchange of books and roses.

Like Valentine’s Day in the U.S., the holiday is meant to be spent with your special someone. According to Catalan tradition, a man buys a rose for a woman and a woman buys a book for a man. In modern times, the tradition is often broken and men and women give books and roses to their special someone. Read more

Louisiana Lawmaker Pulls Legislation That Would Make The Bible Official State Book

thebibleIt looks like the The King James version of the Bible will not become the official book of the state of Louisiana, at least not yet.

Louisiana representative Thomas Carmody, R-Shreveport has pulled his proposal to make the Holy Bible the official state book before the bill was voted on in the state House of Representatives.

Carmody pulled the legislation despite the fact that earlier this month, the legislation passed the House Committee on Municipal, Parochial and Cultural Affairs. The Times-Picayune has the latest:

In introducing the legislation, Carmody always maintained he was not taking steps to establish a state religion, but rather to educate people. Critics have accused him of foisting faith inappropriately into the government sphere. Others thought such a designation would trivialize the Bible and its importance.

Initially, Carmody had just been intending to designate a specific, historic copy of the Bible, which he thought could be found in the Louisiana State Museum, as the official state book. But lawmakers amended Carmody’s legislation two weeks ago to propose making any copy of the “Holy Bible” the official state book.

Tourniquet-Free Knee Surgery Possible With Aquamantys Technology, Says Dr. Kris Lewonowski

With more than 30 years of orthopedic surgical experience, Dr. Kris Lewonowski has observed numerous new innovations in surgical techniques, but few have excited him as much as Aquamantys technology. This system revolutionizes surgeries such as total knee replacements. Read more

With Online Retail on the Rise, E-commerce is Essential, says Jonathan Shokrian

According to a recent study by, 10 percent of all retail sales in the United States will be made online by 2017, and e-retail experts like Jonathan Shokrian, of MeUndies, have taken note.

Shokrian believes that it is crucial for companies to invest in their e-commerce infrastructure because, he says, online marketplaces are the future of retail. He thinks that if companies do not aggressively invest in their e-commerce platform, they will fall far behind.

“Traditional retail is dying, and the emergence of direct to consumer brands is becoming more and more popular everyday,” Jonathan Shokrian says. “New brands are more inclined to launch websites than brick and mortar stores. There’s no denying that.” Read more

Yasmin Malhotra Recommends Five Top Spring Break Travel Destinations Around The World

Avid travelers like Yasmin Malhotra know that spring is one of the best times of the year to visit top destinations around the world. Among students and adults alike, warming weather seems to inspire dreams of sandy beaches and vacation spots.

As it turns out, spring break isn’t just for wild college parties. Plenty of families pack up their beach umbrellas for some time away from the stress of life during this time of year. The right destination for you depends on your goal for your trip. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a family experience or just a relaxing break, this list of five top spring break suggestions from Yasmin Malhotra will have what you’re looking for.

Mexico takes the number one spot on the list because it is brimming with activities for every type of person, according to Yasmin Malhotra. Malhotra claims that Mexico is one of her favorite spots to visit because it has so many picturesque beaches and accommodations. Read more

HarperCollins to Publish Beowulf With Tolkein’s Notes

beowulfThe Tolkien Estate has signed a worldwide rights deal with HarperCollins to publish Beowulf: A Translation and Commentary by J.R.R. Tolkien.

This is the first time Tolkein’s notes have been published alongside the work. The author’s son Christopher Tolkien edited the work.

“The translation of Beowulf by J.R.R. Tolkien was an early work, very distinctive in its mode, completed in 1926: he returned to it later to make hasty corrections, but seems never to have considered its publication,” stated  Christopher Tolkien. “This edition is twofold, for there exists an illuminating commentary on the text of the poem by the translator himself, in the writt en form of a series of lectures given at Oxford in the 1930s; and from these lectures a substantial selection has been made, to form also a commentary on the translation in this book.”

The book is slated for publication in May.