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Apple Sells One Million iPads

ipad23.jpgIn a press release yesterday, Apple celebrated the sale of one million iPads. While Amazon has made a habit of not unveiling sales statistics, Apple has revealed sales statistics since the very first weekend.

Here’s an excerpt from the official release: “‘One million iPads in 28 days–that’s less than half of the 74 days it took to achieve this milestone with iPhone,’ said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. ‘Demand continues to exceed supply and we’re working hard to get this magical product into the hands of even more customers.’”

After the first weekend of iPad sales last month, Apple noted that iPad users downloaded over one million apps from Apple’s App Store and over 250,000 ebooks from its iBookstore during the first day. We’d love to see more of those download statistics.

Oprah Winfrey Hinted; Elizabeth Gilbert Bejeweled; Vampire Lit Arose: Weekend Reading

As you reflect on publishing’s busy week, check out the video embedded above–we interviewed Kindle users in the iPad line last Saturday. If you want more weekend reading, here are our favorite headlines from the week.

Oprah Winfrey hinted at starting a “book-club show” on her new network.

We found out how to get a degree in Vampire Literature.

The Huffington Post named GalleyCat and eBookNewser on a Book People To Follow On Twitter list.

The voice of Tiger Woods‘ late father (and author) appeared in a new and controversial Nike ad.

Elizabeth Gilbert‘s memoir Eat, Pray, Love hits theaters soon, and one company will manufacture as special line of “jewelry, books and travel-related items” for the book.

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Apple Counts 600,000 eBook Downloads on iPad

ipad23.jpg At an Apple event this afternoon, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said the company has counted 600,000 downloads of eBooks for the iPad. To date, the company has sold 450,000 iPads.

Yahoo News has the scoop: “‘We’re making (iPads) as fast as we can,’ Jobs said at the start of an event at Apple headquarters here during which the company is to unveil the latest operating system for the iPhone.”

As we noted earlier this week, Apple seems to be avoiding Amazon’s habit of not unveiling sales statistics–making it easier for the publishing industry to map the rapidly growing field of eBooks. Nevertheless, Apple has not revealed how many eBooks were actually sold and how many were free downloads.

UPDATE: The Huffington Post notes that iBooks will now be available on the new iPhone operating system. Read more about the Apple presentation here.

Walter Isaacson Reportedly Will Write “Authorized Biography” of Steve Jobs

sketches23.pngYesterday the NY Times broke the news that Apple CEO Steve Jobs “is set to collaborate on an authorized biography.” After a little bit of research, GalleyCat spotted the first mention of Jobs in the work of his new biographer.

According to the article, the biography will be written by Walter Isaacson–author of American Sketches. The author would not comment on the anonymously attributed claims that he will write Jobs’ biography. However, in American Sketches, he identified Jobs as one of the “two most creative digital innovators,” listing the Apple CEO alongside another publishing industry revolutionary.

Here’s the passage, via Google Books: “Jobs got music consumers (of all people) comfortable with the concept of paying 99 cents for a tune instead of Napsterizing an entire industry, and Jeff Bezos with his Kindle showed that consumers would buy electronic versions of books, magazines, and newspapers if purchases could be done simply.”

Steve Jobs on Amazon and Apple eBook Prices: “The prices will be the same”

steveweb.jpgIn a candid video interview with All Things Digital Apple CEO Steve Jobs (pictured) made a cryptic declaration when asked about price comparisons between Apple iBooks and Amazon (AMZN) Kindle Books.

Our digitally-obsessed sibling eBookNewser actually embedded the video and added some commentary at this link.

“The prices will be the same,” Jobs told Wall Street Journal reporter Walt Mossberg in a brief Flipcam interview. He also took a quick dig at Amazon: “Publishers are actually withholding books from Amazon because they’re not happy.”

Here’s a final quote from the interview, as Job addressed the ten-hour reading battery life on the device: “It’s not a big deal. Ten hours is a long time, you’re not going to read for ten hours!”

Dispatch from the Apple iPad Release Event

ipad23.jpgAs the Apple iPad announcement unfolded in California, GalleyCat had a special correspondent inside the media circus: Wiley publicist and tireless reporter Cynthia Shannon.

Shannon described the event: “While we were waiting to go inside, it was clear that books were on nobody’s mind–I spoke with a few tech reporters and they didn’t seem to understand the impact that the iPad would have on the publishing industry … They were playing electric Bob Dylan music while the media was filing in. I didn’t realize it was a huge milestone in music until someone older than me explained it.”

She continued: “iBooks didn’t get as big of a gasp as the $499 price tag did, but of course, I could tell it would be that way. It basically looks like Classics on the iPhone, which I personally have always thought to be the best way to read and browse books. The books are displayed cover out, in full color, on a light brown ‘wood’ bookshelf. Tap on one, and it takes you to the chapter index. When you flip the iPad horizontally, you are looking at two pages of a book. Flipping pages is easy–no buttons to press, easy to flip around.”

She also observed: “In iBooks, you can change the font and size, but that’s pretty standard. You cannot highlight or make notes. You cannot insert a bookmark–when you leave the application, it will remember where you were when you return, but it didn’t work when I tried it! You can only read books that you purchase through iBooks, not through Amazon. So publishers will have to create a Kindle edition AS WELL AS an iPad edition.”

Shannon concluded: “The presentation of iBooks store was like iTunes for books: you can look at the reviews, you can read sample chapters, summary, etc. This is the new storefront that publishers will have to consider now. Placement in the iBooks store. What info you want to make available. Apple could not comment on whether self-publishers will be able to upload their books.”

You can follow Cynthia Shannon on Twitter.

The Apple Tablet Is One Big Rorschach Inkblot for Publishing

guygonzales23.jpgToday’s guest on the Morning Media Menu was Guy LeCharles Gonzalez, the audience development director at F+W Media and one of the coordinators of the upcoming conference, Digital Book World.

He talked about the upcoming conference, eBooks, eReaders, and the fabled Apple Tablet that many believe will be announced next week.

Gonzalez had a healthy dose of Tablet skepticism. Here’s an excerpt: “The image [Apple] used on the press invitation, it’s kind of a colorful Rorschach blot. I think that’s appropriate because over the last five years this tablet has been rumored. Three years ago turned out was the iPhone–but everybody thought that announcement was the Tablet. There certainly is a lot of information out there that implies it is the tablet,” he explained.

He concluded: “Personally, I’m not a member of the Steve Jobs cult, I look at every device skeptically. At the end of the day, what is that device going to replace? Is it going to replace my netbook? My cellphone? My desktop? That to me is the bigger question In terms of eBooks and hype its getting it in publishing circles… [publishers] haven’t even figured out the Kindle yet!”

Full disclosure: Digital Book World has posted ads on GalleyCat.

Apple Keynote Lacks Publishing News

iphone3gs1.jpgApple Inc. (AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs appeared at a keynote presentation today in San Francisco, defying rumors about his health following his recent liver transplant. The presentation brought good news for video gamers, movie watchers, and music fans–but no news for publishing about the mythical Apple tablet.

Jobs opened the presentation by exploring updates to the iPhone and iTunes interface, making it easier to sync and manage the device. As Apple Insider reported, iTunes features a new “LP” program allows artists to sell complete albums (rather than individual songs) with “amazingly rich” digital content. He also focused on the video gaming implications of the iPod Touch, showing off new games for the pocket computer. The presentation concluded with news that the next edition of the iPod Nanos will feature “anodized aluminum” cases and a videocamera feature. Musician Norah Jones played at the end of the keynote.

Here’s more from the Apple Insider liveblog of the presentation, hinting at the possibilities the new “LP” format could hold for digital books someday: “iTunes LPs are like DVD content. Except that they’re likely done as self-contained websites. Shows songs with lyrics, bonus content, items created by the musicians. Same goes for movies…Exclusive features, chapter selection, character details.”

Apple Tablet May Arrive in Early 2010

iphone3gs1.jpgIn a breathless report, Apple Insider speculates that Apple will release a 10-inch Apple tablet-device in early 2010, a super-sized iPod Touch-like device that could be the fabled “Kindle-killer.”

That larger screen could bring Apple App Store e-reading applications to a larger screen, rivaling the 8-inch by 5.3-inch screen on, Inc.’s popular Kindle e-reader or the 10.4 inch by 7.2-inch screen on the Kindle DX. It could use digital book readers like Lexcycle’s Stanza and ScrollMotion, and allow readers to surf the web while reading. Since Amazon owns Stanza and Kindle for iPhone, they won’t be shut out of this theoretical new market.

Here’s more from the article: “The 10-inch, 3G-enabled tablet, akin to a jumbo iPod touch, is the latest brainchild of chief executive Steve Jobs … He’s since cemented the device in the company’s 2010 roadmap, where it’s being positioned for a first quarter launch, according to people well-respected by AppleInsider for their striking accuracy in Apple’s internal affairs.”

ScrollMotion Bringing One Million Books to iPhone

iceberg_01_intro_318.jpgDuring Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference yesterday which introduced a $99 iPhone, ScrollMotion Inc. demonstrated the updated Iceberg Reader–promising to bring one million books, 50 major magazines, and more than 170 daily newspapers as the application expands.

Despite the fact that Apple CEO Steve Jobs once told the media “people don’t read anymore,” the e-reader company ScrollMotion had a coveted spot at Apple’s presentation.

Among the many new features on the app, Iceberg includes a new ease of downloading–using Apple iTunes as the transfer point: “Download books, newspapers and magazines straight to the Iceberg Reader via in-app purchase. Books download from iTunes straight to your phone.” (Via Publishers Weekly)