Kody KeplingerKody Keplinger (pictured, via) debuted with her novel, The Duff at age 18-years-old. She is currently an honors student at Ithaca College where she majors in writing. We caught up with Kody to find out how she balances all the responsibilities of undergraduate studies and a professional writing career. Here are the highlights from our interview.

Q: Being only 19-years-old, how do you balance writing novels and meeting the demands of being a college student?
A: I don’t sleep. Yeah, that wasn’t entirely a joke either. In all honesty, it is hard. I’m an Honors student, an active member of a performing arts group, and a writer – all that on top of being pretty social. It’s a lot to handle without going crazy sometimes. Luckily, Ithaca College has been a great environment for me. I’m in the middle of my sophomore year, and thus far I’ve survived. The teachers are usually really understanding when I have to miss class for a signing or something, and my friends understand. One thing that helps is that my agent and editor both know (and enforce) that school comes first. So I have my priorities straight. But seriously – I don’t sleep much. That’s just how it goes.

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