Our Resume Revamp Team

Alex Twersky is currently a partner at Kinetic Arts, a New York-based independent film and commercial production company. Alex has worked in international marketing, business development, consulting, content development, licensing, and film production. Alex began his career at Scholastic, where he marketed digital content based on best-selling properties such as Harry Potter, cut co-marketing and licensing deals with major media and technology companies, developed an international licensing and distribution business for Scholastic's branded digital content, and produced localized versions of Scholastic content in numerous foreign languages. After leaving Scholastic, Alex worked as an independent consultant for content and digital strategy for various Fortune 500 companies. He has also advised numerous Internet start-ups on launch and market development strategies in the United States and abroad. In addition, Alex directed the marketing for various Sundance and Toronto Film Festival selections. The author of Random House's Instant Scholar guides to Art and Literature, Alex received his B.S. in Marketing and International Business from NYU's Stern School of Business in 1993.

Angie Temming currently serves as the MBA Career Advisor at St. John's University where she delivers seminars on networking, interviewing and salary negotiation; counsels candidates on resume and cover letter development; and implements university-wide programming which involves extensive employer and alumni outreach. While obtaining her M.A. in Higher Education Administration at New York University, Angie worked as a Placement Assistant in NYU's Office of Career Services. Prior to graduate study, Angie worked in the public relations and marketing industries where she edited news releases, consulted clients on current investment trends and promoted the stock of over two dozen publicly owned companies. In her spare time, Angie enjoys teaching exercise classes and traveling. Originally from Cincinnati, Angie received her B.A. in Political Science and Nutrition from Miami University located in Oxford, Ohio.

Tim Haft is the author of Job Notes: Resumes, Trashproof Resumes, Crane’s Guide to Writing an Effective Resume, and co-author of JobSmart. Tim was also a contributor to The Career Toolbox, an interactive CD-ROM and Web site. Mr. Haft served as a career counselor at New York University between 1988 and 1995 where he designed and delivered workshops on self-assessment, researching careers, career decision-making, resume writing, interviewing, and job hunting. Tim has also worked as a staffer and freelancer in the book publishing and new media industries. A native of New York City, Tim holds a B.A. in history from the University of Virginia, and an M.A. in sociology from New York University.

Joseph Terach has presented numerous workshops on such topics as resume and approach letter writing, interviewing, and networking, and lectured at a conference of the Association for Continuing Higher Education on the topics of distance education and online career advice. For NYU's Center for Career, Education, and Life Planning, Terach developed an online advisory service, which each year provides counseling for thousands worldwide. Joseph has had articles published in both Money Magazine and Tech News (Online). Outside of the career counseling and educational planning arena, Joseph can often be seen on other stages throughout New York City, performing as a stand-up comic. He holds an M.A. in Counseling and a B.A. in Psychology and English, both from New York University.

Resume Revamp Testimonials

"Thanks so much for the resume advice...all of your comments and suggestions made complete sense...I guess I just needed to hear it from a resume expert. I feel more confident already!"
— Valerie Palmer

"First let me say "THANK YOU RESUME-REVAMPER-GODLY-ONE"!! I had been trapped in my former cover letter format for a year. The blinders were permanently attached. Your precise comments were so helpful. I feel like I have a really punchy and direct letter now. And the resume is less editorial and more quantitative. Thanks!"
— Sara Snider

"You really did a brilliant job on my resume. I've been in this biz a long time, but I still have a complete mental block when it comes to my resume and cover letters. Thanks again; I really appreciate your hard work!"
— Lori Baird

"I think you did an awesome job on the resume and cover letter. I read so many things from so many different viewpoints, but this opened my eyes to some glaring points that I was missing. Anyway, again, fantastic job on this."
— David Harkey

"In a million years, I'd never have come up with these changes. I like it so much more now! This is a much-needed overhaul and hopefully it catches some eyes. Very grateful!"
— Mike Fazioli

"Thank you for taking the time to give my resume a second look. I'm impressed with your thoughtful and relevant critique! Your suggestions will definitely help to create a more concise resume that is more along the lines of how I would like it to read. Again, thank you for a superior job. It is appreciated!"
— Jennifer Lopez

"I just wanted to convey my complete satisfaction with mediabistro's resume service. Tim's critique of my resume was great, and worth every cent spent. He really narrowed down the meaningless b.s. most people find themselves drowning in when trying to revise on their own. The edits, content and format suggestions were more than helpful, and evident they were coming from an expert. I'd recommend his services any day. Thanks again!"
— Jackie Powell

"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful resume and cover letter revamp—you did an excellent job. I used all of your suggestions and don't have any questions. You brought up lots of great points. I'm madly applying for jobs now—wish me luck!"
— Kim Warner

"I found the resume revamp service really helpful in getting me to focus and hone my resume. My advisor really spent time studying the details of my presentation and making pointed, useful suggestions tailored specifically to my background."
— Joe Berkosfky

"I can whole-heartedly agree with the changes you've made in my resume... THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK!"
— Brad Dornick

"I would like to thank you for the resume revamp—it was well worth the investment. The critique allowed me to make the necessary tweaks to my resume and cover letter, things I knew needed a little more finesse. Additionally, I'd like to mention that the changes were easily interpretable, and allowed me to make the decisions on my own, while guiding me through the process. I thought the suggestions would be more definitive, but it was good that they were more of a guide-it made the whole thing seem like it was still mine. Lastly, I did receive correspondence within 72 hours-and I submitted it all on a Friday no less, so it came back Sunday. Nice! Overall, a nice experience in getting my new job search rolling... now if you can only help get the economy rolling for us all..."
 — Greg Laub

"Thank you very much for your revamp of my resume. I found your comments and suggestions right on and very helpful. I think it will improve my chances. Although judging from what I saw at the Javits center job fair yesterday, who knows? I'm a little old to join the Air Force. :) Thanks again! I will recommend this service!
— Liam O'Malley

"As far as getting some feedback on the resume revamp and what I expected, I'm happy with it. You clarified it and made me change things so that it flowed better and was more concise and to the point and just overall 'cleaner' I guess. So it didn't disappoint and it showed me which details I should leave in, add and take out to make it look better and have relevance to my experience and what I want the other person to understand about me."
—Yael Menahem

"Just wanted to thank you for hooking me up with Timothy Haft to re-do my resume. I had been worried that there was a glaring error that was responsible for my never getting any responses to my resume. Fortunately-or unfortunately, as that might have been a magic bullet--there was no such glaring error, but Timothy very patiently walked me through a cleanup and re-write that I'm very comfortable with. Unfortunately, I could not persuade him to run over other senior editors, whose jobs I might want, in a taxicab. But nobody's perfect. Thank you again for this very good service. It did involve a lot of work on my part, but the finished product is something I'm confident about."
— Amy Keyishian

" I found the remarks helpful and took many to heart. You were responsive to my questions and prompt in your review. Thanks."
— Kathy Scott

"Many thanks for your efforts here, Mr. Twersky. You have made terrific suggestions."
— Sam Mills

"Joey, Thank you soooo very much for your help on the resume/cover letter. You rock!! Your suggestions were excellent and I'm pleased to see my printer spitting out less red ink this time. I actually did get a job with the San Mateo Times, so thanks for your contribution to this. Take care, I'll be sure to recommend my j-friends to you whenever they need to get their stuff in line."
— Millicent Mayfield

"I can't help but be tremendously excited, and I wanted to express my utmost gratitude for your help. I don't know if they would have given me a second look if not for the precision and care with which you revised my resume. I really appreciate the work you did on my resume and cover letter. Both are vastly improved, and definitely offer a stronger representation of my skills and experience. I am grateful to you for also being able to turn this around so quickly out of respect for my deadline."
— Jenny Seay

"Thank you so much!! You're a resume editing genius! My cover letter and resume look 100% better. I can't wait to apply for my next job now that I have a decent resume."
— Meredith Bailey