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Meet the Top 12 Public Relations Spirit Animals

Animals Cover_MOCKUP.inddSo I was gallivanting around Orange County the other week. Snazzy, right?

It’s not a humblebrag. I was checking out my new home with Bolt Public Relations (cheap, unsolicited plug…but really, call us) when a lovely young lady and PR pro who appreciates my great fraternity happened to mention the phrase ‘Spirit Animal’ during lunch.

While laughs abounded among some of us and bewilderment loomed overhead for others, we got to thinking about the inspiration behind this post. “Who would be the most ferocious PR Spirit Animals?” 

No, this list will not include Jennifer Lawrence—but gather ’round, flacks. Do these PR studs make you growl or purr, or do they just pee in the corner under the bed and leave it as a special surprise to start your day (no, I’m not happy with my dog right now)?

Flacks and flackettes, welcome to the PRNewser Spirit Animal zoo.

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Mediabistro Job Fair

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The Top 5 PR Myths to Debunk in 2014


All right, PR peeps. You have a mission in 2014: Debunk these top five PR myths.

Unfortunately, there are many more than five, but in this industry, it’s all about billable time. A couple of these myths are unwritten rules in PR — many of which are subjective sources of angst. They are inescapable in this industry, but they are things we live with and endure. Other myths have been proven to be sources of headaches, sore thumbs and the ubiquitous pain-in-the-ass.

There are misconceptions in this industry that regretfully, our clients believe as fact even though they can’t be proven. There are stereotypes that cannot be shattered in this industry because of the inexperienced neophytes that insist they need to act as a PR director without learning what an intern does. Nonetheless, here are the Top 5 we have concluded and require your help.

Make sense? On with the show…

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Veterans Day: The Best CSR Campaign Ever

VA posterIt’s June 28, 1919. Our commander of the U.S. Allied Forces is inside a lovely palace called Versailles in France. A 440-article, 15-part treaty named after that palace was signed that day to end “The Great War,” more commonly known as World War I.

(Never mind those hundreds of articles jacked-up trade for Germany so badly, it kinda led to the rise of Nazis and another world war, but that’s another story.)

Although the Treaty of Versailles “officially” ended World War I, seven months earlier — the 11th month, the 11th day on the 11th hour (no kidding) — an armistice was reached. The temporary halt of hostility was considered “Armistice Day.”

The following November, President Woodrow Wilson made a national address with these words:

“To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service and with gratitude for the victory, both because of the thing from which it has freed us and because of the opportunity it has given America to show her sympathy with peace and justice in the councils of the nations…”

And that, dear Americans, is how this day came to be. That was then, and this is now. Are you reflecting? Filled with solemn pride? Or just pissed the banks are closed?

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Bob Schieffer on the 50th Anniversary of JFK’s Death: ‘There Were No PR People.’

Junior Reporter Bob Schieffer (left) with Russ Bloxom in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram newsroom, 1963

Junior Reporter Bob Schieffer (left) with Russ Bloxom in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram newsroom, 1963

With sincere apologies to all my journo friends, TV news broadcasting will never be like it was in the heyday of the three national networks, when the family gathered ’round the tube for the nightly news.

Rather. Jennings. Cronkite. Brokaw. Smith. Brinkley. Murrow. 

Those were the biggies, but in my fair burg of North Texas, there is none more regaled and respected than the great Bob Schieffer.

The guy has a school of journalism named in his honor for crying out loud. Simply put, he’s the shizzle in Dallas/Fort Worth. And all year long, he has been in the news for what he experienced 50 years ago — reporting the assassination of John F. Kennedy in his own backyard

In a riveting interview from The Daily Beastthe lovely Eleanor Clift writes about Schieffer’s memories from that fateful day near 50 years ago, November 22, 1963.

Among the gruesome descriptions and hearkening memories, Schieffer says something that should strike all of us flacks to the core. More about that after the jump…

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Tomorrow Is ‘Snark-Free Day.’ Good Luck with That, PR Peeps.

snark-free-daySo…how long do we see this idea lasting? Namely in the laconic world of public relations. You know, folk in this profession like to be brief, witty and nonsensical. To wit, much of what flacks have to say can be seemingly perceived as “smarmy,” “irascible,” or even “snide.”

(Yes, those were the only words that came up on my trusty Thesaurus app.)

It’s nice not to be such a, shall we say, smart ass. Therefore, a gaggle of public relations professionals have dedicated tomorrow as “Snark-Free Day.” October 22 is to be forthwith defined as “a day free of harsh comments, rude social media posts or sinister sarcasm.”


Mundelein’s Toni Antonetti at PR Chicago and her merry men and women are committing to a kinder way of communication and encouraging others to participate. According to the Chicago Tribune, “The group often coaches clients on communication styles for messaging, media releases, web content, blogs, social media and more.” You know, in case other PR firms across this country weren’t sure what you did for a check.

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