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Ogilvy & Mather Signs Tiffany & Co.

tiffany-and-co-torontos-tiffanybloor-004This morning Ad Age scooped the news that Tiffany & Co.’s global agency search is over: Ogilvy & Mather will serve as its creative AOR.

Reports focus on the traditional advertising aspects of the deal, which follows the company’s appointment of a new design director and a third quarter marked by rising sales around the world. The news is made more significant by the fact that Tiffany’s famously keeps most of its operations in-house, and our sister site AgencySpy notes that Ogilvy will handle print, video and digital “in tandem with the latter’s in-house marketing team”; Ogilvy CMO Lauren Crampsie told Ad Age “we are honored to be selected as [Tiffany's] trusted marketing partner.”

The move will inevitably affect PR as well, though: pending challenges include familiarizing new markets with the Tiffany name and helping the brand continue its vigorous defense of its own intellectual property rights (which famously include its own trademarked color).

In other words, there will be quite a bit of communications work ahead for everyone associated with one of the world’s best-known fashion names.

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Chipotle Goes All In on ‘Factory Farming’ Message with Hulu Mini-Series

Chipotle appears to have taken content marketing to its logical conclusion by producing an online mini-series that never once mentions its own product.

From what we can tell, Farmed and Dangerous—created with NY “branded entertainment” firm Piro—stars Laura Palmer’s dad as a guy who does damage control for the kind of unethical corporate farming interest that earns the strong disapproval of the Chipotle organization. The plot, as seen in the trailer above, revolves around said industrial giant creating a petroleum-based feed for cattle, and it includes at least four half-hour episodes that could be extended into a second “season” if the experiment works.

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‘Autocomplete Truth’ Women’s Rights Campaign Goes Multimedia

Things we didn’t know before this morning: today is International Men’s Day. We thought this was a joke, and we have a pretty good idea why marketers weren’t just dying to run with it.

On a more serious note, the UN Women‘s ‘Autocomplete Truth‘ campaign has been more effective than its creators expected, sparking conversations around the world about the women’s rights movement and the barriers it faces in different societies. Today the campaign, created by Memac Ogilvy & Mather Dubai, released its first video as promised:

Our sister site AgencySpy notes that the short essentially summarizes the women’s rights movement over the past 150 years before ending with a single disturbing autocomplete. It’s reminder that, however far we’ve progressed as a society, we still have a ways to go.

So does the ad advance the campaign or simply restate its original premise for a larger and more varied audience?

The larger, unknown question: how can we maximize its impact?

PR Win: Agency Tests Its New Product Inside IKEA

Now here’s a great stunt: design agency Upwell created a new light switch cover that also functions as a key holder. They weren’t sure how its functionality and design would sit with the public, so they pulled a little stunt by placing it in the middle of…an IKEA.

They even had a member of their team dress up as an employee to monitor the experiment.

No word on whether PR was involved, but if they weren’t then they were surely missing out on the week’s best guerrilla marketing stunt.

And here’s the website.

(H/T to our sister site AgencySpy)

#LoveAlwaysWins In All Out’s Pro-Gay Sochi Olympics PSA

All Out describes itself as a merger of two non-profit organizations created to “…build a world where no person will have to sacrifice family or freedom, safety or dignity, because of who they are or whom they love”. They do it by using social media to change minds and ultimately challenge the law in the 76 countries where it’s currently a crime to be openly LGBT.

So think of it as a gay-centric Upworthy.

Today our sister site AgencySpy featured the two-minute PSA that forms the crux of the org’s latest campaign, and it’s worth a teary watch:

So how will it work?

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White House Aide Fired for Straight Up Trolling Twitter

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 11.04.23 AM

We get the appeal of trolling. Sometimes you just need to let off steam by telling the digital world how you really feel (without using your real name, of course). Hell, it seems like almost every ad exec in the country spends his or her lunch break slinging anonymous insults in the AgencySpy comment threads.

But if you’re a top White House aide, then mocking your friends, allies and employers might not be the best idea, because eventually it will come back to bite you in the ass. You might claim to be “Unapologetically [saying] what everyone else only thinks”, but that won’t make a very good defense when you get caught.

Last night The Daily Beast broke news that national security staffer (!) Jofi Joseph had been tweeting as @NatSecWonk for two years before killing the handle last week. A collection of messages from the account, saved for eternity by Favstar, reveals some very personal insults aimed at partisans and personalities on both sides of the aisle, along with leaks of classified information from within the administration.

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YouTube Spearheads ‘Clean Up the Comments’ Movement

trollololololoInternet comment threads: can’t live with ‘em, can’t kill ‘em…or can you?

If you work in digital marketing or PR then you’ve almost certainly had some experience scrolling through comment sections to answer poorly spelled, logically unsound criticisms of your client or firm. And if you read our sister blog AgencySpy every week then you may well be one of those commentors who spends his or her lunch hour assuming fake screen names to talk smack about rivals’ work. (You can’t see it, but we’re wagging our finger at you right now.)

To those who hate comments as much as the rest of us, YouTube might be something of a savior: starting this week, the king of free videos will attempt to weed out the worst of the trolls by requiring that all commentors first sign up for Google+ accounts. How will this help anyone?

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Game of Thrones Still Has the Best Swag

We don’t know if you guys are crazy excited about the third-season premier of HBO‘s mega-hit Game of Thrones, which is less than a week away — but we are!

You may have heard earlier this year (or in 2011 via our sister site AgencySpy) about how GoT‘s marketing/PR teams are absolutely the best, but we’d like to take a moment to remind you why that’s true (and encourage you to check out this awesome print ad one more time). This year the GoT folks followed up on their promo winning streak and even took it up a notch by sending customized “kits” to various celebrities, aka “opinion leaders”, each of whom seemed to follow up by hyping the show on social:

We’re not sure what’s in these boxes besides Season 1 and 2 DVDs and some other assorted goodies, but does that even matter? And have you checked out the totally awesome Join the Realm site, where you can create your own family arms?

Here’s the lesson of this story:

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Here’s Our Favorite Justin Timberlake Promo Stunt

Justin TimberlakeSo Justin Timberlake released his new album The 20/20 Experience this week, and everyone’s going all out to promote it. His label allowed fans to stream the whole thing on iTunes two weeks ago, he hosted Saturday Night Live, and before all that he did this ridiculous “I’m ready” tweet thing.

Anyway, it’s Friday so we thought we’d share our favorite little JT promo stunt via our sister site AgencySpy. It’s so simple that it’s dumb — in a brilliant way. It’s called JT All Night Long, and it’s really just a quick loop from that (old) song set to different clips of Timberlake throughout his career, from the “SexyBack” video to the ramen-hair period. Just click on it before reading ahead.

Don’t you feel like you just got “Rickrolled” by Timberlake and creative agency CP+B Miami? We do — and we don’t mind at all. Say what you will about his music, but the dude has a sense of humor.

Holiday Campaigns: Preston Kelly’s ‘Give Naked’

Today in Innovative Holiday Campaigns News, we bring you an interesting charity project that Minneapolis firm Preston Kelly created to address the problem of holiday season waste.

Common sense tells us that cards, wrapping paper and other holiday accessories create significant amounts of trash—but related statistics are alarming:

  • Households produce 25 percent more waste during the holiday season
  • Americans buy more than 2 billion Christmas cards each year–and the paper required to meet our card and wrapping needs consumes more than 30 million trees.

The Preston Kelly solution? Give “naked” by finding ways to wrap your gifts with existing materials.

Examples include socks, bandanas, scarves, cereal boxes and trash bags–and the firm promised to donate $1 to Oxfam’s “America Unwrapped” for each photo submission and Twitter use of the hashtag #GiveNaked. (The group also earned a mention from our sister blog AgencySpy.)

We know that most Americans won’t do this–we may not even do it ourselves–but it is both a cool campaign and a great way to focus on the significant waste that occurs in our society, isn’t it?