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BuzzFeed Signs Facebook Vet as PR Chief


This week, Capital New York broke the news that BuzzFeed had named Facebook vet Liz Wasden as its new head of PR. She replaces Ashley McCollum, who was promoted in October to the position of chief of staff/personal advisor to founder and publisher Jonah Peretti.

Wasden brings more than 15 years of comms experience to the new role. She formerly worked within the CBS organization and served as communications director for Katie Couric, promoting both CBS News and Couric’s syndicated talk show Katie (which she helped launch along with executive producer/current CNN president Jeff Zucker). Prior to joining CBS, she held PR roles at such prominent media outlets as Forbes, Good Housekeeping and Money; the Savannah, Georgia native also spent time at Porter Novelli.

As our sister site AllFacebook reported, Wasden joined Zuckerberg’s team in early 2013, working on consumer communications for both Facebook and the still-new Instagram.

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Does Everyone Else Hate These Facebook Changes As Much As We Do?


We’d say he’s laughing with us, but we’re not laughing.

Notice anything different about your brand/blog/client Facebook page recently? Uh huh. Take a look at these reach numbers:

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 12.46.46 PM

Versus statistics for the same page just a couple of weeks ago:

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 4.37.29 PM

Yeah, the numbers are small because whatever. But that’s a pretty big difference, and we have a sneaking suspicion it can all be attributed to Facebook’s new algorithm. A recent report from Ignite confirms that brand pages have suffered a 44% decline in exposure in the last nine days alone.

How’s that “tinkering with our revenue streams” experiment going, Mark? Let’s take a dive into the big blue rabbit hole…

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You Can Edit Existing Facebook Posts Now

Here’s some good news via sister site AllFacebook: you don’t have to worry quite as much about typos on clients’ posts.

This change was a long time coming. Zuck and company started testing it in June, and while they supposedly told InsideFacebook that it would go through a slow launch, we can already use it on our personal page. All you have to do is click on that invisible downward-facing arrow in the top right hand corner and choose the edit option.

Here’s how it looks:

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 1.05.28 PM

Before you ask: administrators can edit posts on pages they manage, and the new feature also applies to event pages and photo albums.

Of course this doesn’t mean PR pros and marketers can abandon our twin obsessions with grammar and spelling. But it does give us a “get out of jail free” card for Facebook posts. No such offer from Twitter, unfortunately.

One question: why did this take so long?

Brands Placing Less and Less Emphasis on Facebook ‘Likes’

Earlier this month we ran a story on the fact that Facebook likes do, in fact, encourage more likes. You really can’t dismiss the psychological power of someone making a simple click to say “I approve of this message”. We certainly enjoy the instant gratification of likes on our most popular stories.

At the same time, brands and marketers have come to rely less and less the number of likes as a measure of success. Today our sister site AllFacebook posted a report on the change, noting that likes don’t translate into ROI statistics as easily as site traffic, page views, conversions and sales.

This isn’t terribly groundbreaking news, but it’s worth remembering in the face of recent changes designed to help ad and page managers better measure the success rates of their content. Another interesting revelation: media buyers have recorded greater ROI for local at-scale promotions that push consumers to visit brick and mortar stores. Marketers take note.

Could Facebook and LinkedIn’s New Features Help PR Pros?

Two of social media’s leading lights have debuted new or slightly different features this week. First, via our sister site AllFacebook, Zuckerberg and company appear to be toying with new names for the “promote” button. Alternatives include “boost post”, “advertise post” and “get more reach.”

At first glance this appears to be a simple tweaking of the language, because the function of these buttons remains the same. But we appreciate the psychology behind the change: Facebook is simply adopting more appropriate marketing jargon to re-emphasize the purpose and potential benefits of these expenses in users’ minds. Will it lead more brands and PR folks to “optimize” their sponsored content (there’s another one)? Facebook certainly hopes so — and we all know how powerful a few choice words can be, don’t we?

On the other side of the social pond, LinkedIn debuted “mentions“, which are the equivalent of Facebook tags. We’re a little more interested in this development — and here’s why:

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Job Seekers: Your Facebook Friends Could Affect Your Career Opportunities

Hey students and recent grads, here’s something that could have an influence on job opportunities: your Facebook profile. More specifically, we’re talking about your close and not-so-close friends–and the way you interact with them. This seems like a no-brainer, but some facts might surprise you.

Yesterday our sister site AllFacebook (like them on Facebook!) reported on a study conducted by the social network and Carnegie Mellon University that looked to answer an intriguing question: how do your Facebook habits affect your likelihood of finding a new job? Its key finding:

Facebook users who talked more with close friends regarding job hunts and job opportunities were much more likely to find employment than those who tended to reach out to acquaintances.

Other findings:

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DKNY’s Quick Facebook Crisis Response: PR Win?

DKNY Humans of New YorkToday our sister site AllFacebook brings us this story of very quick and (relatively) effective social media damage control on behalf of fashion giant DKNY.

In summary: Brandon Stanton is a New York-based photographer who runs the excellent Humans of New York page, where he posts his slice-of-life images of everyday New Yorkers and their fascinating outfits to more than half a million followers. Perfect content for an NY-centric fashion brand, no? DKNY agreed and approached Stanton with a promo opportunity, offering him $15,000 for 300 photos to use in store windows at locations “around the world.”

While interested, Stanton didn’t think the pay was enough and asked for more. DKNY declined but apparently decided to go through with its plan anyway–a fan sent him the featured photo of a window display at a DKNY outlet in Bangkok complete with dozens of his images, used “without [his] knowledge, and without compensation.”

Eww. Bad move.

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Facebook Likes Gambling But Won’t Admit That It Has a Problem

But they're so cute! Everyone’s favorite social network lost a little more of its innocence today. Facebook has announced that it will enter the world of online gambling with Bingo Friendzy, a new app designed by gaming bigwigs Gamesys that allows UK-based users aged 18 and older to compete for cash prizes online.

Given recent controversies over Internet gambling in the US (where it is currently illegal), Bingo could be a somewhat touchy subject for Facebook, a company whose public image has suffered in the wake of a disappointing stock performance and other assorted PR headaches. The company’s representatives assured the public that age-gating technology will prevent minors and other “vulnerable people” from playing the games or viewing related ads and also repeatedly stressed the fact that the app will only be available to users in the United Kingdom. Sounds like they’re anticipating a backlash.

AllFacebook covered the issue earlier today, noting that we shouldn’t expect similar offerings in the US anytime soon due to the federal government’s 2011 crackdown on popular poker sites. So will this new revenue source satisfy Facebook’s anxious investors, or will Gibraltar-based Gamesys go the way of Zynga? Only time will tell.

By the way, would you play bingo for cash on Facebook if you could?

14 Tips For Successful Facebook Campaigns

Based on their many trips to many social media conferences, the folks at AllFacebook have compiled a couple of lists of tips and tricks for publicists who are incorporating Facebook into their campaigns. So these tips apply to virtually every publicist in America.

Among the helpful thoughts: post on Thursday, use words like “today” and “limited-time only” to get to the top of the news feed, and simply ask friends to share or “like” a link if that’s the sort of action you want them to take.

For more, click here and here. You can also check out this article [sub req'd] from mediabistro that offers advice for adding and keeping your Facebook pals. Any other tips you’d like to add to this list? The comments section is open.

Paladino Gets Press But Cuomo Has Facebook Fans

Overall stats as of October 28, 1p.m.

No need to say it (but we will) – social media is having a big impact on this year’s election. AllFacebook has launched the Election 2010 Tracker, which follows the number of Facebook fans that candidates across Congressional and gubernatorial races are racking up.

In New York, it’s been non-stop news about Carl Paladino (R), from his run in with a New York Post reporter to his anti-gay speech in Brooklyn. But online, Andrew Cuomo (D) has nearly double the Facebook fans with 56,000 versus 28,367. Overall however, Republicans nationwide, particularly those out West, have been getting the most fans.

Even if you are a fan, remember to vote on Tuesday.