27a5acb329909a4aa4e7a5a38772f263_width_640xYes, it’s her again. We know.

This week Funny or Die jumped on the dumb Sinead O’Connor/Miley Cyrus spat by posting a mildly clever “open letter” from AriZona Iced Tea‘s “marketing guy” which thanked the young Ms. Cyrus for using a can as a prop in her Terry Richardson “make me look like a porn star” photo shoot. The letter includes such salient points as:

I don’t encourage my daughters to walk around naked posing with cans of iced tea, but that’s only because they’re not famous…

Thank you for taking a picture with the label out so people can see that 99 cents for a tall can of iced tea is a great value (even for you).

…along with some naughty words that we won’t repeat here.

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