Asiana Airlines is considering a lawsuit against the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) after it confirmed the phony and racially-charged names that were reported on Oakland news station KTVU. The airline says it might just sue the station as well.

Both organizations apologized for the error after it aired on Friday. The NTSB says the names were confirmed by a summer intern who spoke in error. But that might not be enough for the airline. Ki Won Suh, a PR rep for Asiana, said the error “seriously damaged the reputation of the four pilots and the company,” reports NBC News. The names were used as part of a report on the July 6 plane crash.

Three girls have died (one was struck by a fire truck on the ground, but it’s unclear if that’s what killed her) and 181 of 307 passengers and crew were injured when Flight 214 hit a seawall then burst into flames. Six people are still being treated in the hospital.

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