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You Won’t Believe How Quickly This New Old Spice Campaign Goes Viral

Just when we figured the Old Spice guy had run out of tricks…

This video is OK, but the concept behind the campaign makes it great.

If you see a tweet or Facebook message from a friend telling you all about an illegal neck workout machine, a 100% solid gold headset or another, equally ridiculous “bro-tastic” product in the next few days, then you may get punked into watching a clip like the one above. Just click on or or to start.

The campaign includes nine different URLs and clips, and we took a couple of screenshots after the jump.

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Oracle CEO to Fortune Reporter: ‘Hey Jerk…your job is telling half-truths’


Here is one way to voice an opinion on a news story. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison wasn’t happy with an item written about him in Fortune that referenced his personal life.

So he took to email and sent this message to the reporter, Philip Elmer-DeWitt:

From: Larry Ellison

Subject: Hey Jerk

Date: August 11, 2010 1:00:55 PM EDT


Adelyn Lee went to jail for a year for falsely accusing me of sexual harassment. Why did you leave that out of your story you scum bag? Let me guess…your job is telling half-truths. Fortune Magazine must be very proud of you.

There’s nothing wrong with asking for corrections or reaching out to a reporter to follow up on a story. However, some are saying this goes too far. What do you think? Also: Is Ellison no longer taking the advice of Brooke Hammerling?

Apple Needs To Address Consumer Reports‘ Negative iPhone 4 Review

It’s been a bit of a tough week for Apple. Consumer Reports loves many aspects of the new iPhone 4, but can’t recommend it to consumers because of a faulty antenna, which leads to bad connections.

Now, there is already talk about a potential recall of the device. To top things off, tech gadget blog Gizmodo says it has evidence of Apple editing discussion forums on their site that mention the issue.

Brooke Hammerling, founder of tech PR firm Brew Media Relations, told PRNewser today that she has an iPhone 4 and that she definitely sees the antenna issues.

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Apple iPad Launch Finds PR Hitting On All Cylinders


The Apple iPad officially becomes available this Saturday, April 3rd. Apple put out a press release on the matter yesterday.

As usual, Apple’s PR machine is executing rather flawlessly, with news of sold out pre-orders, analysts stating the company may ship up to 10 million iPads in 2010, and also the release of video tours of the product in action.

At least one PR executive doesn’t think marketing can take all of the credit, however.

“I’m not surprised at the pre-order sell out, but it’s probably more than just marketing-driven. Estimating demand is hard, and it takes time to build inventory. Marketing is taking advantage of the sellout, of course, but probably not the driver,” Andy Getsy, co-founder of tech PR agency Atomic PR told PRNewser.

“Apple PR always does their job to perfection it seems. Truly,” said Brew Media Relations founder Brooke Hammerling. She previously questioned the product’s name, but did tell us this week, “there is a genuine curiosity around this new device.”

Visit our sibling blog eBookNewser for all of the latest iPad news.

How Many People Work In Facebook’s PR Department?

facebook logo11.jpg

The answer would be 25, according to a Facebook PR rep we spoke with. So how do reporters who cover the company describe its public relations strategy? It’s a delicate question for those reporters looking to maintain their level of access with the social networking powerhouse.

Facebook “plays a fair game of PR hardball” said Nick O’Neill, editor of PRNewser’s sibling site

Another reporter we spoke with said the Facebook PR team told them they get hundreds of media inquiries a day — not surprising. But despite the flood of inquiries, the PR team is responsive.

“A lot of companies will operate a sort of press@ or newsroom@ email address for general inquiries and Facebook I’ve found is one of the best companies at maintaining that,” said CNET’s Caroline McCarthy.

Facebook is “pretty straight-forward” when it comes to releasing company news, said another editor, occasionally giving exclusives to The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, but more often than not opting to release news to their company blog or via their invite-only Facebook group for members of the media and analysts who cover the company.

Facebook also employs Outcast Communications as its agency of record, and occasionally hires Brooke Hammerling‘s Brew Media Relations for project work.

Like any growing company, Facebook has faced PR hurdles…

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Brooke Hammerling Receives NY Post Love For V-Day Cards


Here’s the latest example of why it may make sense to shut off those social networks for a few hours and go back to a more “old-school” form of communication.

Brooke Hammerling‘s tech PR firm, Brew Media Relations, got a nice shout out from New York Post media reporter Peter Lauria after sending hand written Valentine’s Day cards to the Post‘s news desk.

“I love the idea of making sure everyone has a Valentine and making the cards personal so we write them out by hand to everyone and hand address them and create new cards each year because we love what we do, we love the people we get the opportunity to work with and I thought these cards would bring a smile,” Hammerling told the Post.

Hey Brooke: where was PRNewser’s card?

Brooke Hammerling on iPad: ‘Are there any women in Apple marketing?’


As PRNewser noted yesterday, Apple’s latest product release, the iPad tablet computer had already been widely mocked for its name.

Some women marketers seem to agree.

“Are there any women in Apple marketing?” asked Brooke Hammerling, founder of Brew Media Relations, in The New York Times. “The first impression of every single woman I’ve spoken to is that it’s cringe-inducing. It indicates to me that there wasn’t a lot of testing or feedback.”

And some don’t.

“In three months’ time, if it delivers on its promise, no one’s going to remember that they chuckled about it,” Hayes Roth, chief marketing officer at Landor Associates told the Times.

We’re curious to hear your take. Did the iPad launch live up to the hype? Does the name have any effect on what you think of the product or if you will buy one?

Tech PR Agencies Hoping for IPO Market in 2010


Rumors abound this week that investors in user review social network Yelp are potentially pushing the company to IPO after turning down a $500 acquisition deal from Google. Similarly, “at least 50 venture-backed companies could seek to go public next year, possibly as high as 100,” reports Marketwatch’s Theresa Poletti.

This led us to thinking: Is it better for PR agencies to have clients in an M&A market or an IPO market?

“I sure wish there was a bigger IPO market,” said Horn Group CEO Sabrina Horn when asked the question in an interview with PRWeek on December 4th. “When a company goes public, their communications needs grow and expand. In an M&A market, when a company gets acquired, they go away, and that’s tough for agencies.”

Brew Media Relations founder Brooke Hammerling took client NetSuite through its IPO two years ago and has retained them since. “Obviously, we want our clients to be happiest,” she told PRNewser. “From an agency perspective, if a company is bought, that’s great for the company, but usually you wind down your work with them. The acquiring company will handle all PR. If a company goes public they will more likely keep their PR firm.”

Tech PR professionals: what’s your take? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

[Disclosure: This PRNewser previously worked at Horn Group.]

Brooke Hammerling Still Trying To Figure Out This Whole “Phone” Thing


Brooke Hammerling, the well connected tech publicist and founder of Brew Media Relations, is working out of the agency’s Santa Monica office today. She had a little mishap with the phone system. We’ll give her a pass on this one, since it seems from her Twitter feed that she’s been in about 18 different time zones in the last few weeks.

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Ogilvy Adds a VP to Digital Division


Ogilvy announced the addition of Rachel Polish to its 360-degree Digital Influence Group today, with the title of VP of digital strategy. She’s spearheading the division’s word-of-mouth and social media efforts on the west coast, from Ogilvy’s San Francisco office according to the press release.

Most PR people with digital titles also spend considerable personal time using social media, and Polish is no different. Except she does it for the military as a Coast Guard reservist, lending a hand during breaking news and crises.

Prior to Ogilvy, Polish was a senior PR manager at SanDisk.

Her first outward-facing effort was to weigh in on the New York Times “Spinning the Web” feature about Brooke Hammerling and others in tech PR, as so many have this week. See “In Defense of All Things Public Relations and Social Media” on Ogilvy’s Fresh Influence blog.

[photo from Polish's Twitter profile]