If the number one topic of discussion at Ad Week is content, the Millennial generation ranks a close second—and research presented this week by textbook rental company Chegg should provide everyone in the business with a few more talking points on that front.

The results of this third annual “undercover with college students” survey reinforce some things we already knew about what Chegg is calling the “Made-to-Order” generation. The three conclusions that stood out to us were these: Milliennials love humor when it’s well-done, they want to know all about your brand’s CSR efforts, and they expect to be rewarded for their loyalty.

Some details on media consumption:

  • 33% only watch video content via streaming services and only 59% have a cable or satellite subscription (which means that all those reports about the decline of traditional advertising aren’t completely insane).


  • 88 percent believe it’s important for companies to give back to the community. They want you to actively show them how you’re doing it, because 80% also think it’s important to buy from brands that have “responsible business practices.”

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