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Dublin Airport to Everyone: ‘It’s St. Paddy’s, NOT St. Patty’s’

tumblr_m4rr0sHhQ81qdscjdo1_1280So today is officially St. Patrick’s Day, or the Western world’s favorite excuse to get a bit toxic (along with New Year’s Eve, Thanksgiving, Graduation Day, President’s Day, Super Bowl Sunday, etc. etc.).

What a great time for social media engagement, right?! Last week Dublin Airport—which is somehow not among the top Facebook pages in Ireland—took the opportunity to remind everyone that Mac, Dennis and Charlie got it right: the correct nickname for St. Patrick is St. Paddy, NOT St. Patty.

This is not a new debate, BTW.

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Are You Drunk Enough to Join This ‘Niche Network?’

No, that’s not a trick question…or is it?

The almost-too-clever LIVR (as in “liver failure”) requires users to attach a breathalyzer to their smartphones—and only those with blood-alcohol levels above the legal limit may proceed.

Why would you want to join such a network? We’ll let its supposed creators (who do not in any way embody certain longstanding stereotypes) explain:

We can’t quite agree that “our best ideas are found at the bottom of a glass”, and we almost hope this app is a joke—the breathalyzer itself has us leaning toward “SXSW stunt pitch that worked.”

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PRSA-LA Invites You to a Virtual Happy Hour with Top Tech Journalists


We don’t know about you, but we’re quite ready for happy hour!

The “happy hour” in our headline doesn’t involve discounts on cocktails, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting: the Los Angeles branch of PRSA will launch its own Google+ hangout next Tuesday in order to better connect PR pros around the country with West Coast tech writers.

The facts you need to know:

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Merry Christmas to All Our Readers

...and to all a drunk night

…and to all a drunk night

Here’s wishing you a happy 25th from everyone at PRNewser! We won’t be posting for the next couple of days due to our family commitments: tasting the paella, letting the in-laws beat us at bowling, drinking too much Christmas whiskey and trying to figure out whether we missed anything while watching A Christmas Story for the fifteenth time (because no one ever gives us the remote).

So take stock of your booty, find a way to distract the kids and have a drink or ten. Then try your best to tolerate your loved ones, avoid thinking about your clients and thank whatever God you may worship that your name isn’t Justine Sacco.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

STUDY: Abstaining from Alcohol Will Cause Premature Death


Yeah, that’s what I thought as well.

I began searching for “paid by the same cats that brought you Jack Daniels distillery,” but what I found was enough to make a hobo stand up and shout “Amen!”

This study was conducted by psychologist Charles Holahan of the University of Texas at Austin. While that sounds impressive, a clinical psychologist smoking a fru-fru pipe standing in his white jacket and smart inscription “Charles Holahan, M.D.” I used my hack-turned-flack journalist Spidey Sense to ascertain something that was rather fishy.

The study 20 years in the making after the jump…

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Click Here For Your Free ‘Holiday Hangover Helper’

shutterstock_91899770Are you going to a company holiday party this season? Do you still have to show up at the office the following day? If you answered “yes” to both of those questions then you might just want to check out Canadian agency High Road Communications‘ “Holiday Hangover Helper” project.

To participate, simply visit the URL and enter the date of the upcoming company hoedown at which you might just have one too many. Then use the agency’s super-simple instructions to schedule your own “fake morning-after meeting” so you don’t have to sit through another annoying, totally unproductive hourlong lecture disguised as a strategy session.

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6 Ways Not to Be a Drunk Jerk at Your Agency’s Holiday Party


When we woke up this morning we thought “how can we make sure not to act like an ass at the company party we may or may not be attending this holiday season?”

Thankfully, Mr. Manners (aka Daniel Lippman) of The Wall Street Journal published a helpful how-to guide on Sunday. Let’s review his tips:

1. Dress appropriately

Ah yes. If you work on the creative side this generally means “don’t try to look like you give a sh*t”, but we know that quite a few agencies do require their professionals to dress…professionally. A self-described “business-etiquette expert” from Palm Beach (think about that for a second) tells the ladies “don’t wear anything low-cut, too short, too tight, too revealing” before recommending that bros stick with “a nice pair of slacks and a sports jacket”. This comment shows that time moves a little differently in Palm Beach.

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Vegas Calls Prince Harry Scandal ‘A PR Boon’

Here at PRNewser, we’ve reported on all the breaking details of ginger troublemaker Prince Harry’s latest scandal, because we’re all about keeping the public informed on the things that matter most.

We even theorized that his drunk nude photo romp would serve as an excellent advertisement for the Las Vegas experience—and according to a report just released by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, we were exactly right!

City power players immediately saw the potential PR value of this incident—they released a clever ad campaign in August designed to “shame” those who leaked the Harry pics for violating the sacred “What Happens in Vegas” code. The campaign involved a full-page USA Today ad, a gimmicky “Know the Code” website, and a video spot:

Today’s report claims that the print ad reached 154 million people and estimates the overall PR value of the incident at $23 million, though we’re not sure how they reached that number since the agency “can’t track how much of the attention translated into actual Las Vegas visits.”

We always found the “What Happens…” tagline to be a bit much, but it does read better than the more realistic “Las Vegas: Encouraging Bad Behavior Since 1911!”