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Do you think it’s hard to roll out social media policy and strategy to fifty employees? How about 270,000?

Jaime Punishill, Director, Digital Channel Strategy & Social Media, Citibank is part of a team doing just that. “I have a small team of five, and we’re augmenting that with folks who have the most experience,” Punishill told PRNewser today.

In this interview, Punishill reveals who Citibank has been partnering with when it comes to social and digital strategy, and what he thinks the biggest misconception about social media is.

Namely, that it’s not free. “There is nothing free about this,” he said.

PRNewser: Tell us a little bit about your background.

I’ve been in digital since 1997. I built the first online brokerage for Bank of America. The last 13 years, I’ve been living at the epicenter of the digital revolution. When Citi re-organized last summer, which is when the team I was on was established, we began developing a centralized mobile and internet strategy across North America. It’s a very natural fit for what I’ve been doing.

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