Didn’t see this one coming, did you?

If you’re a big media hound, then you’ve been up to your eyeballs in Banksy this month—and given his ability to dominate headlines with PR stunts, we felt compelled to comment.

Love him? Hate him? Sick of hearing about him? Whatever your opinion, you have to admit he’s a brilliant self-promoter. Here are eleven lessons we took from his wildly successful monthlong “Better Out Than In” campaign:

1. Don’t be too obvious. Tease your audience.

While Banksy did establish an Instagram account, a Twitter feed and a website just for the campaign, he didn’t coordinate any announcements with major outlets or saturate social media before the event began. He simply told fans on his site via blog post and audio guide that his New York “residency” would last the entire month of October.


Most of our clients don’t have Banksy’s name recognition, but the point stands: no one likes to be barraged with promo messages. They prefer to “discover” your stuff on their own.

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