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Paula Deen’s Carnival of Disaster Finally Hires Renowned PR Professional

Oh boy. That was painful. As you know Paula Deen appeared on the Today Show recently after abruptly cancelling an interview with Matt Lauer last Friday.

By now everyone in our industry has formed their opinions regarding Paula Deen’s rapid demise and her subsequent barrage of awkward apologies and wayward explanations. This entire situation is sad. There are no winners here. So we’re hesitant to jump in the media melee and add energy to this sadness, but as PR experts it’s our job to deconstruct this ugly mess.

These are emotional times for the Paula Deen empire, and emotional PR situations must be handled with logic, sincerity and intelligence. That means showing up and treating the public like adults. For Paula Deen the folksy, southern “aw shucks” shtick may sell Virginia ham, but it doesn’t sell the truth. Read more

Media Beat: Brian Stelter on Being Matt Lauer’s Nemesis

Brian Stelter, who launched TVNewser almost 10 years ago, is now a published author. “Top of the Morning,” out today, lays bare a tumultuous year for network morning news shows which saw one anchor pack her bags, another face a serious health issue, a ratings leader fall — and lose a quarter of its audience — and an entirely new show launch.

In his first interview for the book, Stelter tells us about the secrecy behind “Top of the Morning,” the access he got, and what he thinks about being called Matt Lauer‘s nemesis.

  • Part II, tomorrow: What happens when Brian Stelter Tweets something he shouldn’t?

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Lindsay Lohan Is Trying to Make a Comeback

So Lindsay Lohan wants you to know she is getting it together and would like to be an actress. She’s going to host Saturday Night Live this weekend and to promote her return to the stage she did an interview with Matt Lauer for the Today show in which she talked about doing what she loves, not being a slave to love, and how much she loves going to movie premieres (especially when she’s in the movie).

The Hollywood Reporter has pulled seven quotes from the interview that they think are the result of perhaps too much media training. We have to say, there’s a point (4:05 in the video after the jump) where she talks about how much she misses “sharing” what she does with viewers, and she seems completely sincere. Basically she’s saying she likes it when people watch her movies, which is a) what movies actors thrive on, so it makes sense and b) kind of vain. Nonetheless, she sounds earnest about wanting to get on the movie-making path.

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Revolving Door: Ryan Seacrest, Publishing App Expo, NewsBasis, and More

Ryan Seacrest may take over for Matt Lauer should the veteran Today anchor vacate his seat. Talks are only in the preliminary stages. [via WSJ]‘s GM paid a visit to Mediabistro’s Publishing App Expo to talk about the role of apps in a business plan. For more on the Expo, check out GalleyCat and eBookNewser.

The publisher, EIC, and creative director of the Manhattan society mag AVENUE have jumped ship with some of Jared Kushner’s money in order to start another Manhattan society mag that has yet to be named. Kushner is the wallet behind the New York Observer (and is married to Ivanka Trump). A statement from the new publication’s publisher and CEO (and AVENUE‘s former publisher), Julie Dannenberg , includes references to Henry James and Edith Wharton so we’re guessing this magazine will be pretty annoying. (Though we love us some Edith Wharton.)

Vogue has launched an archive and the subscription costs $1,575 per year. That’s as much as the average pair of designer shoes on one of its pages, so it’s a deal? The archive has 100,000 articles and 425,000 images. [via Folio]

NewsBasis, a HARO/ProfNet-like site that launched last year, is shutting down on December 16.

T.J. Holmes is leaving CNN at the end of the year to join BET, where he will have his own show and a presence on the website[via TVNewser]

Click through for more media changes.

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5 Things You Need to Know This Week: Herman Cain Sings and Matt Lauer Goes Missing

In this week’s episode of “5 Things You Need to Know This Week,” Herman Cain sings about sexual harassment, Justin Bieber has a baby with Kate Middleton (I think I have that right), and nobody seems to know the whereabouts of Matt Lauer. Plus, we debut the 1st annual “Where in the World is ‘Five Things You Need to Know This Week?’”

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Starbucks’ Small Business Campaign Can Be Both Philanthropy and PR

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz appeared on the Today show yesterday to introduce  that company’s new philanthropic campaign, which seeks to raise money that will help small businesses in need of loans. Launched in collaboration with Create Jobs for USA and the Opportunity Finance Network, Starbucks is getting the ball rolling with a $5 million donation. And each $5 donation from consumers will get them a wristband that shows support.

During the Today show appearance, Matt Lauer played devil’s advocate, asking Schultz to address any “cynicism” out there about this being a PR project. “I can assure you, this is nothing about marketing,” Schultz replied. He continued, in response to another question, “This is not about PR.”

Lauer said at one point, “You say it’s not PR, but it sounds a lot like a PR campaign.” Why can’t it be both philanthropic and a PR campaign?

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No Response to the ‘NYT’ from Bahraini Government

We took some time this weekend to catch up on the print version of The New York Times, and, interestingly, continued coverage of the upheaval in Bahrain was published on Friday’s cover page, above the fold. The story goes into detail about the government’s crackdown on protesters, quoting human rights group figures: 34 people dead, 3,600 fired from their jobs, 1,400 arrested. Bahrain has 525,000 citizens. Unrest continued last week after the funeral for a protester killed by police tear gas.

The Times says it reached out via email to the government information office and a PR firm that the government hired for comment, but didn’t hear back. Qorvis and Sanitas International are working with the Bahraini government. When we spoke with Qorvis’ Matt Lauer last month, he said the firm is working to “highlight the changes” happening in the country and said the government “has worked hard to protect the rights and freedoms of people from all religious backgrounds and ethnicities.” reports that King Hamad Bin Eisa Al Khalifa will address the United Nations General Assembly this week, talking about issues in the region and the “modernization” in that country.

Salon Finds Another PR Tie to Bahrain

Bahraini protests last week over the death of a teen protester.

Salon reports that Joe Trippi, PR adviser to Howard Dean during his presidential run, and Sanitas International, a D.C.-based public affairs firm, are doing reputation work for the government of Bahrain.

Salon previously reported on the work Qorvis is doing with the government of Bahrain, with Qorvis partner Matt Lauer later telling PRNewser that the work is highlighting reforms currently underway.

Trippi says he has a vast experience in the region and calls Bahrain “one of the progressive countries in the Middle Eastern Gulf.”

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Qorvis Working to ‘Make Note of the Reforms’ in Bahrain

A protest in Bahrain in February. Photo: Reuters

In an email to PRNewser, Matt Lauer, partner at Qorvis, said the work the firm is doing with the government of Bahrain is meant to highlight the changes that are happening in the country.

In a recent article, Salon notes that Qorvis has submitted a Foreign Agents Registration Act filing stating that it’s being paid $40,000 per month for reputation work on behalf of the government of Bahrain.

Lauer notes in an email to us that the firm has worked with the Bahraini government (“a long-term American ally”) on a variety of projects for more than a year. “We are actively working to make note of the reforms and progress currently underway in the country,” Lauer added.

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Qorvis Working with Bahrain’s Ruling Family to Improve Image

Protesters in Bahrain on August 7. AP Photo/Hasan Jamali

We included this story in this morning’s Ticker, but we think it’s important enough to give it a little more detail.

Salon reports that Qorvis is working with the ruling family of Bahrain (the country’s King is Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa) at a rate of $40,000 per month (plus expenses) with the goal of improving the government’s image. The firm has issued a statement following a raid on what the government says was an unlicensed Doctors Without Borders office in a residential building. A spokesperson for the nonprofit denies this, telling NPR that the group has been upfront with the government.

*Clarification after the jump.

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