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National Labor Relations Board Rules Against McDonald’s in Mistreatment of Workers


Pic via Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Earlier this year, we brought to you the news about some tyrant franchisee of McDonald’s who forced his team to work 25 hours in a row. And if they complained, Mr. Happy threatened to have them deported.

Labor rights advocates nationwide have never been fans of the Golden Arches because of stories like that, but now, they believe justice has been served with a side of hash browns.

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) just made their year by claiming that McDonald’s has been complicit in behavior like this.

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McDonald’s Going With a ‘Less Is More’ Strategy Now That Numbers Have Tumbled

via Andrey Armyagov /

via Andrey Armyagov /

McDonald’s is taking its menu in a different direction — one that’s a little more trim — in order to stanch the bleeding at its bottom line. For years, various groups have raised issues and questions about what goes into a McDonald’s meal. But with sales down (since October 2013) and the competition taking continuous nibbles out of the fast food giant’s consumer base, McD’s is putting some more significant measures in place.

To start, the menu is getting smaller. The company is ridding itself of all but one version of the Quarter Pounder with Cheese burger. There will only be one Snack Wrap left on the menu. And there will only be one chicken sandwich. There will also be fewer ingredients in their food. All of this is being tested in six markets.

And speaking of ingredients, McD’s has decided maybe it’s time to let people know what’s in their meals.

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McDonald’s Not Going with ‘Lovin’ Beats Hatin” After All

So your friendly neighborhood chain restaurant isn’t too happy about its marketing secrets being leaked…especially when they’re not true. Last week we told you that McDonald’s was going to make its “rebrand” public next year with the tagline “Lovin’ Beats Hatin.’”

Now, however, the brand is pushing back. A spokesperson told Businessweek that the phrase wasn’t supposed to leak and that it might never appear anywhere at all — even on social! That said, the company has sought to trademark the remarkably similar phrases “Lovin’ > Hatin’” and “Lovin’ Is Greater Than Hatin’” (in case you needed it spelled out).

We can’t figure out how this sentiment could play into McDonald’s plans to reinvent itself. Does the brand simply want to encourage its customers to be better people, or does it want to ask the world why everyone’s always pickin’ on McD?

Lovin’ may beat hatin’, but do you know what beats both of ‘em? Questions. Questions like, “Why is the McRib seasonal?”

We would tell you that someone wrote an entire Simpsons plotline explaining the strategy, but director of PR Molly McKenna Jandrain already did it for us. SPOILER: people like exclusive stuff.

Why is McDonald’s so cheap?” is another good one if you like one-word answers that begin and end with “bulk.”

McDonald’s Will Launch a Weird New Tagline Next Year

McDonald’s just reported some pretty bad numbers — a drop of 4.1 percent in same-store sales — so, of course, they want to turn things around. Faced with changing tastes and the behemoth known as Chipotle, McD’s is looking to help turn things around with its marketing.

Chipotle touts the conditions under which their food is raised, winning a Cannes PR award this year for its campaign promoting its sustainable methods. On top of that, hello, burrito bowls. People love burrito bowls so much, it’s actually having an impact on many fast-food dining menus.

In response, we’ve already seen a McDonald’s ad in which people on the street ask about pink slime and what’s in the McNuggets. On their YouTube page, McD’s has a video showing where their food comes from and how it’s made.

Next up will be a new tagline in some new ads. The company is adding to its “I’m Lovin’ It” motto with “Lovin’ Beats Hatin’,” which makes no sense.

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McDonald’s and the Smartphone Mafia Made the Most of Friday’s iPhone Launch

Were you among the 10 million people who helped turn the iPhone 6 into Apple’s fastest-selling model to date this weekend?

We were not. Honestly, we just got our iPhone 5 a few months ago and we almost enjoy being so very far behind the rest of the world. Anyway, two organizations made the most of the Friday release: McDonald’s and whatever one would call the international syndicate responsible for selling said phones on the Chinese black market (at a 300-400 percent markup).

First, the wise people at McDonald’s decided to show up outside the 5th Avenue Apple store early Friday morning to pass out Apple pies to the “folks who had been waiting in line so long, they were sure glad to see us”. Get it? USA Today and Ronn Torossian of 5WPR certainly do.

McD’s was only the biggest brand looking to steal some of the excitement and mayhem. This clip, created by YouTuber Casey Neistat, is a must-watch if you haven’t seen it already:

Neistat apparently received some pushback over the video, so he explained himself a bit on its page:

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Bad News for McDonald’s: Instagram Users More Engaged, Opinionated


You mean they’re not really my “friends?”

A very interesting study published two days ago by social analytics firm Shareablee found that Instagram users interact with brand posts at more than twice the rate of those on the standard vanilla Facebook network:

  • The average Instagram brand post received 6,932 likes, comments and shares
  • The average comparable Facebook post received 2,396 such actions

This could be great news for brands — especially those looking to use the network’s nascent paid ad service.

Or maybe not. Take, for example, McDonald’s.

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Russia Seeks to Ban McDonald’s as Retaliation Against the U.S.


Another day in downtown Kiev, nyet?

McDonald’s is no stranger to the headlines of PRNewser. In fact, we even dedicated a story tag after the repeat bad news: #McFail. However, bad brand news out of Russia involving the home of the Clown isn’t their fault…this time.

That said, Mr. Gorbachev may want to re-erect that wall, because the Cold War has returned: Russia wants to ban McDonald’s. As in, everywhere in the country.

Can’t we talk a little, Putin? I mean, for the children?

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McDonald’s Voted America’s Least Favorite Fast-Food Chain

mcd's drive throughThe most recent study from the American Customer Service Index shows that McDonald’s is America’s least favorite fast-food chain. For the report, the organization, which measures customer satisfaction in a number of industries, finds that the average customer satisfaction rating is 80 out of 100. Pizza Hut and Papa John’s are two of the few chains that scored the average. Burger King and Taco Bell were below the average (76 and 72 scores respectively). And McDonald’s comes in last with 71.

Also noticeable from the chart: a number of fast-food chains scored below average. Many more this year than last actually.

But when you talk about fast food in America, it’s McDonald’s that’s synonymous. That’s where larger trends become key factors.

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10 out of 10 Kids Agree: New McDonald’s Mascot Is ‘Creepy’

This week McDonald’s brought a new mascot out of hiding (he’d been hanging out in Europe) and introduced him/her/it to American audiences. Media folks on Twitter predictably responded with mockery, and some wiseguy with too much free time on his hands even created a parody account:

Now, via Grub Street New York, we have the answer to the question that you hopefully haven’t been asking yourself all week: what will the kids think?!

Take it away, focus group A!

The best quote is also the most overly dramatic:

“People are going to make a joke out of it and it’s going to totally ruin their business.”

We certainly wouldn’t go that far, but we do think we know someone who has a future in market research…

The New Happy Meal Brand Ambassador is Scaring the Daylights Out of People

happy meal ambassadorMcDonald’s has introduced a new brand ambassador for its children’s Happy Meal, named Happy. It’s going to be nationwide on May 23 “and will encourage kids to enjoy fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy and wholesome beverages such as water or juice.”

Of course, because the Internet shows no mercy, they jumped all over this new character. Example: “It’s the meal that eats you.”

Time points out that McDonald’s has a history of creating the brand ambassadors of people’s nightmares. Seriously, take a minute to look at the creepy poop pile that once was Grimace. Also, that article reminds us about the Quizno’s radioactive rat that it used to sell sandwiches before the company filed for bankruptcy.

We thought we’d help out with three tips for creating a mascot that doesn’t scare people.

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