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Top 10 Social Media Fails of 2013


Come on, now. You knew this was coming.

Before we get started, a few points:

1. The entire PRNewser team extends our deepest sympathies to the real-life “people” involved in these incidents.

2. Comments are open, so please denigrate the nominees loudly.

3. We are very open to more (dis)honorable mentions. We wouldn’t be able to write these sorts of things without the insights of our flacky audience, so please feel free to yell at ya’ boy, girl, other girl and our editor who is not named Jason Chupick.

OK, now click through for what has already become a sad (but informative!) annual tradition…

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Uh-Oh, SpaghettiOs: Social Media & Pearl Harbor Fail

spaghettios-tweetOver the weekend, Campbells Soup did something that was not so mmm-mmm-good. Some social media and art directors within the organization got together to produce a winning recipe to honor the mor veterans who died defending our shores off the coast of Oahu, Hawai’i 72 years ago.

The picture is there. Soak it in. A happy-go-lucky pasta holding the American flag saying, “Take a moment to remember #PearlHarbor with us.” Only, Pearl Harbor wasn’t exactly a happy-go-lucky experience.

Naturally, SpaghettiOs deleted the tweet and thought they could get by with the crafty move but not-so-fast because Twitter trolls jumped on this noodle like a homeless Italian. Of course, we would like to share some of this #PRFail and #SocialMediaFail. So, mangia!

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5 Simple Tips to Increase Social Media Engagement

KeepCalmEngageFlacks, we all need help.

Digital is not where “things are going.” It is where things are at. Unfortunately, many PR pros are being left in the dust out of ignorance or even “good ol’ day” syndrome. There are the ubiquitous “social media agencies” snatching your prospects everywhere. And why? Because we are not taught what they already know (or troll the Interweb to learn).

If your agency doesn’t have a dedicated social media person, well first, shame on you. Lastly, bring these simple tips up to your client and watch engagement increase.

Oh, and give yours truly and the gang at PR Newser some love when you do. Kthanks.

The tips after the jump…

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The Evolution of Metrics

RIP-AVEA long time ago in a flackdom not too far away lived a gaggle of PR professionals that were under the impression the only way they could quantify what they did for a living was through an obscure metric known as Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE). Since 1949, AVE has been heavily debated — albeit, it’s been used by agencies across the nation — but griped about nonetheless.

Then, some highfalutin flack questioned the ethics of it all because ad numbers tend to be, shall we say, mercurial. That was 2010, and pretty much the end of AVE. However, I am in the minority when I say it will never be completely eradicated. Why? Try telling a small business owner about his exposure and influence among paid, earned and shared media and he or she will point your narrow behind to the door. Show him or her numbers (no matter how obscure they are to define) and you will find a happy client.

Because measurement — to a client, not to an agency — has to be seen, experienced and measured in order to be real. What do you say then? How do you validate your effectiveness then? Let’s discuss ethics and possible solution about this quantifiable evolution after the jump…

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#PRFail: Newport Beach Marketing Director Fired Over LAX Shooting Tweet

(Al Seib / Los Angeles Times / November 4, 2013)

TSA agents leave flowers and say a prayer at a memorial at LAX. Funny, right?

If you are responsible for social media in any fashion, you strive to know what is trending in pop culture. That useless knowledge actually contributes to time-sensitive tweets and relevant posts. And then, there is what Jeff Soto, former marketing director for Newport Beach, Calif. did

You’ll remember the tragic shooting at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) that left one agent dead and seven other travelers injured. While that left people reeling for days, Soto thought that would be a great opportunity to shill for his city and impress the corner office. To wit, he tweets this gem (courtesy of Mekahlo Medina of KNBC in L.A.):

I understand tourism dollars may be down with the economy, but is this fool serious?!

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What are the Top 5 Social Media Trends of 2014?

Courtesy: SEOMWorldOkay flacks.

Regardless your age, you can’t ignore the power of social media. You have tried not to embrace it but you know that’s an exercise in futility, right? You think that pitching via DMs are rude and emails will never die because technology can’t pass the industry by that much. Namely when you have clients calling you daily about an idea for a Facebook page.

So, I’m a self-admitted geek. I love social media, as noted here, here, here and here. Oh, and here.

No joke: I research SEO algorithms while watching a good baseball game. So, now that you know I’m 5-foot-2, 400 pounds and living in my mother’s basement, here are the top 5 social media trends that PRNewser would like to share with flacks across this country for 2014.

Get a pen and enjoy after the jump:

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Pepto Bismol Tweet Proves to be a Runny Decision

peptobismolSocial media policies are a real thing. At least, they should be when it comes to large corporations. Content strategy, link building, hashtags and trends. And then there’s that whole proofreading thing.

Research for sources should be three-deep. Mandatory. Editing shouldn’t be any different.

You are not perfect. I’m not perfect. In fact, by the the time you read the end of this sentence, you will release your brain read over a second the. (See what I did there?) Every once in a while, you’ll find a brand that isn’t familiar with the snarky side of social media wants to flex its skills and take them out for a spin.

Enter into the fray, Pepto Bismol?

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Social Media Affects Image as Girls Combat ‘Thigh Gap’


This is a word that has caught on like wildfire in this real-time, social media world. It’s not enough that children are victimized by the mean girls or the old bullies in school. Now, if someone has a weed against your niece or nephew, sibling, child or anyone else, they just start a vitriolic rumor via Facebook or Twitter.

Unfortunately, people are voyeurs by nature and just love watching the train wreck. So, instead of shouting, “MOVE!” People just giggle, snicker and often chime in to be with the cool kids. Image is often attacked first, and that is clear in this story from NYC’s ABC affiliate WPVI.

It seems many eating disorder experts are concerned about an “Internet-fueled trend” that finds young girls and women looking to compete for an idiotic weight-loss goal called the “Thigh Gap.” This means these women become so haggard that their thighs do not touch — even when their feet are together.

“The issue of focusing on a particular body part is very common,” said Claire Mysko, who oversees teen outreach and digital media for the National Eating Disorders Association, an advocacy group. “What is new is these things have taken on a life of their own because of the Internet and social media.”

And that “life” needs to be asphyxiated immediately. Yeah, I said it. I’m a father of a precious little girl, sue me.

Why? It’s just harmless pictures, right? It’s only women trying to lose weight, right? Try on these harrowing statistics from the Cyberbullying Research Center:

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‘Social Media Manager’ Jobs Are on the Way Out

It’s still great to be a social media “ninja”, “guru”, “maven” or “master”, but those phrases probably won’t appear in your next job title (thank God). Neither will “manager.”

Yes, you can now earn an MBA in Social Media Management, but the wisdom of doing so looks less and less certain. Quartz reported this week—via jobs site Indeed—that growth rates for “Social Media Manager” listings fell by half this year (August 2012 to August 2013) while the number of jobs with “social media” somewhere in the description nearly doubled over the same time period.

It’s also true that “social media expert” was one of the fastest-growing jobs for 2013, but that just tells us that companies are coming up with new terms to describe an evolving role. In this case, titles really don’t matter all that much.

Two takeaways:

  • Don’t bother limiting your job search to positions that include social in the title. There’s a good chance your ideal gig will fall under a different heading.
  • While social experience remains extremely important in terms of making yourself attractive to employers, brands and other businesses are, for the most part, no longer delegating all social duties to one person. Everyone’s on Twitter now, and it’s a skill you’re all but expected to have if you work in media, communications or marketing. This is true whether you’re a journalist, a PR professional, or a tech startup founder.

So keep that in mind—and follow Quartz on Twitter.

Kenneth Cole Says Controversial Tweets Are Great for Business

One man’s PR fail is another man’s business plan…if that other man happens to be “designer with a conscience“ Kenneth Cole.

In case you thought some clueless intern was responsible for what seemed like a tactless marketing message playing off the possibility of war in Syria, you’re wrong: Cole writes these controversial tweets himself, and he does it all on purpose. Cue maniacal laugh.

When the designer responded to his latest manufactured controversy by stating that he intended to start a dialogue, he apparently meant “dialogue” as in “a conversation that will help promote my own company.”

So…the joke’s on you!

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