Can you recall what you have seen on some disturbing late-night infomercials?

You know the ones: sad violin music, somber voice overs and still shots of kids with flies on their foreheads? That’s real, and even those kids have it better than people who live in a shanty town. These are acres, maybe miles, of self-developed “homes” made of flimsy scrap metal, stolen drapes or even wet cardboard glazed with every bacteria you can’t imagine. While a roof is overhead, share that roof with about 20 to 30 people with little to no energy, water, food, and maybe share a toilet.

Remember that nasty scene in Slumdog Millionaire where the kid plays cannonball in a lagoon of crap? That. 

Now imagine a luxury tourism agency thumbing their noses at a shanty town by creating a fake one for grins and an opulent vacation: giggling at extreme poverty and giving a middle finger to Bono. Yeah, well that just happened too.

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