UPDATE: We’ve just learned that the account in question was a fake, so as far as we know MetLife Stadium has yet to incur any bad karma. Whew!

PR professionals believe in karma. We just do. It’s part of the job.

As soon as you start believing that everything will go right because you’re prepared and you really mean well, something goes wrong. When the lights went out during the Super Bowl last night, we cringed at the thought of a billion people pointing and laughing at those who would surely lose their jobs. It wasn’t life threatening, but it was a public relations disaster for the Superdome, New Orleans and the NFL. The lights went out… for 34 excruciating minutes.

Admittedly, we laughed with everyone else at the jokes blaming Beyonce’s explosive halftime show for the outage and poking fun at the poignant irony of rich people being trapped in the Superdome. And we admired the brands that made the most of this “people are bored” promotional opportunity on Twitter and elsewhere. But when MetLife Stadium–site of the 2014 Super Bowl in New Jersey–jumped on the bandwagon, we had to take a step back.

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