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Tiger on Twitter, on the Radio, and in Print

Tiger Woods at the Australian Masters this past weekend. Photo: AP, Andrew Brownbill

Tiger Woods is tweeting, announcing today that he “finally decided to try [it] out.” SportsNewser reports that Woods will also make an appearance on Thursday’s Mike & Mike. And he’s written a story for Newsweek where he once again talks about the pain he’s caused his family and the steps he took to “examine” his life.

The golfer has been historically tight-lipped, so this seems like a lot of Tiger for just one week.

It was one year ago that Woods’ sex scandal exploded. And while he hasn’t been on a winning streak with his golf game, now that some time has passed, is Tiger Woods seeking to rebuild his image? Can he? Judging by 140,000-plus that have clicked “Follow” so far, maybe.

Former Rogers & Cowan Pres. On Sandra Bullock: ‘You Win By Saying Nothing’


Kathie Berlin understands why we haven’t heard from actress Sandra Bullock since it was revealed her husband Jesse James was having an affair, leading her to file for divorce.

The former president of agency Rogers and Cowan, and Executive VP of production and marketing for MGM turned film consultant told the Huffington Post:

It’s impossible to just say a few words…People don’t allow for that – she can’t come out with just a brief statement saying she’s terrible hurt and shocked and needs time to figure out what to do next. It’s not possible, they’ll want more. When you can’t win, you win by saying nothing.

Sentiment Analysis: ‘A Powerful Tool to Uncover Trends, But Humans Are Still Needed to Dig Below the Surface’

Sentiment Analysis PR Panel.JPG
[L to R: Bradley Honan, SVP, StrategyOne; Suresh Vittal, VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research; Greg Radner, Global Head of PR Services, Thomson Reuters; Brad McCormick, EVP and Director of Digital, Porter Novelli; Karla Wachter, SVP, Waggener Edstrom Worldwide]

This post was written by Nancy Lazarus, contributor to PRNewser.

At the Sentiment Analysis Symposium in New York on Tuesday, a panel of PR executives weighed the pros and cons of this complex method of evaluating online and social media content.

The panelists agreed that the value of sentiment analysis is enabling the tracking of a wealth of online conversations. However given its limitations they recommended its use in conjunction with other research techniques.

Bradley Honan of StrategyOne summarized the evolution. “We’ve gone from traditional market research to media monitoring to mining data that helps formulate business and communications strategy.”

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Is A 30-Second Ad Spot The Best “PR” For Tiger Woods Thus Far?

In a marketing world where we are often told the 30-second ad spot is a dinosaur, the vehicle may garner more awareness than any other PR efforts executed on behalf of Tiger Woods or his sponsors.

The advertisement posted above began making the rounds online last night. It was created by agency Wieden & Kennedy.

“It’s the best PR for him because it’s something that he’s not directly controlling. Every interview or press conference he’s held, it seems lie, that he’s been a puppet. This to me is the first thing that’s not really first person,” Matt Adam, Director of Broadcast and Video Production at entertainment and sports PR agency Taylor told PRNewser this morning.

The voice over in the ad is that of Woods’ deceased father Earl Woods.

The commenters over at AgencySpy are already voicing their opinions.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had an ad make me puke more than this one. Playing the dead father card and that stupid look on his face makes me want to go punch something,” said C.C. Chapman, partner and creative director at interactive agency Campfire.

We want to hear your thoughts. Leave them in the comments.

Tiger Woods Takes Questions From the Media


In his first open press conference today, Tiger Woods said he was more nervous about getting out on the course than taking questions at the press conference.

Addressing questions in front of an audience of more than 200 journalists, Woods spoke on a variety of topics, and came across much more at ease than his previous press conference, where he took no questions from the media.

In regards to Tiger the brand, Woods, said “of course” when asked if he understood why his sponsors dropped him, but added, “Hopefully I can prove to the other companies going forward that I am a worthy investment.”

On the media landscape, Woods expressed no surprise at the media being critical of him. However, he said, with the 24 hour news cycle, “you’re looking for any kind of news to get out there.”

When asked why he didn’t speak to the media months ago, Woods said, “I wasn’t in the right place for it.”

Overall, the The Master’s backdrop, combined with the fact that Woods has already gone through several interviews, made for a much better appearance, one in which Woods answered questions directly and in a more relaxed manner.

TVNewser has more.

Daily News Columnist Rails Against ‘PR Experts’ and Tiger Woods


At least one reporter is getting sick of the Tiger Woods fiasco, and more notably, the crowds of PR expert “ambulance chasers” offering advice after his every move.

The Daily NewsBob Raissman writes:

Standing at the front of the line are all the PR “experts.” On cable shows, they will provide instant analysis on how Woods handled the Q&A and what they would have done if they were representing the girl-crazy golfer.

You will hear how they all could do it better. You will hear nothing about the fee they would charge Woods for their PR genius.

It was stunning – and comical – how many conclusions were drawn after those two five-minute sessions with the Golf Channel and ESPN.

We’ve done our fair share of Tiger coverage, and even questioned the PR advice givers ourselves back in December. It’s a big story, and certainly one with PR ramifications. Whenever that exists, you will see PR pros open their mouths to the media, whether you like it or not.

On the Podcast: Healthcare reform, Mark Cuban, Tiger & Fleischer

On this week’s PRNewser Podcast, we discussed healthcare reform, the media, and its surrogates with Flatiron Communications owner and The Flack blogger Peter Himler.


Himler likes Anthony Weiner (D-NY) and Alan Grayson, (D-FL), while I like Sherrod Brown (D-OH). Himler believes Nancy Pelosi needs to adopt more of a “Hillary Clinton scowl” and lose the smile.

We also covered Mark Cuban‘s beef with his PR firm, Tiger Woods parting ways with Ari Fleischer, and the benefits of small firms and big firms.

Statement: Tiger Woods Will Return to Golf at the Masters


The Tiger Woods camp said in a first-person statement an hour ago that the golfer will return to the sport on April 8th for the Masters tournament.

Woods took the opportunity to apologize to the organizers of the Tavistock Cup and the Arnold Palmer Invitational, for skipping the two events he could have used as tune-ups for the major.

Luckily for Tiger, the Masters is total media lockdown. Yahoo! Sports columnist Dan Wetzel pointed out last week that there is no better place to play golf and avoid tabloid reporters, cell phone cams, and other user-generated media. The heirloom ticket system with $500 plus secondary tickets makes it an unlikely location for Happy Gilmore scenarios.

Wetzel also points out that it would have been gutsier to actually play a round of golf first, and play it at the Palmer Invitational, a much looser event for the press. Now the rusty Woods has to bring his best game to save face. Statistically he has to play every major if he hopes to overtake Jack Nicklaus, even if this one is particularly long odds. Missing the cut at +15, or worse, showing unchecked emotion would be a problem.

Here’s the statement in its entirety:

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‘South Park’ To Skewer Tiger Woods On Season Opener

Wait for it: Eric Cartman is about to deliver the line most of America was thinking during the Tiger Woods press conference last month.

As of last Friday, South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker were still writing the season opener featuring the hard partying golfer. With vast improvements in their production technology over 14 seasons, the duo has the ability to thump on the strangest of news cycles and “trends” such as sex addiction as they happen.

“We’re all really concerned about him and hope he gets better,” said Parker in an interview. Tune in to Comedy Central tomorrow night to find out what happens.

RELATED: Tiger Woods Hires Ari Fleischer

Tiger Woods Hires Ari Fleischer


First it was college football’s Bowl Championship Series. Then it was baseball slugger Mark McGwire during his steroid admission use tour.

Now, Ari Fleischer is handling the most high profile sports scandal of the past year, and maybe even the decade: Tiger Woods.

The former White House Press Secretary to George W. Bush was hired by Woods, the The NY Post reports, citing “two sources in the golf community.”

PRNewser was not able to confirm if Tiger had hired PR help before his recent press conference. However, with an upcoming appearance on March 25th at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, Woods clearly needs to be thinking about his public image.

One PR agency head we spoke with who has handled many high profile clients in situations similar to Woods told PRNewser today, “it’s about time they hired somebody, what were they waiting for?”

“Unlike his press conference he’s going to have to answer questions,” the agency head said.

Fleischer recently told ABC News that sports PR is “more relaxing” than politics. Will he think the same after his work with Woods?