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Year in Review

The Most Memorable Stories of 2013 for TV News Hosts Were…

Giner Zee paraglidingTV news wrapped 2013 with end-of-year review shows featuring signature  moments, and TVNewser asked some of broadcast and cable news’ biggest stars what their top stories of last year were.

“GMA’s” Ginger Zee picked two: her adventure feeding vultures while paragliding in Nepal, and covering the death of one of her mentors, storm chaser Tim Samaras.

“CBS This Morning’s” Gayle King picked both a serious and more light-hearted story:

“It’s hard to call the death of Nelson Mandela a favorite story, but it was an honor to be able to attend his funeral and burial services and share it with the CBS audience,” King said. Dishing about legendary actress Shirley MacLaine’s personal life was also a highlight for King:

“I was curious about her love life. She’s happily single, so I asked her if booty calls and friends with benefits were an option these days. Her response: ‘What the hell are you talking about?’ We all cracked up over that one. Thank you Shirley!”

The tragic Oklahoma tornado stands out for “Today’s” Al Roker. Read more

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2006: Most Heavily-Used Reporters

White House correspondents saw the most airtime in 2006, according to the Tyndall Report. In addition, “the Pentagon became a primary assignment, with CBS’ David Martin and NBC’s Jim Miklaszewski attracting Top Five rankings in airtime. In 2005, neither was among the Top 20.”

Here’s the list of the top 20 most heavily-used reporters in 2006:

Net Name AssignmentMinutes

David Gregory White House 315

Martha Raddatz White House 279


Jim Axelrod
White House 276


David Martin
Pentagon 252


Jim Miklaszewski
Pentagon 222


Dan Harris
Domestic 220


Robert Bazell
Medicine 210


Pete Williams
Justice 204


Lara Logan
Foreign 198


Chip Reid
Capitol Hill 196


Byron Pitts
Domestic 193


Andrea Mitchell
State Department 188


Richard Engel
Baghdad/Beirut 187


Lisa Myers
Investigative Unit 187


George Stephanopoulos
DC Bureau 186


Jonathan Karl
Pentagon 185


Lisa Stark
DC Bureau 184


Tom Costello
DC Bureau 179


Jake Tapper
DC Bureau 174


Brian Ross
Investigative Unit 173

2006: Top 20 Nightly News Stories

The top twenty nightly news stories of 2006, as compiled by the Tyndall Report:

Subject Total ABCCBSNBC
Iraq: US-led combat continues1131343398389
Israel-Hezbollah fighting 578 177 196 205
Hurricane Katrina aftermath 367 102 75 190
September 11th attacks aftermath 229 76 67 87
Oil, gasoline prices rise 207 60 65 82
Illegal immigration debate 202 47 77 78
Iraq: sectarian violence flares 187 53 54 80
Iraq: war-zone journalists attacks 170 58 73 39
Campaign 2006: Dems win House165 51 58 57
North Korea N-weapons program162 53 54 55
al-Qaeda manhunts, detention 144 48 51 46
West Virginia coal mine explosion132 42 36 53
Iran N-weapons program feared 131 42 48 41
NYSE-NASDAQ market action 129 22 39 68
Torino Winter Olympic Games106 29 4 73
Auto industry financial troubles 100 32 24 45
Rep Mark Foley (R-FL) scandal 99 32 37 31
Airlines anti-terrorism security 99 32 34 33
War on Terrorism: global effort 97 30 30 37

2006: At 10th Anniversary, Fox News Makes Changes To Stay On Top

> Dec. 28: Sean Hannity gets a weekend primetime show

> Dec. 7: Will Tiki Barber stay at FNC?

> Nov. 29: FNC and NCTC re-up for three years

> Nov. 19: FNC may air two eps of right-leaning news satire show

> Nov. 16: FNCers distance themselves from OJ’s “If I Did It;” corporate hypocrisy?

> Nov. 15: Ken LaCorte becomes VP and senior EP of

> Nov. 14: More of Moody’s memos start to surface

> Oct. 16: FNC and Cablevision reach carriage deal; “north of 75 cents” per sub

> Oct. 30: Kevin Magee will oversee Huddy/Jerrick morning show

> Oct. 23: Explaining FNC’s ratings slump: Maybe its core audience “is a little burned out right now;” Shep agrees

> Oct. 12: Ailes is looking for “the stars of the next ten years”

> Oct. 5: Wiig is joining FNC full-time; later, his wife reports for the net too

> Oct. 2: FNC’s 10th anniversary receives proper recognition; it’s possible to divide the news calendar into “Before Fox and After Fox”

> Oct. 2: Ailes recently considered retiring, but rejected the idea; he says “we’re freshening up”

> Sep. 28: “We cannot rest on our accomplishments… and I will continue to make changes,” Ailes says

> Sep. 26: Skinner says Fox is “trying to bring both sides,” and Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer laughs out loud

> Sep. 23: Bill Clinton accuses Chris Wallace of “doing Fox’s bidding;” “nice little conservative hit job;” Wallace responds: “all I did was ask him a question”

> Sep. 22: Gretchen Carlson replaces E.D. on F&F, starting immediately

> Sep. 22: E.D. Hill loses F&F gig; without a proper goodbye, she moves to 10am hour of Fox News Live

> Sep. 21: D.C. bureau chief Kim Hume is leaving; Bruce Becker is interim replacement

> Sep. 20: FNC starts experimenting with new lower-thirds

> Sep. 19: Jerry Burke becomes co-EP of F&F

> Sep. 14: The Live Desk with Martha MacCallum will replace DaySide; Jane Skinner gets the 2pm hour

> Sep. 14: David Rhodes becomes VP for news; Jay Wallace becomes EP for news

> Sep. 13: News Corp. threatens to pull FNC if cable ops don’t agree to rate increases; also: It “could seek to rally support from its wide fan base”

> Sep. 12: FNC announces a ten-city “Thank You America” tour for its 10th anniversary; it begins in Boston on Sep. 19

> Sep. 8: Shep imagines a 10pm Fox Report

> Aug. 28: Bill Hemmer to host Fox Online at noon

> Aug. 27: Centanni and Wiig’s release was the result of a “complex deal… between the kidnappers and the Hamas-led government”

> Aug. 27: Centanni and Wiig are freed; “journalists should never be hostages or pawns in world events,” Ailes says

> Aug. 23: In kidnapping tape, Centanni and Wiig appear healthy; Moody asks for their “immediate release”

> Aug. 16: “We still have no word on their whereabouts or condition,” Hume and Smith report

> Aug. 15: Network reps meet with Palestinian officials; this kidnapping seems different; it may not end soon

> Aug. 14: Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig are kidnapped in Gaza; “pray for their release,” Moody tells staffers; archive of TVNewser coverage

> Aug. 8: FNC records 25 percent fiscal year growth; Ailes gets a $3.4 million bonus

> Aug. 7: Dennis Miller rejoins FNC as a contributor to Hannity & Colmes

> Aug. 2: Two Jordanian freelancers say they won’t work for “blatantly one-sided” FNC

> Jul. 31: FNC settles Joe Chillemi harassment lawsuit for $225,000

> Jul. 27: Shep Smith receives praise for his Middle East reporting; he blankets the net

> Jul. 26: Rumors of personnel changes behind the scenes

> Jul. 24: A tryout? Laura Ingraham subs for O’Reilly

> Jul. 18: DaySide is ending: Mike Jerrick and Juliet Huddy will host a morning show for Fox affiliates

> Jul. 11: FNC shakes up DaySide, assigns temporary EP

> Jul. 7: Kelly Wright replaces Julian Phillips on F&F Weekend

> Jul. 5: Linda Vester isn’t coming back to FNC

> Jun. 26: “Ailes is on the warpath” following FNC’s ratings slump “and he won’t hesitate to clean house to turn things around,” B&C says

> Jun. 26: Jennifer Griffin would love to staff an FNC bureau in Tehran

> Jun. 15: Imagine a Fox version of The Daily Show

> Jun. 14: Iran sends an overture to the U.S. through senior VP John Moody

> Jun. 7: Top UN official calls Fox a “detractor”

> Jun. 6: FNC’s “now hiring” ad is aimed at its own employees

> Jun. 6: Catherine Herridge donates part of liver to her four-month-old son

> Jun. 5: In one year, FNR “has increased the number of affiliates from 58 to more than 330″


> Jun. 1: Celebrating Fox News Radio’s one-year anniversary

> May 21: FNC airs another global warming special

> May 11: Carl Cameron returns to campaign trail, Brett Baier becomes chief WH correspondent, Major Garrett is promoted to congressional correspondent

> May 9: Laurie Luhn becomes director of booking

> May 1: FNC’s ad sales team “wants to snatch away some dollars from broadcast”

> Apr. 27: Fox News Sunday celebrates its 10th anniversary with a big party

> Apr. 27: “Is there a White House policy that all government TV’s have to be turned to Fox?”

> Apr. 26: Brian & The Judge replace The Tony Snow Show

> Apr. 26: Tony Snow moves from Fox News to the White House; says press secretary gig was “too good to pass up”

> Apr. 24: Roger Ailes is TV Week’s “most powerful person in TV news;” later, he’s an “influential” in New York mag.

> Apr. 19: “Sure, I’m a conservative,” but “look at the work,” Brit Hume says

> Apr. 18: Brian Lewis becomes executive VP at Fox

> Apr. 17: News Corp. wants $1 per month per sub; “completely unrealistic?

> Apr. 13: Fox O&O’s become more like FNC

> Mar. 23: Dick Cheney wants his TVs turned to Fox

> Feb. 22: Fox News is supposed to produce a crime show for My Network TV; it never materializes

> Feb. 17: Fox and Sirius ink new deal, including distribution of Fox News Talk

> Feb. 15: Brit Hume gets the first post-shooting interview with Dick Cheney

> Feb. 13: No love from the NYT

> Jan. 28: Two employees sue FNC, claiming injury from exposure to mold and pesticides

> Jan. 18: Journal Editorial Report starts airing on FNC

> Jan. 11: Rudi Bakhtiar becomes FNC correspondent

> Jan. 4: Bill O’Reilly has a “culture war conversation” with David Letterman

> Jan. 2: XM launches Fox News Talk

> Jan. 2: Sirius drops Fox News Radio; the two sides can’t reach a deal

2006: Dobbs & Cooper Symbolize CNN

> Dec. 21: Rick Sanchez gets Lin’s timeslot

> Dec. 18: Carol Lin packs her bags; she says “I’m ready to try something new”

> Dec. 12: Zahn explores race relations in America; a town hall follows

> Dec. 11: Cal Perry becomes Baghdad bureau chief

> Dec. 6: Two promotions and one addition in The Sit. Room

> Nov. 22: A correspondent shuffle at CNN
Nov. 3: Carol Costello becomes Sit Room contributor; Zain Verjee moves to State

> Nov. 2: Before election, CNN pre-empts Zahn’s show, pairs her with Blitzer

> Oct. 24: Is Klein micromanaging LKL?

> Oct. 22: CNN airs insurgent video of a sniper attack in Iraq; Duncan Hunter asks, “does CNN want America to win this thing?”

> Oct. 20: CNN believes we have a “Broken Government”

> Oct. 18: CNNI #1 for ten years according to PAX survey

> Oct. 10: Dobbs expands to seven nights a week; and he starts hosting town hall meetings

> Oct. 3: CNN debuts a “News Wall” in NYC

> Oct. 3: Cooper takes 360 to the “killing fields” of Africa

> Sep. 25: Kelly Wallace leaves CNN, joins CBS

> Sep. 23: CNN Newsroom becomes weekend brand, too

> Sep. 11: Ronaldo Santos becomes senior VP for international relations

> Sep. 1: Her contract wasn’t renewed, so Daryn Kagan says goodbye to CNN; later, she launches an inspirational web site called

> Aug. 29: Kyra Phillips leaves her mic on during a bathroom break

> Aug. 24: CNN walks In The Footsteps of bin Laden

> Aug. 16: Ed Litvak becomes American Morning’s EP

newsroomjn1.jpg > Aug. 15: CNN announces streamlined daytime programming; CNN Newsroom will premiere Sep. 4; American Morning shrinks

> Aug. 11: CNN is making “substantial progress” closing the demo gap, Kent says

> Aug. 9: Cooper stays in the Middle East for a long time

> Aug. 7: Christiane Amanpour starts hosting “quarterly specials;” her first is about AIDS orphans in Kenya

> Aug. 3: Sam Feist adds “political director” to his duties

> Jul. 31: CNN is still, barely, the “most trusted name in news”

> Jul. 23: During the Middle East conflict, CNN abuses the “breaking news” banner

> Jul. 19: CNN’s brand spanking new Weather Center

> Jul. 18: CNN airs Bush’s expletive; other nets bleep it

> Jul. 15: This Week At War replaces On The Story

> Jun. 21: Cooper interviews Angelina Jolie, prompting criticism, high ratings, and a spike in donations; Later: “Celebrity News Network?

> Jun. 12: Klein wants to grow American Morning’s audience

> Jun. 10: Pipeline is a tough sell; CNN is talking to cable ops and broadband providers about distribution

> Jun. 8: CNN experiments with “A Week At War” specials

> May 31: Cooper’s “Dispatches From The Edge” is hot
> May 22: CNN promotes “the best political team in television”

> May 19: Walton says “CNN Worldwide brings in more than twice as much revenue as Fox News”

> May 17: Mark Nelson is officially the VP of CNN Productions

> May 15: CNN prematurely airs Bush speech, after NBC stage manager cued the president early

> May 14: “I think CNN is going to undergo a big shakeup in the next three to six months,” NYT’s Bill Carter predicts; later, he says the net has “bland people”

> Apr. 21: CNN to host three summits with the Clinton Global Initiative

> Mar. 31: Dobbs is “sui generis,” Klein says

> Mar. 24: Ed Henry to White House, Dana Bash and Andrea Koppel to Capitol Hill
> Mar. 22: Morning VP Kim Bondy steps down

> Mar. 21: Gallup and CNN end 14-year partnership

> Mar. 15: Greg Liebman and Keith Berkelhamer become ad VPs

> Mar. 10 and 15: Two negative stories about Larry King prompt FNCers to say “we respect Larry;” finally, Klein defends King

> Feb. 28: Dobbs drives the Dubai ports deal controversy; later, he “wins”

> Feb. 24: Ted Turner exits the Time Warner board

> Feb. 15: Lou Dobbs starts getting press; later, more and more and more

> Feb. 14: Anne Woodward becomes VP for technical ops

> Feb. 13: Phil Kent says “the deficit at CNN in the past was skill level of producer”

> Feb. 13: Buzzing about Jack Cafferty

> Feb. 10: CNNI unveils spectacular, clean new graphics

> Feb. 1: John Roberts joins CNN

> Jan. 16: CNNI cancels Diplomatic License, a weekly look at the United Nations

> Jan. 16: CNN adds conservatives: J.C. Watts becomes contributor; Bill Bennett too

> Jan. 16: Iran bans CNN, citing a translating error; the interpretation company fires the translator; the ban is lifted

> Jan. 9: Spending millions to promote Anderson Cooper; later, “stop CNN before it kills Anderson”

> Jan. 9: CNN makes more money than Fox News

> Jan. 7: Jon Klein says Paula Zahn Now is getting “stronger”

2006: Less ‘Headline News,’ More Views

> Dec. 21: Showbiz gets 11pm PT repeat

> Dec. 4: HLN has a cool new Atlanta set

> Dec. 4: “From news to views” is a success

> Nov. 29: Grace’s image consultant isn’t earning her retainer

> Nov. 21: Duckett’s attorneys sue Grace and producers for wrongful death; suit raises questions about “post-modern witch hunts”

> Nov. 16: Beck’s “Extremist” special delivers a million viewers to HLN

> Nov. 10: Robin & Co. celebrates first birthday

> Sep. 29: “You’re a big bitch,” caller tells Grace

> Sep. 25: In suicide note, Duckett wrote: “I only wish you do not push anyone else;” Grace defends herself again

> Sep. 15: After being interviewed by Grace, Melinda Duckett commits suicide; Grace is unapologetic

> Sep. 11: Rolando Santos moves to CNNI; the dayparts are reformatted, so Thomas Roberts and Kathleen Kennedy lose their newscast

> Aug. 2: Maybe Star Jones could star on HLN

> Jul. 6: Grace prompts a guest to describe child rape in explicit detail

> Jun. 28: Beck’s ratings are initially low, but they improve

> Jun. 7: Headline Prime spreads to Saturdays and Sundays

> May 8: Glenn Beck premieres; cheers and jeers

> May 8: Ken Jautz wants to inject “personality, passion, and point of view” in primetime

> Apr. 10: Schedule shuffle: Prime News to 6pm; Showbiz Tonight loses 7pm airing; daytime tweaks, too

> Apr. 10: Beck’s show will be called Glenn Beck; will air at 7 and 9pm

> Mar. 21: Fire interrupts HLN broadcast

> Mar. 7: Jim Walton once said “if there is a talk show on Headline News, there will be newscasts on CNN,” but that’s no longer true

gracejan1.jpg > Mar. 1: Questions about Grace’s “creation story”

> Feb. 28: In one year, HLN doubles its primetime viewership

> Feb. 22: Grace marks 1st anniversary on HLN

> Feb. 20: Grace’s timeslot up 181 percent in first year

> Feb. 2: Nancy Grace gets a new EP, Dean Sicoli

> Jan. 18: In ’05, HLN attracted 70 new advertisers thanks to rising ratings

> Jan. 17: HLN signs Glenn Beck; Ken Jautz calls him “the next piece of the puzzle”

2006: Olbermann & Doc Block Boost MSNBC’s Ratings

> Dec. 18: It’s time for Olbermann to negotiate a new contract; he reportedly wants $4 million a year

> Dec. 5: Chris Matthews off air for a week due to complications from diabetes

> Nov. 29: “It’s official, we are on a roll,” Abrams tells staffers

> Nov. 27: MSNBC acquires rights to Super Size Me and other documentaries

> Nov. 20: “MSNBC has seen the future, and it is politics”

> Nov. 3: Chris Licht becomes Scarborough’s EP

> Nov. 1: In the midst of budget cuts, “things are looking up at MSNBC”

> Oct. 19: In NBC U 2.0, MSNBC will work “more closely” with NBC News; employees brace for job cuts

> Oct. 19: NBC will shut down Secaucus site in 2007; MSNBC will move to 30 Rock (with some to Engelwood Cliffs)

> Sep. 20: MSNBC covers an ostrich on the loose

> Sep. 19: As his Special Comments continue, Olbermann receives more and more positive press

> Aug. 29: Rumor has it that MSNBC may move out of Secaucus

> Aug. 22: XM satellite radio drops MSNBC

> Aug. 21: MSNBC has a snazzy new graphics package

> Aug. 14: Carlson will be Dancing with the Stars this fall; later, he’s the first contestant to be sent home

> Aug. 13: Your Business starts airing on Sunday mornings

> Aug. 1: At the Top Of The Rock, NBCers enjoy’s first-place position

> Jul. 31: MSNBC adds Davidson Goldin as editorial director

> Jul. 27: Tammy Haddad stays with MSNBC, becomes VP in Washington

> Jul. 27: Scarborough Country takes a tabloid turn; later, a producer gets drunk to simulate Mel Gibson‘s intoxication

> Jul. 17: MSNBC is using more NBC talent

> Jul. 15: MSNBC recognizes its tenth anniversary with a party in NJ; “The challenge hasn’t changed in 10 years — to clarify why MSNBC is an alternative to CNN,” ex-GM Erik Sorenson says

> Jul. 10: Tucker’s show is now called Tucker

> Jun. 29: MSNBC schedules tape from 9 to 11pm; Rita Cosby loses her show; Carlson moves to the afternoon

> Jun. 26: Michael Rubin becomes VP of longform

> Jun. 26: NBC exec says more tape is coming to MSNBC’s primetime

> Jun. 26: Abrams wants a “live and urgent, less newscasty” daytime

> Jun. 16: Connie Chung sings goodbye

> Jun. 14: Zucker wants more crime and repeats

> Jun. 12: “This is an unconventional play. We know that, and that’s the beauty of it,” an insider says

> Jun. 12: Dan Abrams becomes general manager and Phil Griffin becomes executive in charge

> Jun. 12: Capus considers MSNBC a “news and information network”

> Jun. 8: Is there “any real place or need for a third cable news network?”

> Jun. 8: “It’s time to push… and grow the channel in a way it hasn’t to date,” Steve Capus says

> Jun. 7: Rick Kaplan exits; a “mutual decision;” it’s “the first step in the strategic restructure of MSNBC”

May 31: “MSNBC and CNBC are doing much better,” Bob Wright states

> May 1: Tucker Carlson ditches the bow tie

> May 1: The Most with Alison Stewart premieres

> Apr. 18: Joe Scarborough and Rita Cosby switch timeslots; it puts Rita, Nancy and Greta head-to-head-to-head

> Apr. 18: MSNBC tries repeating Countdown at 9am

> Apr. 5: Susan Sullivan replaces Mark Effron as daytime VP

> Mar. 19: MSNBC realizes the value of tape

> Feb. 27: Jeff Zucker says “there’s real and actual momentum at MSNBC”

> Jan. 28: MSNBC is worth $1 billion?

> Jan. 27: Analyzing the Microsoft-NBC split: “GE knows how to contractually rape its prospective partners”

> Jan. 11: MSNBC begins airing taped shows from 9pm to midnight on Fridays; Rick Kaplan implies that it’s temporary

> Jan. 9: Weekends with Maury and Connie premieres. “This one won’t last through the summer,” an e-mailer predicts

> Jan. 4: Jon Friedman says MSNBC is “quietly showing serious improvement in its reporting and programming”

2006: CNBC Gets Younger

> Dec. 11: The net’s demo #’s are up almost 60 percent from last year

> Dec. 4: CNBC launches new web site; it connects TV and the Internet

> Oct. 30: NBC will merge some CNBC bureaus with O&O’s

> Oct. 30: Howard’s newsmag keeps getting delayed; later, it’s named Business Nation

> Oct. 3: Hyping the Dow’s record high

> Oct. 2: A record earnings year for CNBC

> Oct. 1: CNBC is working on new international distribution agreements

> Sep. 16: Looking for a timeslot for Fast Money; where will it go?

> Sep. 15: Cramer is a best-selling bobblehead

> Sep. 7: Glen Rochkind is out at CNBC; the net announces several changes to the business news desk

> Jul. 21: Forbes wants to compete with CNBC with this syndie pilot

> Jul. 18: CNBC experiments with town hall shows at 8pm

> Jul. 12: Someone didn’t get Joe Kernen‘s joke about Aquaman

> Jul. 3: Josh Howard is prepping a monthly newsmag

> Jul. 3: Hoffman and Wald are moving CNBC “toward a broader definition of business coverage”

> Jun. 26: Meredith Stark, new VP of, is charged with recreating the net’s online presence

> Jun. 8: Jonathan Wald becomes senior VP; David Friend leaves the network; later, Friend becomes a VP at WCBS

> Jun. 8: CNBC tries a “checkerboard” of programming at 8pm

> May 11: Thomas J. Clendenin becomes VP of marketing

> May 5: Jeremy Pink becomes prez of CNBC Asia

> May 1: Maria Bartiromo moves the markets after a private conversation with the Fed Chair

> May 1: Will Surratt becomes EP of The Big Idea; Mary Duffy becomes EP of primetime development

> Mar. 28: Mad Money is a ratings winner

> Mar. 13: John Harwood becomes chief D.C. correspondent

> Feb. 20: Ron Insana leaves the anchor desk; becomes “senior analyst” and starts investment newsletter

> Feb. 14: Conversations with Michael Eisner premieres, and it’s boring

> Jan. 19: Six appointments on the news desk

> Jan. 18: “King of Wall Street:” Jim Cramer is developing a reality show

> Jan. 17: “Is CNBC’s management team shelving some long-time anchors in favor of younger faces?”

> Jan. 13: CNBC pushes Ted David off Morning Call; he moves to radio

> Jan. 9: What does Mark Hoffman want? “Intellectual combat”

2006: Fox Biz Launch Edges Closer

> Dec. 13: Fox has to “find entertainment in otherwise ordinary business stories”

> Dec. 11: FNC “has been conducting a lot of business about business news” lately

> Dec. 4: FNC inks video deal with Yahoo Finance; Cheryl Casone hosts hourly updates for web

> Nov. 30: Cavuto to start anchoring a financial newscast for Fox News Radio

> Nov. 9: The drumbeat continues: “We’re getting pretty close,” Chernin says again

> Nov. 7: Comcast will carry Fox Biz, NYT reports

> Nov. 3: “I think we’re ready for Fox,” GE’s Jeff Immelt declares

> Oct. 30: Kevin Magee will oversee channel — “in the event distribution is secured for its launch”
> Oct. 23: CNBC’s Jonathan Wald says Ailes won’t steal his staffers for a biz channel

> Oct. 9: This is the “second phase” of Fox Biz

> Sep. 13: Peter Chernin says Fox Biz is set to launch in 30 million homes in early 2007

> Sep. 12: “We’re close” to being able to launch, Cavuto says

> Sep. 12: Grove got it right: Alexis Glick joins FNC as the director of business news

> Jul. 24: “We are still looking” at a possible business channel, Ailes says: “It probably wont happen this year. After that it could happen, and we are in active negotiations”

> Jun. 20: Ailes tells analysts he’s aiming for early-to-mid 2007

> Jun. 5: Roger Ailes doesn’t want to launch unless wide distribution is assured

> May 8: Neil Cavuto says Fox looks “at the whole picture” and is optimistic

> Apr. 17: News Corp. wants 10 cents for Fox Biz carriage

> Feb. 27: FNC may offer cable ops a lower carriage fee in exchange for Fox Biz distribution

> Feb. 6: We’re making “quite considerable progress” getting distribution, Rupert Murdoch says

> Jan. 25: The announcement of a “new network” scares CNBCers; it turns out to be the CW

> Jan. 3: CNBC’s Jim Cramer predicts Murdoch will give Ailes “the staff he needs to set up” Fox Biz

2006: This Is Katie Couric’s World, We Just Live In It

> Dec. 18: As it turned out, the newscasts finished November sweeps in the same order they had before Couric — NBC first, ABC second, CBS third — with each network’s ratings slightly down over the year, continuing a long-standing trend. The first woman anchor had not much changed the evening news’ numbers one way or another”

> Dec. 13: “Stop analyzing her!”

> Dec. 12: Maybe America wasn’t ready for Katie

> Nov. 30: Couric in Amman on her first overseas trip; she gets a trifecta

> Nov. 8: Couric’s election coverage gets mixed reviews

> Oct. 27: How has CBS “managed to bungle Katie Couric’s rep so badly?” Jossip blames Gil Schwartz

> Sep. 5: The big day is here; “sometimes I feel like human chum,” she says

> Sep. 2: Couric doesn’t know the name of the CBS morning show

> Aug. 29: Thanks to Photoshop, Couric loses 20 pounds; CBS sort of apologizes

> Aug. 25: “Perky and cute, but smart, informed and liberal, too”

> Aug. 16: Couric’s celebrity junket for journalists

> Aug. 14: Couric is trying to lower expectations

> Aug. 14: “I don’t know how long I’m going to do this,” she says

> Jul. 16: CBS says Couric will have a daily blog, an on-camera Evening News tease each afternoon, “daily digital reports,” and more

> Jun. 22: Katie is going on a Hillary-style “listening tour

> Jun. 14: “I’ve already made my money back,” Moonves grins

> Jun. 5: Maybe she’ll sign off with “Peace out, homies”

> Jun. 2: She pays $6.3 million for new home in East Hampton

> May 31: Couric’s final day on Today
> May 18: Couric, at the upfronts, steps in front of the CBS eye

> Apr. 12: “Our first date:” Couric and Schieffer have lunch for the cameras

> Apr. 5: TVNewser says: “For CBS, Couric is a move in the right direction, but she won’t be the savior some are expecting”

> Apr. 5: Couric “is joining CBS News;” it’s a five-year deal including 60 Minutes face-time; it’s a big coup for Les Moonves

> Apr. 5:
“I have decided I’ll be leaving Today at the end of May;” NBC says thanks; Couric’s P.R. operation works like a charm

> Apr. 4: On the anniversary of Couric’s 15th year at Today, the rumors become official

> Apr. 2: Couric’s deal with CBS “is completed in principle”

> Mar. 27: “The ball is in her court”

> Mar. 24: Couric is thinking about her legacy, according to “Desperate Networks”

> Feb. 20: NBC would offer Couric $20 million?

> Feb. 18: Couric starts asking NBCers if they’d come with her to CBS — “hypothetically” of course

> Feb. 7: Couric doesn’t anchor the opening ceremonies of the Olympics; “NBC was sending its star a warning”

> Jan. 19: She hires PR wiz Matthew Hiltzik

> Jan. 12: Couric tries to throw cold water on the CBS rumors

> Jan. 10: Russ Mitchell wants her. And Elizabeth Vargas thinks it’s a wonderful idea

> Jan. 9: Bob Schieffer hopes Couric will come to CBS

> Jan. 4: A research firm says Couric’s likability rating has declined