The long awaited debut of ESPN for Xbox is over. Starting today, Xbox Live gold members can update their consoles and get access to ESPN for Xbox… provided they get their internet from an affiliated ESPN service provider.

The deal is something of a breakthrough for a traditional TV network… especially one as large as ESPN. Fans will now be able to watch live programming from on their TV sets… a huge step forward over the often cramped computer screen. For a huge Australian Rules Football fan (a group which your SportsNewser editor proudly includes himself), this is a big deal.

There will also be some technological gimmickry, like Xbox Kinect integration, allowing you to control the programming by waving your hand.

It will also lend some ammo to cable cord-cutting evangelists, although most major sporting events will not be available on the service, and you still need to get your internet from a cable provider, as well as a premium XBox Live subscription.

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