Sports Illustrated columnist Joe Posnanski had a meeting scheduled Thursday with NBC Sports & Olympics chairman Dick Ebersol to discuss the network’s golf coverage.

Little did Posnanski know that his meeting would be cut short because Ebersol was on his way to resign from NBC Sports:

We had started the conversation earlier than scheduled because, he said, a meeting with the boss had come up. He seemed perfectly at ease. We sat on a couch beneath a large arrow in a frame – I did remind myself to ask him at some point if it was the arrow that had lit the torch that started the Barcelona Olympics. There was one giant television on the wall, bordered by three smaller ones. The photos all around the office were of family members and celebrities and in some cases both (Ebersol is married to actress Susan Saint James). There was a large stuffed dog standing by the desk. My wife would ask if the office resembled Alec Baldwin’s in 30 Rock. I said it had more Emmy Awards. Read more